Moments of Madness

No, I am not Mad, Blogadda, but I certainly have my mad moments.

– Me and S were on our honeymoon trip.  And S was daring me to do skiing or driving through the sleigh. Already, I was chattering in the cold, with 2 sweaters and a fur coat and didn’t feel like trying anything. But on his insistence, I went on the snow slide – a slide created on the mountain. Mind you, with nothing to hold and the snow like a sheet of slippery ice, I slid down at super fast speed only to hit the ppl standing near the base. OOPS !!! I felt embarrassed to the core, while I saw him on top of the other slide, laughing to his heart’s content.

So, I refused to join in, when he sighted the snow sleigh. And mind you, this is being pushed from the top to bottom, by one person, at mind-boggling speed. And it’s not a straight line slide. He goes like a meander and you’ll be left dizzy. But again, the thrill I saw on people’s faces, after this ride, made me do it. And My God, the best ride of my life, super speed and so much fun.

Altogether, a moment of crazy fun !!!

– This happened during our visit to KL. We had lunch at a restaurant in KL – the moment I entered the restaurant I knew that something was wrong. Something fishy…yeah fish oil for cooking. But, not being aware of such a thing then, I happily hogged on food.  Then, when we sat in the car, for our ride to Genting, the trouble started. At every turn of the car, my stomach would feel like a fish is swimming inside and hitting on the sides, due to lack of space. OMG !!! It was traumatic to control the urge to puke. The battle against the sane mind and the fish was lost, when I puked all over myself, with no paper or plastic bag to protect me from the embarrassment !!! I thought I’ll go mad, as I have troubled the whole family travelling with me.

After reaching the fairyland called Genting, all became well. And I played at the Casino, like a mad woman – may be to make up for all those mad moments in the car !! But again, I lost a lot and won a few. Thankfully, got back the money I put in first. Mad moments from a fun trip.

– This was in the small town of Trichy, when we stayed there for some time. I had a few North-Indian friends and we badly wanted to go to a Hindi movie. In a totally Tamil town like Trichy, Hindi movies were a rarity. And the right time came, when Lagaan was released. So, our group of 10 members went for the night show of that movie.  S was touring and so, I took my girls with me to enjoy myself totally. After some 30 mins or so, the girls just fell asleep, as it was much beyond their sleeping time, but they slept throughout the movie, in spite of the loud acoustics.

Now, me being the patriotic Indian, I got worked up so much, that I started shouting words of encouragement at every run Bhuvan’s team made. My friends saw this crazy side of me and they too got inspired by the mad woman shouting at Bhuvan. Not only that, they too started shouting with me. By the time the match got over, I was literally standing and shouting “Bhuvan, Bhuvan”, like a mad woman. And came back home well past mid-night – it was quite a long movie  and found that I had left my voice box in the theatre itself.

– Me and dancing form the two poles of this Earth. We are so much away, but we attract each other. So, even though I love dancing, I’ve never even tried my hand (or legs) at it !!!

So, when we had this Diwali Milan in our apartment, everyone got dressed up for the dance that was sure to be so much fun. And I just joined in a group, out of pure compulsion. There were other women who were very good dancers, and I started following their steps and I really started enjoying myself.

What I didn’t expect was that S also joined in the dance, being forced by his friends. Slowly, everyone started to dance in pairs.  Seeing this, I slowly started moving away from the crowd, scared to dance with S, in front of everyone.

But, they found me, dragged me in and so it started slowly and shyly.  But, I got so much into the music – madly dancing with S, that we were not allowing other pairs to come and dance. My God, certainly one of my moments of madness !!! I don’t think I can ever do it again.

– I was scared shit of water – Of course, this was before I went for the swimming classes – Now, I am a pro. So, when I went for my swimming classes for the first time, I held on to that rod and stayed put near the steps for two full days, refusing to move, thinking that I’ll drown in a depth of 3 feet. I was mad.  And slowly, when I learnt the technique to float or put my head into water, I’ll come out sputtering water from my nose and mouth !!! Silly me, I tried to breathe normally in water. LOL !!!  And when the coach left me for a second, I’ll go heads down into the pool !!! Now, when I think of those mad moments, trying to learn swimming, I am laughing at myself.

So, now you know more about my madness too !!! Don’t laugh at me, when we meet, OK !!! 😉

I prefer the Raglan Women’s T-shirt with the Wings of Bird, the perfect thing for me. 🙂


59 Replies to “Moments of Madness”

      1. haha..yes yes and i’ve been out of action lately. too busy with work. not able post nor blog hop. at most am able to log on FB and update my status message. but that’s it.

        looking at getting back my touch…to beating Swaram! 😉


  1. LOL those are really some mad moments…

    Gosh but I really appreciate you being a sport and putting it up. Hats off to you.

    Btw, Genting is a dreamland. It was part of my honeymoon and really loved it there.


  2. LOL! Truly mad moments Ums! 😉
    The snow slide sounds scary as well as fun!!

    I have heard so much about Genting now! Will visit surely one day! 😀

    The Diwali Milan sounds like fun times!! Sometimes, those moments even though not captured on camera are aptured in our hearts forever 🙂


  3. hahaha!! lots of adventures 🙂
    Even i had shouted myself hoarse when we watched Lagaan! The crowd was of college goers and the whole hall was cheering for Bhuvan!!


    1. See, I inspired you to write your mad moments…come on, u can submit your entries before 12 midnight. Go on, waiting to read ur mad moments !!! 🙂

      After that Lagaan movie, I couldn’t talk for 2 days – it was so bad… 😉


  4. hilarious.. fish swimming in stomach hmmmm… and the swimming incident on yourself ..

    and BHUVAN lagade SIXEr… zor se … he he eheh I could imagine myself doing it …

    all the best for the contest


    1. LOL!!! Same pinch on swimming…. I will only hold the rod if I ever have to step into a swimming pool 😀 😀
      And I already gave you a video to dance… so please dance once more 😛 😛


  5. I am sure your husband is a very happy man. Not everyone gets such excitement in their life by marrying! 😉 Enjoyed reading all your mad-antics! 😀


  6. Lovely! It is these moments that make us smile whenevr we think about them again, yes?
    Oh, we had a similar experience with Lagaan too! I was with my college friends, but good thing was the whole cinema hall had lost it 😉 So we were not out of place!
    Your post got me thinking about my moments of madness! 😀


    1. Yes, I had a smile on my face, while writing this post. 🙂

      U too screamed for Lagaan – now we can start a club – there are many here like this. 😉

      List yours, plz…


  7. LOL, you are one mad woman !! and Im going to laugh seeing you the next time , especially on that puking incident !! 😀 😀

    ok, if you dont want me to laugh, bake me a cake and send it to my address. soon !! 😀 😀


  8. Wow! that’s one awesome post….I can imagine how much fun you must have had while writing all these incidents.
    It’s amazing how the moments of embarrassment at a point of time make for super-hilarious memories.
    Loved reading them all, for me you are totally sane enthusiast who loves enjoying every moment of life no matter what follows 😛



    1. CB, thank you…every one seems to be quite happy to read my madness hungama, I guess… 😉

      Anyway, even I was happy to write them all !!! 🙂 Yes, I try to enjoy every moment, as it comes !!!


  9. late as usual. I am lazy old woman who loves your work so forgive ;p
    It is such a delight to read your blog Uma and the header just starts a fire within. lovely lovely and of course very eye catching


  10. Hahaa…enjoyed really loved reading abt these crazy moments ! Lagaan one took the cake! oh and the twists and turns on Genting…tell me abt it! You poor thing! And I’m still giggling abt the dance! 😀


    1. Are u still laughing / giggling ??? Now, please, stop….and promise, you wont laugh, when we meet…. 😉

      Genting was so much fun, with an initial stomach-wrenching session !!!

      Lagaan – I still blame that movie, for my bad throat – ha ha ha….


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