Shopping fun…

Friend recently moved to Chennai. Husband is still posted in some other city.

Tough life alone, managing two boys.

Went to give her some company for lunch.

Happy conversation about places to shop, eat and other stuff.

Me : Have you been to T.Nagar for shopping ????

Friend : Only once. When my husband came home during last weekend, we went to Pothy’s.

Me : So, what did you buy ???  How was the shopping experience at Pothy’s ???

Friend : Sad-faced – Oh, don’t ask.  I didn’t even see all the sections properly. I heard they had a separate section for salwar suits, but couldn’t see it at all. Husband was constantly telling me to come out, as the car was not parked in a proper place.  Didn’t even buy anything, you know ???

Me : Oh, that’s sad. You should have gone on a weekday, weekends are always crowded.

Friend : Smilingly – Now, I’ve solved the problem of shopping.

Me : How did you do that ??

Friend : See, now I go shopping with my Driver. He doesn’t complain about parking problems at all !!!  He stops the car wherever I want and parks and waits for me to finish my shopping. 🙂

Me :     🙄 🙄  🙄


48 Replies to “Shopping fun…”

  1. LOL great idea. wish I had a daring , caring driver too :(. Here I have to rely on autos and taxis if hubby not free. what a setback if you have one care and no one to take you out when you want.


  2. Hmmm…I don’t even know what to say! 😀 Hubby’s can be very impatient with our need to scour the shop top to bottom, but then the driver is paid for his job and so is patient! Maybe hubby’s need a pay for shopping with us??? Lol!


    1. Yeah, the husbands are quite impatient, when they dont get parking space, exactly outside the shop !!! LOL !!! 😉 But the drivers manage that aspect very well, I guess. 😉 😉


  3. That’s a good idea 🙂 🙂

    But I solve such tricky situations( of shopping surprise gifts and items that take longer than my hubby’s patience) by grabbing every opportunity I get to sneak to go shopping myself.
    Once I shop on my own, hubby gets scared by the amount of things I buy and promises to accompany me next time 😉

    So I do shock shoppings to get my hubby stay patient while shopping 😉 😉

    But yeah, two cars definitely help 😛


  4. Going to T.Nagar itself is difficult ! and to top it all, going near Pothys even during the weekdays is such a pain !! How inconsiderate can women get when it comes to clothes or shopping ! 😀 😀 😀 Poor hubby and also poor driver !

    I am not kidding; I cant imagine going to that place with my bike, car is out of question ! If your friend so wants to shop at Pothys, ask her to get a rick. or wait, even better idea; learn how to drive and go all by herself 😛 😛


    1. I just expected this from you…the only one to take the husband’s side, as you are on the same path to shopping adventures !!!! LOL !!

      Now, tell me, where did u take L for shopping ??? Tell me… 🙂 Its high time, that I chat with her…she needs lots of inputs from me…. 😉


  5. I don’t know when women will learn to leave the husband behind. Shopping is not for them. I would not like to dragged to a football match. 😀


  6. ROFL! Smart friend 🙂 I politely tell the hujband and brat to ‘enjoy private time’ while I do my ‘chores called shopping’. Cannot bear to go shopping with them!!! LOL!


  7. Hahaha! OMG I am rolling too! I should sow this to The Dude, he will never complain again! Actually he doesn’t complain, but keeps this sad puppy face that I feel all sorry for him, and hurry! 😀


    1. He doesn’t complain – WOW !! You are blessed to shop, I tell you !!! 🙂

      My S, parks outside, gives me 5 mins to go in, choose, bill, pay and get out of the shop…otherwise, he’ll be calling me every 30 secs…. 😉 😉 😉


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