Am shocked !!!!

I get annoyed when children use bad language – the small ones less than 10 years of age.  How come that my blood boils with rage at the usage of such words, while playing a friendly cricket match  ???? And how come the mother of the child sitting next to me, doesn’t hear those words at all ????

Then there are those teenagers who use all those swear words which need a lot of  ***** to fill it up !!! Do they really know the meaning of these words  ??? How can the other person hear those words and not at all be bothered by it and more so, he answers with another set of swear words !!??!!!!  It’s not only English that is being used badly. The regional languages do suffer with the same torture.

And when I hear “I’ll kill you with my own hands, if you don’t catch that ball properly”  and the one hearing it, laughs and finds his place in the field.  I am shocked and annoyed and the boys are so cool about it.  At this young age, if such usage is normal, then what will they be talking when they grow older ????

Yes, I’ve taught my daughters the swear words and their meanings, especially to distinguish between the good and bad words – particularly to understand when its being used against them. And certainly I make sure that they don’t use it while they speak with friends !!!!

Is it too much to ask for ??? A proper dialect. Doesn’t the language have so many wonderful words, which are musical to the ears and have such positive vibrations and wonderful meanings ??? Why can’t the whole statement modified to be pleasant to the ears ????

If the young ones are not taught properly by their parents, how will they learn the right thing ????

I am still shocked at the mother, who quietly decided to ignore her 5-year-old, swearing under his breath, when he failed to catch the ball !!!!

Or is it me ???? Am I the one thinking weird ????  I do agree that the ways of the world have changed, but is it too wrong to ask for a better language usage ?????


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    1. I think you still need to learn a lot of tamizh….he he he…remembering your toon on it … 😉

      But its better to learn the bad lang – at least u can be aware of it, when used against you… 😉

      Hugs to the good girl !!!


      1. I still don’t know many words… guys will tell something (as I can’t follow if you speak tamil fast) and when I ask what is it.. they will tell nothing.. what shall I do… 😦

        Hindi main toh aur bhi bura hai… although i know the language well.. I don’t know many bad words.. and people don’t seem to believe that I dont know 😀 😀
        What to do What to do!!!!…. I wont even if the japu people swear at me 😀 😀

        For me its more of a choice that I dont want to learn..and would prefer it that way 😀 😀


      2. I think its tough to make a bad girl out of you….hugs to you.

        Actually you can google them, I guess…will do it for you and get u the links… 😉

        Plz be aware of when u are being attacked verbally !!! 🙂


  1. You know, some parents teach their kids! And some are proud that their children are street smart!

    Under 5 years of age and already swearing! Clearly the mother is not bothered!

    It all depends on the parents. If the parents show that some things are not allowed, the child will pick up on it. In this case, clearly the parent has never told the child anything of this sort. I dread to think what kind of mouth the child will have when he grows up!


    1. I really am shocked at the mother’s chalta hai attitude…does she think its ok or does she think that her son cannot be corrected ???? Either way, its wrong.

      Upbringing makes a world of difference. I dont understand how the mother is totally not bothered by it all.


  2. Kids pick up everything they hear, especially something they should not. It is the parents responsibility to ensure that they understand what they are saying.

    Really sad.


  3. phew once i said this on a post that smitha did too….i met a family, two daughters (6 and 8 i think or may be younger) a mother and a grandmother and all of them all of them I repeat were talking to each other in swear words… the hindi ones

    i swear i was shocked


    1. OMG !!! The whole family !!! How can they ??? Its just not justified at all – just becos the grandmother swears the others can follow too !!!

      My grandfather used to swear during irritating times – we knew those words all along, their meaning and how yuck they sound…but we never used it – its all a matter of giving importance to good things !!!


    1. Very true Swaram. This little boy can be made into a man of good words, just with a small intervention by his mother…which she is not doing !!! 😦


  4. You are cool aren’t you?! 🙂
    You taught them the words! good for you Ums! My admiration for you keeps growing…this will ensure they don’t abuse the language and they know the words enough to know how to react when someone uses them…

    Sigh – street language is terrible and its a challenge to make sure our kids dont use it…


    1. Hey, thanks… Pix… 🙂

      Absolutely…when my girls heard a few words spoken by other children, they came to me to know the meaning – I taught them all and more words too and their silly and ugly meanings too…now, when they hear it, they know to shut their ears. Or when used against them, they give them a kick nicely !!!


  5. No it’s not just you. I agree with you. The mother should have done something. I make it a point to keep my language as clean as possible. Even when I’m angry, I choose words like stupid and idiot over something much worse!

    And this reminds me of an incident when I’d used the word “screw” I was 13-14 maybe. But I didn’t know the real meaning, I just thought it meant yelling. And my dad gave me a sound hearing for using it! 😦


    1. Sometimes the parents need to stress on the good dialect – its important – and glad ur Dad made u understand things…

      Everyday I hear the boy talking like this -when will he change ???


  6. Thats something which cant be ignored.. but I have seen many a times children learn from their surroundings and that includes TV as well. I have seen cartoon networks using such terms!! Also some of the kids’ books!! In this era.. we need to educate them about these things.. its not possible to restrain them from listening or reading.. but yeah educate and make them aware what is right and what is not..


    1. Those are the main culprits – TV, esp cartoons !!! Even I hate the lang used in all these.

      But as you said, its our responsibility to educate the kids on the dos and the donts !!!


  7. I have seen a lot of this when i was a kid… Lot of my age friends saying unacceptable words… I never spoke them then as my parents never talked like that…

    But in college i started to speak two swear words just to show myself cool 😆 but then i started to use it for everything and it has become complete fun 🙂 🙂 so i didn’t regret that 🙂


    1. Kanagu, I just dont believe this – that goody goody boy I met – You dont regret using swear words…

      Sometimes its forced or used to get away from peer pressure !! Thats why I insist that parents shld educate the kids on the usage of such words.


  8. 😦 I for one, absolutely detest this! So..I think I am as weird as you are 😀
    In fact, dad does not like us using even slang words that indicate annoyance! And my daughter objects when i say stupid even while referring to someone else. I hope she stays this way!
    Just shows how much family environment goes into shaping a child’s behavior. Wish all the parents could realize this.


    1. So, there are ppl weird like me…thanks Priya !!!

      When we teach against such bad lang usage, the children make it a point that we dont even utter it, by a slip of the tongue. Its a great boon to have a good upbringing.


  9. What’s so cool about using swear words and why is this the in language!! and why are we uncool who oppose it! The parents, don’t know what they want from their children, status symbols, the cool little things who walks on two feet with spiked hair and mouthing words which should never be used by anybody at all… Make me feel that education has done nothing to their minds or hearts!! Or makes me reconsider the syllabus of their stream of studies!!

    Is it a tall order…!!


    1. Like I read at Sus’s blog, the dictionary is being reduced in size, a couple of swear words and the in-words (cool/sexy/hot/awesome) are taking over, (colonising is the word she uses) that the other words which mean a lot more in the most appropriate, genuine way are being discarded!

      Strange!! does it show our lack of vocabulary 😛 …
      Wasn’t there a time when knowing all those long/difficult words in a lanuguage or using the correct language was the ‘coolest’ and ‘sexiest’ thing in the world 😛

      Sus’s post:


    2. Ash, but all these are making them popular and more masculinely virile – have I put it right ???

      No vocabulary – no good words – no interest in learning new words – the usage of dictionary is forbidden – what language skills do these ppl have ????

      Will sure catch up with Su’s post !!!


  10. These days, it’s considered “cool” to use swear words. If you publicly wince when someone uses it, you’re a dud.
    I always wince 😀
    Of course I use it too: when i’m all alone…Ielse, i usually say “What the hell”, instead of what the F***.
    But yea, thts about the only word i use.

    Kudos to you fr teaching your girls these things 🙂


    1. Thats the problem with us – when someone refuses to use bad lang or take up a bad addiction like smoking or drinking – he is named a dud !! And in order to overcome those names, ppl get into bad usage of words and habits !!! 😦


  11. Agree, agree and agree!!!! Somebody really needs to tell the lady she is not doing her son any good by ignoring it.
    The other day my child came home so sad and when I asked why she said some kid said such a bad word and I was like what. She was almost in tears and muttered “loser”. My blood boiled and at tht moment wanted to call tht kid’s parents & give them a dose.
    We take the trouble and keep check on our childrens language[even stupid, idiot & shutup is strictly forbidden in our house] and I really get upset when my children face it outside 😦


    1. Thats the sad part Nancy – when we teach our kids to be so good and use good words, its difficult to pacify them when their frnds use such words against them !!! I’ve been in such situations – my younger one will start giving a gyaan on the dos and donts and slowly everybody started moving away from her. Then I had to teach her to be her own self only with close frnds – who really know abt her and not to everyone. After all she too needs her frnds. Parenting is really tough….

      U know what – I hate that song in the latest movie Housefull – I am a loser – such a horrible line !!!


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