Full Circle.

She is oblivious to what’s happening around her.

Of course, she is at home.

The melodious voice of Md.Rafi floats through the air, filling her heart with happiness.  That’s one thing which she can feel, at that time.

The mind was totally into the book she was reading.

The more pages she turned, the more interesting was the book.

She forgot that she was thirsty. The need to drink water looked so humongous, that she refused to move from the chair. She convinced herself, that she can drink all the water she needed, later, after the book was finished.

Slowly and steadily the minutes dragged into hours.  But, she just couldn’t move her eyes away from the book, even for a minute. It was so gripping and she needed to know, what’s happening next.

Now, she could hear some strange noises. Yeah, strange, yet very near. OH, that was tummy growling for food. She told her tummy to hold on for sometime.

And then she heard voices. Yet it was not clear.  It sounded like they were talking to her, sitting inside a well.  It was her mom calling her to eat.

She just raised her hand and not her head, to signal her mom, to wait for a few minutes.

Then again, she heard her mom, but this time it was loud and clear.  She just looked up from the book to see her mom staring at her.

Everyone has finished eating and she is the only one left.  Now her mom was getting angry – “Is the book more important than eating ?”

For her, it was. Her survival was dependent on completing the book, knowing the ending of the story. But, her mom didn’t look at it that way.

She got up with such reluctance, as though eating food was such a difficult task to do.

Her mom was quite upset about her obsession with books – Mom thought that this will interfere with her studies.

But she did quite fine. She understood her responsibilities and did well with life.

She went ahead to a wonderful career.

Found a great partner for life and got two lovely daughters.

Now, her daughter sits with a book in her hand, the music of Taylor Swift floating in the room, and totally oblivious to the world around.

She thinks of her teenage times and smiles that she has come a full circle. 🙂


66 Replies to “Full Circle.”

      1. he he he…every day I see her engulfed in a book – I just smile sometimes….but I do tell her if she has work to do…like my mom did to me… 😉


  1. Oh wow… your story is my story too 🙂
    As for my daughter, i’ll have to wait n see! Right now..she’s always immersed in drawing, doodling, colouring 🙂 Food is never a priority!


  2. Wow feel great about parenting, Personally learns so many good thoughts and feels everyday.

    even if take other way full circle means Zero but if 1 (good partenting) joins it becomes wonders added real values. Computing born with the help of 0&1.

    If we take ur full cirle Alpabet O it is Outstanding and “O poddu” for all your blogs.



    1. Prakash, glad to see you here after a long time. 🙂

      You are always a funda king…but still love it. 🙂 And a big thank you, for that “O Podu ” !!!! 🙂


      1. Really, I feel good. I always think of writing abt something I see or feel strongly abt. The ideas for an imaginative story, somehow overwhelms me. Anyway, thanks for the inspiring me…from now on, I’ll try to wear the Fiction Cap too !!!


    1. LOL @ ur book obsession !!! 🙂 But I carry the book to the kitchen – while the milk boils, I read. 😉 And then continue reading , with chai in hand. 😉


    1. Thanks Meira. Actually, I dont have the urge at all – but its the school work that needs to be attended to….but, still I know that she’ll be fine !!! 🙂


  3. A perfect title to this wonderful tradition of reading 🙂 🙂

    I totally second Pal, you have a flair for writing Uma, give fiction writing a shot 😀 😀

    Keep up the wonderful work 🙂



    1. Thanks CB. 🙂 And thanks again for the support. You and Pal – you both write fiction so well and to get it from you both, am feeling so happy. Will sure keep this idea in mind, while writing. 🙂

      Thanks and hugs. 🙂


  4. Beautiful beautiful post… !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I so see the same things so many times with Hriday… !! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Like mother like daughter… !! 🙂 🙂


  5. U’ve explained to the minutest detail wht goes on in my house except for the taylor swift….here we are still waka-wakaing 😀

    Have to agree with Bins….ur posts are getting better and better everyday, keep em coming!!!!


    1. LOL @ waka waka !!! 🙂 Glad that its the same scene over at your home, too. 🙂

      Girls – you and Bins – you’ve been my supporters from my initial days of blogging !!! Thanks for that !! 🙂


    1. Thanks IHM !!! 🙂 Isn’t it lovely to see the daughter going through the same wonderful experience, of what we have gone through ??? I sometimes stare at my daughter, reading a book – totally engrossed in it. 🙂 Gives me so much happiness.


  6. Lovely post, Uma.

    When you speak, it is like your mother talking through you, right?For me even the words and tone come out to be the same 🙂 But aren’t we glad that our kids take to books like fish to water?
    Hugs to both of you


    1. Yeah, I am very glad that I was not required to initiate her into the book-world. Thanks for the genetic bonding. 🙂 Thanks for the warm hugs… 🙂


  7. Wonderful post uma,i missed reading this post.

    I wish my daughter also takes up reading,she peeps into my book when i am reading.She is more interested in drawing and colouring.

    Loved the post uma 🙂


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