Movie Crazy

Sh is watching the movie No Entry for the 5th time, I guess.

Sh has also watched Welcome, Singh is King, Jaane tu ya jane na, Kuch kuch hota hai, Kabhi khushi kabhi gham…many more movies for countless times or put it better – whenever any channel telecasts that movie.

I can join with her in the list of JWM, KKHH – absolutely wonderful to watch again and again.  Crazy na ????

So, what is there in these movies, which makes us see it time after time ?

We know the dialogues….know the sequence of scenes, know the climax….in fact, Sh can recite the dialogues of many movies by heart !!!  But we watch them again and again, still.

There was this Tamil film Uthama Puthiran starring MGR, Bhanumathi !!! It was a great hit and had excellent songs !!! A B & W film, which made huge collections in those days. My Dad was this crazy MGR fan and believe it or not, he has seen the movie in the theatre for 17 times.  And after we got a TV at home, he has watched it again, with us.

My dad with his brother and parents used to stay in a small town, when he was young.  And the houses had less rooms and more of the big courtyards. Sometimes, the men slept outside the house, in the verandah, where it was cooler.  And he, very cleverly, arranged the pillows and covered it, and will snoop away to watch night shows. My patti, who used to watch for the boys through the window was always fooled that my Dad is fast asleep.

This is only one such movie. Every MGR / Shivaji Ganeshan / Gemini movie was seen at least 10 times.  And he being the ever-senti-highly-emotional person, always cried for Shivaji Ganeshan movies, even after seeing it for countless times.

I think it is in the genes…but aren’t we crazy ????

So, what do you think is the reason we watch these movies again and again ????

And do you fall in this crazy category ????


53 Replies to “Movie Crazy”

      1. Hey, Shilpa, its great to spend a lazy weekend watching movies, eating pop-corn and all…how I miss such moments…I seem to be in a tornado, all the time… 😉


  1. Some of them are absolute classics… toooooo good; you can watch them umpteen times without getting tired. Kamalhassan-Mani Ratnam’s Nayakan is one of them 🙂
    Some of them you love just for the familiarity… BECAUSE you are familiar with the dialogues and scenes and love the movie for it.


    1. Oh, I’ve watched Nayakan – but cant watch Kamal’s movies repeatedly !!! I feel he over-acts, sometimes….

      But as u said, the more familiar we are with the dialogues an scenes and if it still impresses us, we go for the movie, again and again. 🙂


  2. Too many posts has gone by since the last time i made a visit here 😦

    Ya i do fall in the same category!
    i never get tired after watching ‘Bommarillu’ for like a million times!


    1. You should remember that I dont do Nablopomo, but something more than that – there might be 2 or 3 posts a day tooo !!! 😉

      Yeah, I too like Bommarillu – makes me watch it again – have to get the cd, I guess. 🙂


  3. Oh! We also do this! Some movies which I can watch any number of times are Maine Pyar Kiya, Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, No Entry, Wanted, Partner to name few…any thing common in here?? Salman Khan 😀

    But honestly there are many more such movies which I can see any time.


    1. So, the Sallu bhai fan is trying to tell that, if u like the hero, then you can go for it again and again. Hai na Smita ???? :mrgreen:

      And who is this – WE ???? Do u threaten ur hubby also watch all Sallu’s movies ????


    1. Lovey dovey romantic classics – Hey, we are sisters in thot !!! 🙂 Me too, can watch even the old b & w romantic classics, any number of times !!!


  4. I’m no movie maniac. In fact, I don’t have the patience to sit through them for 3 hours in a theatre. And I usually hate watching new movies 😀
    But strangely, films I’ve already seen and have loved…i can watch them a million times 😉

    Countless malayalam films…then…Jab We Met, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Bruce Almighty, Mrs Doubtfire, Roja, Mozhi…

    I guess familiarity does not ALWAYS breed contempt 😉


    1. See, when we love certain movies – they have a kind of magnet, which drags us towards the movie everytime, we touch the CD !!! 🙂

      Agree to ur last line, totally !!! 🙂


  5. I am one of those people who rarely watch movies, so watching them again and again does not happen for me 😦

    But I guess the reason must be the same as to why I re-read books over and over again 🙂 I love reading some books. I know chapters through and through, and yet it is so irresistable 🙂


    1. True, it can be the same for books too – Why, I too re-read a book and some certain chapters !!!

      How the heart wants it, even if we have seen /read it before !!! 🙂


  6. Yes!!!! 🙂 🙂
    I’ve watched all soppy Karan Johar movies, HAHK, DDLJ, Andaaz apna apna et al some 500 times! My mum complains SO much! But it’s so awesome to watch na! 😀


  7. Surely some films just makes us sit before them like a magnet… Few films which makes sit all through are Mouna raagam, Nayagan, Baasha, Gilli.. chak de India, Taare Zameen par.. rocky, godfather the list goes on…

    the current obsession is The Dark Knight.. this film is something… each time I watch it… it gives new things.. and I am watching it daily.. 😀 😀


    1. Your obsession with Dark Knight is quite obvious, looking at ur DP !!! LOL !!!

      Certainly that list of movies – great to watch – Movie buff !!! 🙂


  8. Hi,

    I don’t know about the exact reason, but when you like something, you just can’t let go of it.

    There are lots of movies I have watched again and again…
    3 Idiots
    The Pursuit of Happyness
    The illusionist
    Primal Fear
    and many rajni/vijay commercial films.


    1. Welcome Rakesh…what a landing on a movie blog !!! 🙂

      Looks like I’ve met with another movie buff !!! Great…go on…watch more and enjoy more !!! 🙂


  9. LOL I sooo understand this…but not bcoz I’m like tht, my husband is esp abt comedy. But there r a few movies like DilwaleDLJ, HAHK and HSSH, Adaze apna apna, Parichay, etc which I dont mind watching ovcer and over again. Yeah well ok I guess I too come under the same category 😛


    1. S is a great fan of the 24 * 7 tamil comedy channel !!! LOL 😆

      I think all of us do fall in that category, some way or the other – while we like the lovey dovey ones, the men prefer something different. 🙂


  10. yeah yeah! absolutely!! I am in this list. I would say I watch these movies as they make me laugh, entertain and I just forget why I was upset a minute back! Thats more than enough for me to watch them umpteen times 😀
    Btw.. I watch golmaal (old), chupke chupke, choti si baat.. they are like my evergreen collection. THE BEST yar!


  11. Very rarely have I gotten into such situations. I have watched The Mummy and Terminator (all 3 of both several times). 😀


  12. As an exception, I have watched and still do watch a few movies more than once 😛 Thatz when they really impress me though 🙂
    Fiddler on the roof, Sound of Music, Mr.Bean 😉
    I think I hv watched Lagaan more than once – nt completely though 🙂


    1. Sound of Music is my fav too…have watched it many a times and still do…just watch it from anywhere…its still great !!! 🙂

      If we have a movie CD at home, we’ll surely watch it over and over, whenever we are bored. 😉


  13. Oh, Im crazy about movies. Used to watch three movies at the theatres every weekend before wedding, now its reduced to one 😦 My mom and bro are equally crazy too, dad watches, but he isnt as crazy as us 🙂 miss all those days when we used to watch movies at home as a family; I really dont think those days will ever come back 😦


    1. Now, dont u dare put the blame on marriage for not watching 3 movies in the weekend – may be you have better things to do now… 😉

      But those wonderful days are really a memory to treasure and feel happy now and then… 🙂

      Doesn’t L watch movies ????


  14. I am a total movie buff! And luckily so is The Dude. We watched 4 movies back to back at a theatre last November. And two movies back to back at a theatre this friday after work, till 2 AM. Then we also watched IHLS yesterday. Mad it is.

    I know by heart every dialogue of JWM/KKHH/DTPH/DDLJ/JTYJN and many more. Similarly, every mush flick in Hollywood, and I have seen it a zillion times. Add X men to the set now. The Dude watched Wolverine twice in the past 2 weeks, without missing a scene.

    So in short, you have a LOT of company! 😀


    1. Thats fun, if both of u are movie crazy !!! 🙂

      Really a lot of movies – from the list u have given !!! But sure is great fun !!! 🙂

      More the merrier – Love to have company for a movie get-together !!! 🙂


  15. Very true Uma. I’m not a movie maniac but will watch certain movies again and again, whenever it is telecast on TV. One such is Dhoom! which is Ammu’s favorite 🙂 Ammu totally adores the lead men in the movie and knows the sequences too well!!


    1. Dhoom used to be my daughter’s fav so many years back…I think she is outgrown that movie…anyway, its becos of these kids at home, sometimes we are made to watch movies again and again…


  16. I’m sadly not too much into movies. Can’t watch most of them again, and find it difficult to sit through quite a few of them. I could watch Serendipity multiple times 😀 And I read some books more than 108 times 😀


    1. But there are some things which we dont mind doing it repeatedly, na ??? Its amazing, how we want to new things all the time, yet read a book 108 times !!! 🙂


  17. In our house we love to watch the comedy movies of the golden period in Malayalam movies n number of times. Mohanlala, Sreenivasan and Jagathy, also Jagdish shine in their roles. My son knows the dialogue by heart from Kilukkam (remade as Muskurahat in Hindi and was such a dud movie compared to the lively original) and we laugh again and again watching it 🙂


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