No time !!!

Exercise at GYM

I am planning to join the Gym nearby or some Yoga classes. Too much of sitting in my comp is making me stiff. Anyway, exercise is good for health, na !!

Ma, please don’t go before I leave for school. You promised to pack my fav lunch today !!!

Yeah, yeah, I need to see you before I leave to school – only then the day is lucky.

Oh, my dear girls, I shall send you to school and then go.

But, darling, don’t think of going, before I leave for office. You have the whole day to yourself – you can go later.  I need to see your face, before I leave home, OK ??

(Gulping) Yes, shall plan accordingly.  How can I say No to such a sweet request ????

Amma, naan velaikku varum pothu, neenga engiyum pogatheenga !! Enakku apparama vara mudiyathu !!! Sariya !!! –  Amma, when I come to work in your house, please don’t go anywhere, becos I can’t come at some other time, OK ???

(Call from the gym)  Madam, if you want to come and do some exercise, you should come on empty stomach. If u eat breakfast, please come 2 to 3 hours later.  And Gym closes by 11 am. Please try to come before that or after 3pm.

By the time, I send the girls to school, S to office, the maid finishes her work, the Gym is closed. 😦  😦  😦   hhhmmmpppffff…..

Yoga for Body and Soul

After 3pm sounds good na ????

Ma, when I come back from school, you’ll be there at home, na ??? You better be – I need to tell all about my project to you.

And Ma, will you do pasta for me, when I come back from school ????

Ok, girls are back from school, listened to the constant blah blah on projects and assignments, of couse, the snack was done according to the wishes – Pasta !!!

Amma, enna vegetables cut pannanum ??? Roti evvalavu seiyaa ????  Naan velai mudichathukku apparama neenga vellila ponga !!! – What vegetables to cut ?? How many rotis to make ??? You go out after I finish the work !!!

So, here comes my next house-help to assist in making dinner !!!

By the time she finishes, its 6pm.  And I already feel tired.  I need a cup of strong tea.  And so I sit with my book and tea in hand. The time flies and all gym and yoga forgotten, while I swim through the sea of emotions along with the heroine of my book !!!

Suddenly when the bell rings, I am jolted back to this Earth !!!

S is back home !!! FIFA fever begins !!!

Then all of us sit to eat dinner !!  The foodie in me can’t skip dinner to go to Gym during dinner time !!!

The whole day has crept by quietly beside me and I’ve not been able to go to the Gym or Yoga class !!!  🙄

Does God think that I am more suited to do blogging than sweat it out in the Gym ???


53 Replies to “No time !!!”

    1. First of all, enroll urself at a better gym. Any gym that shuts at 11am is seriously not worth it. Whoever heard of a 4 hour snack break?? 🙄 😛 seriously!!

      And forget evenings (unless u simply dont have a choice). For ppl who work there becomes no other option. But since u are at home… 12pm-ish is a good time for gym…after sending both husband and kids out. My mom goes around that time only 🙂 mornings are best for gymming… ur energy remains fresh.

      And in the meantime cherish each day… when ur husband and children both WANT you there when they are at home… and want to share their day with you… everyday over and over again. I can think of no better way to begin or end a day. God bless! 🙂


    2. Hey, Ash, thanks for taking time out to write so well to me !!! Really, thanks.

      That was just the fun part that happens at home – of course, I push myself to go for walks…yoga needs to be started with a bang…searching for a teacher here…I had a wonderful teacher at Hyd…missing her…

      And thank you, these lovable ones around me, make my life more meaningful !!! 🙂


      1. Thats for the extra concern for me…giving me so many ideas…appreciate it. 🙂

        Of course, u comment on every single post – I know…. 🙂

        Read ur sinful list – breaking ur writerz block….lovely list !!! 🙂


  1. yea.. look for another gym! usually gyms are open till 2 and the re-open by 5 or they are open the whole day!!

    and so cute that both the kids and your husband want you around when they leave or come home! We used to do that to my mom! Mornings, she ahd to wave bye to us!! 😀


    1. Thanks Pix…me certainly not a Gym person…will find out ways to do yoga more regularly… 🙂

      See, you are just like my daughters !!! 😉 So much love !!! Touchwood !!


  2. There will always be excuses & reasons for not going my dear! So if you really wanna lose some weight then go early mrng! I know it is easy to say but then no harm in taking out some time for yourself!!! 🙂


    1. Yeah, with red burning eyes after a midnight FIFA match – just giving company to S – there is no strength to get up so early !!!

      Anyway, u just wait – let the FIFA get over – I am starting new… Dear God, let there be no more sporting events that run late into the night !!!! 🙂


  3. 😀 😀 😀 😀

    Skip that gym.. and hunt for another one that is open thruout the day…
    You are in demand madam… everybody wants a piece of you.. difficult to cut urself for all those lovely people in ur life, including the two maids (U have two maids :lol:)

    Have u tried the option called cloning, make ur clones and send them to every place you want be and get them all together for dinner time in one full piece called Uma 😀 😀 😛


    1. That cloning piece brought this to mind – Calvin will have a cloning machine and will create clones to attend school / do homework — OMG !! That was really funny …. just imagined myself doing things with clones….Ash, you have such wonderful ideas !!!!

      Calvin and his Clone


    2. Dont u LOL @ 2 maids…its after so much of research and search, I found them…dont u start on that…how else can I be blogging the whole day, huh ????

      Surya Namaskar – the best, I know – shld start seriously, Thanks, Ash, you are a darling. 🙂


  4. hahaha.. ghar ghar ki kahani 😀 but I guess u can keep trying n trying n trying… one day u will be able to go and that too regular 🙂 Actually my bhabhi wanted to learn kuchipudi badly but she never got chance but nw she is following it after a long long planning time 🙂

    Till then enjoy the food buddy 😀


    1. One day…before I become too old, I need to seriously attack on that flab….

      Till then, I’ll enjoy my food and my blog, thanks buddy !!! 🙂

      Sometimes, I feel that bunny talks to me…is it only me… 🙄


  5. ” I need to see your face, before I leave home, OK ??”…hahahahaah-that just reminds me so much of what happens at home here too! Sigh such a tricky situation balancing all this nah? Precisely why my supposed evening walks get pushed back till late! I hope you will find a way to fit in the gyming into ur schedule…I’m sure you’ll love the feeling of a good workout! 🙂


    1. Its very difficult to balance them all, Indy…u do understand na….

      Yeah, I am going for some workout soon !! Yoga tops the list…lets see….


  6. Very tough to say ‘no’ to such sweet requets.. Chuck gym/yoga and go for a daily walk. You can do that after/before eating & anytime you want. Or convince your family to join Yoga classes with you 😉


  7. First priority -a mother, then a wife. when does the person, the woman in us come out, when can we keep aside some time for ourselves? We all face this, right?
    On a less lighter note Uma, hope you get a yoga teacher soon who can come when you are free.


  8. best of luck to you 😛

    I have also started on my serious quest to lose weight 😛 and I have even fixed deadlines for myself………… but I hate working out……..

    each time when I go to gym nowadays, I have this internal fight with myself 😛 but I actually have loads of time unlike u……. 😛

    best wishes in your quest……


    1. Thanks OG, for those wishes and I sincerely hope that win the fight with ur inner self and go on to lose weight !!! 🙂

      Best wishes to you too !!!


  9. 🙂

    Hey Uma, we are in Chennai and are apartment hunting. At one apartment, I met a lady who told us that she is from a school called “Let’s do something” and was trying to start insite yoga classes at the apartment for people.


    1. Lakshmi, you are a darling…thanks for such useful info…

      And welcome to Chennai !!! Did the rains welcome you ???? 🙂

      Now, waiting to meet you !!!!


  10. Get another gym!

    Or if you don’t prefer a gym, try morning walks 🙂

    Everyone wants you around!!.. it was the same for my Mom, I wanted her to be around whenever I was at home.. it feels so good 🙂


    1. See, all girls are like this – wanting their Mom at home, even when they are doing their school work – Its the presence that matters, na !!!

      Am sincerely trying out something – hopefully it shld be yoga !!! 🙂


  11. Aww! Happens I am sure! Get a treadmill and work out at home 😀 that way you’re always around for anyone, and no getting ready, travel et al! 😀
    I am trying to become a Yoga person myself 🙂 Let’s see how it goes1


    1. Hey, are u learning yoga ??? Where do u go to learn ????

      Treadmill at home ??? After shifting to Chennai, the biggest problem is the space problem… 😦


  12. is boring…why don’t u play some old sunny deol songs on ur TV and then dance to it? :mrgreen:

    U will lose weight in no time!

    And i just couldnt help but notice tht last pic….hehhehe
    it reminded of the way how ‘Hanuman’ used to fly on tht doordarshan serial! :mrgreen:


    1. Thats the Brattu way, I suppose !!! LOL !!! 🙂 I know and if I esp follow the same steps like Sunny Deol !!!! 😆

      Just try doing that – its so difficult !!! Like Hanuman huh ????


  13. This is so the story of my life, without the domestic help of course 🙂 I used to go to the gym before Poohi was born. After she came into our lives, it never happened. So Husband and I decided to get a cross-trainer, which ended up becoming a coat hanger. Then one day, a friend told me about Wii Fit. Then managed to persuade husband that I desperately needed yoga and muscle workouts. Right now, the Wii fit has become a decoration piece in my living room 🙂 Funnily, I do seem to get time for everything except exercising 😉


    1. Smitha, My God, you have tried so many things – but we always give high priority to our loved ones than ourselves !!!

      “Funnily, I do seem to get time for everything except exercising ” – LOL, Smitha, I am also in the same category !!! 🙂


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