Puffed up clouds strike your imagination

44 Replies to “WW-5”

  1. I have seen clouds from both sides now , from up and down but still somehow , its clouds illusions that I recall, I really don’t know clouds at all … beautiful early morn pic 🙂


    1. Yes, early morn pic – how did u find out ???? Arent they an enigma ??? Looks like something for us and some other entity for others ???? Just love them all !!!


  2. Lovely! Of late, I leave office a little earlier, while the sun is about to set. And on my way home, I keep looking at the clouds and the shapes and the varied evening hues 🙂


  3. Uma, I love the way the clouds are flitting by. Like cotton puffs! This is an amazing picture. If you are interested in cloud photography, Try long exposure time (using a tripod to avoid camera shake) to see the moving effect of clouds. It comes out beautiful. This one for sure looks amazing!


    1. You seem to be an expert on these techniques…but I’ve a Cybershot at present…but surely will get a SLR sometime, then you can teach me some things on photography !!! I love such effects coming out of my pictures…

      Thanks 🙂 Cotton puffs – I like that. 🙂


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