Just a thought

I never get out so early in the morning, as I hate to go shopping during the morning office and school rush.

But today, I had to. So S dropped me off in this super-market on his way to office and while coming back, I took an auto.

Sitting in the auto for hardly 10 mins, so many thoughts were buzzing in my head.

I saw people moving at great speed.

Nobody wants to wait at a signal.

No one wants to give way to the other and go in a line.

Everyone wants to be the first to get out of that signal.

No one gives a damn to those ppl who cycle by and save the Earth. This person is patiently showing his right hand, to turn right, but alas, no one gives him way.

The bus drivers think that they are born to rule the roads and cares a damn for other vehicles on the road. He wants everyone to wait for him, but he doesn’t reciprocate the same to someone.

The office goers in bikes, cars are always in a hurry.

The pedestrians suffer more, as there is no pathway to walk.

The children going to school are running or walking fast, so that they go to school before the bell rings.

Everyone is running….hurrying….going fast….

But along with you, LIFE is also moving fast. Do you take time to enjoy life ????

Do you take time to stare out of your balcony into the emptiness ahead ???

Do you see the birds / stars / sky / moon and enjoy their beauty ????

Do you take time to enjoy moments with family ???

How much are we missing, by hurrying forward everywhere ????

Lets stop for a moment, understand whats going on around and learn to give way for others and spread love.


49 Replies to “Just a thought”

    1. right now I’m enjoying every moment of life since I’m at home 🙂 so not missing on any any thing !

      But you’re right..people these days have probably forgotten the meaning of taking a pause and thinking and seeing…they have no option..they’ve to run and race up with the crowd..that’s the mantra these days !


      1. Ok, let them run, but cant they take a moment to allow the cyclist to go pass thru ???? Shld they be always racing to work ????

        Every city is racing against time, na ???


    1. I just love love my apartment view… I can sit gazing at it anytime of the day 😀 😀 and ya life here moves very slowly.. no one seems to be in a hurry…. 😀 😀 Life is altogether different here…
      But I do miss the hustle bustle of India :)… wildly crossing traffic…. bending rules 😛
      Its all about enjoying the moment 😀 😀


  1. Wow. Nice! So true. That’sone reason I hate Blore. It’s always in a hurry…and takes you along in the same pace!

    But nah, not me! I always take my time to wake up, have a nice long bath, have a relaxed breakfast, and lumber to work: watching the others hurry by, watching the clouds, life…

    Evenings, of course, I hurry back 😀 😀 😀


    1. Yes, all cities are like this now. Its left to the individuals to take a moment to think whats going on around us !!!

      Am glad u hurry back home !!! 🙂


  2. Hmm… I see these scenes everyday and wonder about the same things! Coz, I pause to watch…. the sky, the clouds, trees dancing, flowers blooming, the suns rays through the clouds, the rising moon, the kids laughing, giggling, going to school… all these are so precious to me. I watch and think why isn’t anyone else stopping to do the same!


    1. Am glad you do pause to watch the beauty around us !!! 🙂

      Every day, even while cooking, I peep out of the window, to see the cloud formations !!! If its beautiful, then I run to get the camera !!! 🙂


  3. Agree! And it;s nice having kids in the car who pull me out of my daze and make me see the trees instead of the traffic!

    You know, occasionally, I decide to do a good deed and slow down or stop for people to cross the road or vehicles wanting to make a turn. I’m met with total disbelief from the person I’m trying to help, even if I’m waving them across! And of course furious horns from the back. Gah! What happened to courtesy and consideration?


    1. Really, even u too have experienced it ??? Yeah, ppl are baffled when we offer to help or sometimes grab it a bit too quickly !!!

      Anyway, glad that those kids show you the trees ….. 😉 I want to go bird-watching with my girls…


  4. Mumbai life is fast paced.. and exactly how you described.. always in a rush.. thankfully on weekends, we do get time to relax for a bit and just sit back and take it a little bit slower than usual..

    I was on leave today.. so my day is definitely slow 🙂


  5. You are absolutely correct. Not only on streets but even in our own houses we lead a mechanical life. All the electronic gadgets have made us so impatient and we’ve no time to see and appreciate the little things in life.


  6. YEs well said .. we have or shud stop to take a break now and then.. I have SAT-Sun off just for that reason.. when i came to uk , I use to work all 7 days making some moolah,, double paid on sat’s , triple on sun’s overtime …

    But now i earn more of love and family 🙂

    this is the reason why we are loosing touch with all our mates and people around us .. BUSY .. I say WHAT BUSY …


  7. There is nothing like an easy morning. I wake up everyday. Slowly go about my duties. Boil milk, a few odd things here and there. Make a nice cup of coffee. Just when I think I should sit down and get to the business of reading the newspaper, my eyes wander to the clock. Then reality hits me – I am not alone. I have a family. And then all hell breaks loose. I start running about doing this and that to make sure they get to office or school on time!!! 😀

    So u are running anyways, some people outside, some at home!


  8. I dont think Iam 😦 My head is been bzzing with same thoughts for some time..esp on a monday morning..:(
    Thanks for reminding of the whats missing..


  9. Thats how we made our lives, dont we? We changed things forever… There is no going back… 🙂
    For bus drivers… Sometimes i feel punching them for the way they drive… Pathetic and arrogant…


  10. As I’ve been telling everyone who’s ready to listen…these days it takes me an hour for a 10 minute drive! Hectic yes, but I took this as a great opportunity to listen to my favourite sings. Selected some of them, saved them on a pen drive and viola! now I get stares from people in traffic, who find it weird that I am so happy and singing songs while stuck in jams 😀
    Wish I could help others record their fav songs too


  11. Absolutely lovely post Uma. I think on similar lines. In fact one of my favorite lines is ,”What is the pint of having two cars in your garage when you have no time to use even one to go for an enjoyable drive??” “What is the point of having a house with an excellent view and a beautiful garden if you don’t have time to sit in that balcony or walk in that garden??” One has to consciously stop hurrying for a few minutes and stop to enjoy things too. We tend to forget that the hurrying is for a purpose (to relax and enjoy) and out of habit, keep on hurrying throughout life! 😦


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