My friend has come.

I know that my friend P has arrived. Call it intuition or mere telepathy, whatever.

Being in the same apartment complex, is an added advantage, when a dear friend arrives.

I can just drop in her house any time – the stress of travel is greatly avoided.

But my husband says that its past midnight and probably not a good time to visit, even its my dear friend.

So, I pull my face to a frown, draw the sheet up to my head in anger and try to get some sleep.

When suddenly, I hear a rattling noise, outside the flat.

Being awake, I try to peep out of my window to see what’s happening.

Seeing a huge crowd down, in the parking area, I try to wake up the sleeping man in my home.

He opens his eyes slowly, but when he hears lots of noise outside, he is totally awake.

He tries to call the Secretary of the Apartment, who is also a family friend, to know what’s going on.

It was shocking news for us – there has been a robbery in one of the flats.

And the residents think that the robber is still hiding in someone’s house.

So, they are discussing some method to catch him, before he attempts to rob another house.

The maintenance office is opened and everyone in the apartment is being called individually, to be warned of such a thing.

And till such time, every resident has been advised to stay indoors and not venture out.

The sleep gone now, me and husband sit surfing channels and sending SMSes to friends, since all of them were awake now.

It’s dawned now and I make some tea.

Husband plonk on the bed to catch some sleep.

I silently make a vow to go and meet my friend. She’s just a few flats away.

But the moment I come down, I see a big commotion and hungama everywhere. My neighbor told me to go home immediately.

Everyone looked so scared.

I came back home.

I just couldn’t understand what was going on down.

Oh my dear God, my friend is just a few flats away ??? Why are you making it difficult for me to visit her ????

Then suddenly I heard a THUMP in my balcony.  I ran to see whats that sound.

I screamed my lungs out.   AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Thank you friends, for following my dream. 😉 😉

Its Pal, whom I am waiting to meet. 🙂  We are not in the same apartment as the dream, but in the same city now, and I am dying to meet her. 🙂


58 Replies to “My friend has come.”

    1. Ha ha ha ha! And u want to make us feel J huh, by meeting her sooo many times with cake and all that 😛 😛

      Does she really stay in the same complex?

      Sigh! I invite ppl and offer free boarding/ lodging 😉 Still no one comes to Hyd 😛 😛


    2. Swaru, no, she doesnt stay in the same apartment…that was my dream. 🙂 🙂 Waiting for friday to come…a prelude into my restlessness… 😉

      LOL !!! Now if I come to Hyd, I can stay at your place and eat aloo parathas for bfast, OK !!! 🙂


  1. Wow! that sounds amazing both the dream and being personally in touch with Pal 😀 😀
    So cool…you Chennai bloggers seem to be having the most fun 😀 😀


  2. RIGHT.. you had me going there .. i thought that aapne probable CAUGHT that robber .. do do laga diye uske .. and shouting NOW RUN .. NOW RUN.. everyone get together and hand his to police then you tell the hubby dear see if only you had gone earlier to meet your friend you would have caught the robber …


    nice one … I hope you get to meet up with her soon otherwise lot many robbers will have sleepless nights and a lot of your neighbours tooo cause you will keep dreaming about it he hehehe


    1. That seems to be the perfect ending to a story like that…LOL…wish it had happened like that…but guess the alarm was the spoil sport in this whole episode. 😉

      Thanks, am planning to meet her soon. 🙂


  3. this post was like reading mystery novel ..i thought at end you will tell how robber was caught 🙂

    I think i m the blogger left who havent met anybody from blogworld 🙂


    1. Oh No…I was like that too till last year…so don’t you worry, you’ll get to meet some blogger soon… 🙂

      And thanks Rashmi for finding my dream like a mystery novel… 😉


  4. bah!! What a dream! 😀 😀
    I’m not saying anything about Pals visit! I so wanted to come, but can’t! 😦

    when will I get to taste the famous-delicious cake that you bake?!!

    Give her an extra hug from my end will ya? 🙂


    1. You shld have come…it would’ve been gr8 fun… 🙂

      Oh, I really dont know – when we are going to meet, Pix ??? That time the cake is there for sure. 🙂

      Sure, no probs…more reasons for a friendly hug… 🙂


    1. Chumma, Kanagu…to beat on the stressed up nerves….

      But really I had this dream, where I want to meet Pal, but something keeps happening and I am unable to meet her… 😛


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