Did you read about my maid ??? Its over here.

Now, today morning I wanted to pay the Electricity Bill, so was off at 8am, to hit the counter first. I did reach first and got back by 8.45am.

I saw my maid parking her cycle and going to a different block at 8.45am. My God, does she come this early for work ? I was intrigued and ran and caught up with her.

Caught her red-handed. Asked her “What’s there to lie, if you’ve found another job ???  Why you should give reason after reason everyday, for coming late to my home ???”

I hate it, when people lie to me.

If they cannot keep up their word, let them be honest about it.

Honesty can be dealt with, not lying or cheating.


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    1. Yeah, everyone seems to be the same…there is no honesty in work.

      Even the dhobhi wala – he promises to give the ironed clothes by evening. When I go in the evening, he has closed shop and gone. When I ask him the next day, he lies that he fell sick and went to the hospital. His mom comes and cries with my neighbor that he was drunk yday evening and was abusing everyone verbally. Now, what to do with ppl like these ???


      1. Well, I wouldn’t generalise the “breed”, Shilpa. There are many nice people in the “breed” too. And well, like in all levels of the society, they too have good ones and bad.

        While we rant about the bad ones, I think we should also be grateful to the good ones. And am sure there has been at least ONE maid / helper who’s been good to us; been loyal; been committed; been truly helpful.

        End of day, having a maid is mighty helpful and lets us channel our energies into things other than cleaning and sweeping and swopping.


      2. We as a population don’t seem to value sticking to our word. I tell the tailor, YOU tell me when my dress will be ready, I am in no hurry, BUT I don’t want to come here n number of times.
        So he gives me a date. But when I go its the same story, ‘tomorrow. tomorrow and then tomorrow surely and certainly’!!! Though he stitches pretty well I stopped giving my clothes to him due to this un-professionalism.


      3. Oh yeah, Priya, there are real good ppl too around…the lady who helps me with the dinner, is so wonderful and kind hearted – she thinks that I am her daughter and so very honest.

        In Hyd I had 2 maids – one in the rented house, when we shifted and then in our own flat. Both of them are gems – I still have contact with them and talk to them too.

        @ Shail – Oh dear…its the same problem everywhere, irrespective of the city, I guess…the tailor problems too are persistent everywhere. So true, its the lack of professionalism in any service field.


  1. I agree to the last line that you’ve mentioned…

    Honesty is far more appreciated and easy to deal with than even a little lie !

    Grrrr @ the maid !


    1. @Vimmuuu
      Is there a maid at your place? If yes, you’re lucky to have got a good one (you don’t seem to complain). If no, you have no clue of the harrassment they meet out on us ppl. Especially so, if you’re a bit civil to them right from the beginning. Illtreat them, they’ll stay. be nice, and they’ll take advantage. Well, most of the times; not always.

      It’s like going to the dentist: you pay the dentist for knocking out your teeth 😀 😛 😀 😛

      And yes, I agree they do have probs too. And unlike most of the older generation, I think we ppl do understand and accommodate that. I never cut sal for the leaves they take…but if I figure out it’s an outright lie, then: big NO !

      Mine once said she’s going to her hometown for a week. Everyday, I saw her at the other house she works in. She was too dumb to realise I might spot her there, I guess. On the fifth day, I met her at that house, in front of the lady there, I asked her why she was lying so blatantly. Apparently, she had told that lady she’d be “out of town” the prev week – and she’d been coming to my house. 😀 Well, she lost her job there, and at my place.

      You know, we employ maids because we cant do these jobs. And we pay them for it. The least you expect is for them to do justice to what they’re earning. UNLESS we’re growing money on trees. 😛


    2. Priya, WOW, what a reply !!! Shows the amount of irritation we undergo, by employing maids to do our work.

      The maid who cheated both of you at different times – how they learn to take advantage, na ???

      One thing I think I need to share :

      You go for work, right. You have work rules / codes / timings / no of leave possible – there are so many to adhere to, when you go for work, right.

      These maids also go for work – but they’ll not follow any of the simple time-maintenance thing also, but expect a pay raise every 3 months. In what way is this justified ???


            1. Oh Sorry, friendly pseudo…i mean spidey…i thought that was for cockroaches 😀
              Thanks for the tip, tho am sure it wont work. Am sure someone must’ve tried it already 😛 and you’re still alive. sigh!


  2. ROFL. I did the same to my prev one too. And then I got super furious, that I calculated all her previous leaves (which now i knew were only lies for not coming) and cut all that from her pay 😀 and sent her home with one-minute notice.

    Hehe…well, she did me big favours by telling every other maid wo enquired at my place, that I do not pay at all.

    Sometimes, it’s better not to have them (only if you didnt have to wash the vessels, sigh!) . Such peace of mind.


    1. I liked ur comment .. no harm in doing ones work oneself.. he he he .. here in uk got to do everything with our own hands.. no maid , no help 🙂

      its lways better not to have them, my mum in india has one and i always end up washing my utencils and clothes myself cause the way she did (the maid i mean) it was still unhygenic 🙂


    2. Priya, with the kind of other commitments I’ve taken up now, its simply not possible to do everything on my own. So, I am totally dependent on them to help me. God help me to find a honest person. I miss my maid in Hyderabad…she was simply superb. 🙂

      @ Bikram – I am impressed. 🙂 Your mom should be quite happy. 🙂


  3. Ah ha so true.. Lieing is bad.. the problem is to hide one lie you got to make hundreds more like the maid had to …

    its better to come out straight and face the music its not that bad actually when you do it ..

    I hate liers too and oh boy the number of liars i meet in my line of work its amazing…

    What u doing – Nothing
    whats in ur pockets – nothing
    will i find something – no
    did u do this – no
    if this yours – no
    it came out of ur pockets – No
    its on VIDEO – No

    but in todays day and age hard to find people who are genuine , lieing is sort of becoming a NORM these days …

    anyway good you caught her now you can tell her to come on time 10:30.. that gives you time to do your stuff in mornings … 🙂 he he he


  4. And Uma, this is one reason I orefer a dishwasher and washing machine!! …and the vacuum cleaner! 🙂 They are honest and reliable provided the Electricity Board does its work by providing power!! 😛


  5. Uma – I know should be commiserating with you about your maid – but getting mental images of her on a cycle ….and then you chasing after her while she rides away (entirely created by my overactive imagination) was just too much for me 😉
    But I do know how the lying can get to you…….I just sacked a maid for the same reason – lying…


    1. No, Corinne, I didnt run and chase her like the dramatic way… 😉 But thanks…it makes the whole incident sound funny… 😉

      She parked her cycle and was walking into the apartment, when I met her.

      Good u did it…now, you can hear the same news from me too, soon. 🙂


  6. Since I am the maid, the dhobi, the cook and whatever else at my place..I have no idea the everyday issues you guys deal with. So I am going to just keep shut and read all the fun maid stories everyone is writing about.. 😀


  7. Thats quite irritating as we are paying them… 😦 and not many mids understand that…

    I prefer doing things by myself… Don’t have to wait or blame anybody 🙂 🙂


    1. You are right Kanagu…the maids dont understand that for the money they get paid, they need to put in some honest work.

      So, its better to be on your own – go for it. 🙂


  8. I hate that feeling too; of being cheated! Yesterday my maid’s son called and said that she is going to do some puja in temple and will not show up. She meant to tell me day before yesterday apparently ! I hope it was a genuine reason. It is very hard to judge who is genuine and when! Hope your maid gets the point.


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