Pleasure or Happiness

Some might pray for a good night’s sleep.

Others pray for a night full of tweets.

Prayers for school holiday looking at the black clouds

Is what the little ones always wish for.

There might be some prayers to meet a long-lost friend

And some might even pray that they never get to meet one.

The bus / train should be on time, prays the career person

All in all, these tiny prayers make us human.

Sachin should hit a century today

Mama should not blast me any day

Friend should return all the marbles today

Some of the few thoughts and prayers that happen everyday.

The blogger wants a lot of comments

The politicians don’t want criticisms

Vacations, dresses, cars, computers, cameras

Are a few among the prayers to reach God.

Don’t you think that all these are momentary

And after one thing gets done, the other becomes a priority ?

These are certainly prayers

Which bring pleasure, not happiness.

The pleasure is for the moment

After the moment of enjoyment, loses its charm.

The heart starts yearning for something else

For which prayers are on like a bee swarm.

But happiness is something

Far beyond the circle of small pleasures

The heart is happy to be alive

To enjoy every moment of life

So, lets pray for happiness

Even in the threshold of difficulties

Let the heart learn to distinguish

Between the pleasures and be happy.

Give me Happiness, whatever may come

Give Happiness for the loved ones

Oh Heart, Learn to be Happy

Every moment of your waking life.

Give me the strength to walk through

Difficult times of struggles and woes

Let happiness cover me like a fog

To keep me going, strong and long.


68 Replies to “Pleasure or Happiness”

    1. Priya, plz explain “chakkara poem” !!!! 🙂

      Nu, of course, this is mine…sigh…never had I felt the need to prove that this work is mine…LOL… 🙂


    1. Glad u found it good. 🙂 There’s this simple yet thin line between the pleasures and happiness and we need to work towards experiencing happiness more… 🙂


  1. yeah so many prayers… i prey for most of them

    Comments… visits..

    meet the long lost friends….. Visit india
    India win in cricket.. and sachin hit some nice shots..

    and also for hapiness even for the people who have hurt me .. May they SUFFER LIKE HELL but also may they be happy…

    Gold bless all my friends or people i know .. and basically PEACE prevails all over …


    1. Hey CB, thanks so much… 🙂

      Oh, I dont know – I sat to write a post, it turned out like this…let me see if I can do this again. 🙂


  2. Pleasure is what some bloggers seek 😈
    when for 1st position they compete 😯
    Of Hitchie such pleasure-seeking reeks 😡
    makes my heart go ewww and eeeks
    Happiness is reading a post scuba diving
    Imbibing good thoughts
    everyday of the week,
    is all the humble me seeks

    Pleasure is momentary
    lasts till the next post!
    Happiness is giving up
    first comment for a dost 😆
    I hold my comment
    till Swaram hits submit
    Then I have to wait…
    Why’s Nu getting so late?
    My sacrifices continue
    for Indy, and Vimmuuu
    Unlike Nancy,
    fifth rank I don’t fancy

    They may come first and they may cheat!
    In comment length
    this comment they cannot beat 😈


    1. Oh, I love this…but why u left my name out of this poem ???? sob sob…..

      The last line is truly fab – Nothing to beat the length of this comment….so true…. 🙂 😉


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