Do you know The Green Ogre ???

Today morning, I became a small child and happily clapped away to glory, during the Adventures of The Ogre, the English Musical at Sir Mutha Hall, as part of NalandaWay’s AAA-2010.

This is an English musical based on the movie Shrek. And the cast is children from all age groups, starting from 4 yrs to teenage and beyond, if you have talent.

The play is directed by popular theatre personality Michael Muthu. He founded BoardWalkers in 1991 which consistently picks and promotes young talent from the city schools and colleges. His famous productions include Biloxi Blues, God, Sleuth, The Hairy Ape, Jesus Christ Superstar and The Pied Piper of Hamlin.

I am not going to write the story of Shrek in this page. So please read it here.

Before the Musical

The kids having a gala time, before the musical, playing games in the mobile. If some body was cool before such a show, it was the kids. They knew the part, they felt confident and My God, all of them were so cute and so Cool !!! Some lessons to learn here – never to lose cool, before the show. Scuba Site

The Auditorium is fantastic and has not stopped amazing me. The stage was a huge contrast to that of the Haruk’s musical.  What a transformation !! The stage was set for the forest, where Shrek lives in a swamp. There is a setting for the fort, in which Princess Fiona is prisoned.  There are mountains, rocks and all those sets were done so superbly. I was all eyes to capture everything on stage. Good job people. laughing smileys

The Stage before the Show

Now, you can see the first screen is the forest swamp setting. And that’s the house of Shrek, where he has boards written like “Keep Away” / “Grrr Go Away” to keep off the people, who dislike his ugly features.  Just above the first screen, you can see the fort setting, where the Princess stays. And there were others too…folded right up or on to the sides. The detailed assembling of the stage and the set, shows the commitment by the Boardwalkers Company and their Director, Mr Micheal Muthu. A big applause on that. scared smileys

Shrek, The Donkey and Lord Farquaad

Excellent make up for Shrek and Princess Fiona (when she turns into a Ogre at nights) !!! laughing smileys

The Dragon and the Donkey

See the fire spitting Dragon – done very well, on stage. Excellent production. laughing smileys

You can also see Princess Fiona on the tower and Shrek talking to her before rescuing her.

All in all, a fantastic show, brilliantly executed, great production, mind-boggling stage and sets – I just clapped and clapped along with the 1000 odd children in the hall today morning. I feel good and don’t you miss any BoardWalkers presentation, if you happen to see one. smileys

How well the children are trained to do their part – the rehearsals were done to perfection, I guess. And all of the kids are quite comfortable on stage, as though its their class room and they are having fun with friends. Its a fantastic thing to be a part of such a Theatre Group and perform in a play. The parents were all totally happy about their child’s performance, even if it was just a minute on stage.  Kudos to all the parents of these performers, who have patiently taken them to all the classes and rehearsals !!!! All the kids have taken off today, to be part of this show. They are performing again at 7pm today.

It was a satisfying experience for a blogger like me, with a camera in hand. winking smileys

I am surely having a great time, weekend after weekend – Special Thanks to NalandaWay and 3 Cheers to AAA-2010 !!!! free smileys


39 Replies to “Do you know The Green Ogre ???”

  1. The sets and make up are so good 😀 😀
    The pictures have captured it all wonderfully 🙂
    So good to see you having a wonderful time ever since AAA started 😛

    My favorite character in the Shrek series is the cute ‘Donkey’ 😀 😀


  2. hey…this looks and sounds good. and u’ve done an awesome job describing and capturing it…
    recreating the shrek atmosphere is stage is no mean feat. looks like these ppl have done it stupendously…

    why dont these shows ever come in mumbai??? 😦
    sheesh, or maybe i need to pay more attention to where these are held 🙄


    1. Absolutely…thats my thot too – recreating Shrek’s atmosphere on stage is quite difficult and they did very well with the sets and all. 🙂

      I think so too…just check it out…there might be something happening around the busy Mumbai !!! 🙂


  3. My 2 wee boys would love this show, would you beleive I must have seen the shrek movies more than a hundred times. Thanks goodness shrek4 is the last.


  4. The setting is too good 🙂 🙂 the background info you have given is really nice… it surely needs a good director to bring the best out of actors..

    Also I haven’t seen any Shrek movies.. this would have been a great opportunity… but missed it 😦 😦


  5. Uma – I loved catching up with all your posts. You’re so creative and extremely thoughtful too – I loved the ‘blue’ post – made me feel anything but…… blue! And the “I remember…” was such a lovely idea. You rock! 🙂


      1. Thank you Corinne…for reading them all. 🙂 Even though my post made you feel quite BLUE, I am sure you enjoyed them all. 😉

        Thanks for that gentle reminder too in your blog. 🙂


    1. Swaru, whats this ??? Yours is the last comment in this post !!! Where did you go dear ????

      I had a great time with AAA, now sad that its all over. 🙂 But blogging continues… 😉


    1. Absolutely agree on that – a treat for the kids…I was so enthralled by the kids at the concert hall – they were all so happy and having so much fun. 🙂


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