Wonder What Women Want…

This topic has been doing the rounds in my head, from the time I heard about it.  But I got time to attend to it, finally. 🙂

Dear Blogadda, Why a question like  “What Women Want ?” Is it because that Men know what they want…Come on, that’s the worst ever said lie !!!

Anyway, don’t you think that this is too much of a generalisation on the word WOMEN ????

The same woman, wants different things based on the role she plays at that moment.

As a student, she wants to make her teacher and school proud of her achievements.

As a young teenager, she wants to have her first crush, she also wants to get good scores to get into her course of choice.

As a workaholic, she wants to get the promotion, which is due to her.

As the woman in love, she wants her man to be the perfect one for her.

As a young bride, she wants to be treated as the Queen, by her beloved.

As a mother, she wants the whole world to know how proud she is to be a mother.

As a cook, she wants to out beat her mom and grand mom in her cooking skills.

As a wife, she wants happiness and peace to be a constant companion in her household.

As a daughter, she prays for the health and happiness of her parents.

As a daughter-in-law, she wishes for a great rapport with her in-laws.

As an entrepreneur, she wants her company to be in the top companies of the country.

As a fitness freak, she wants to eat right and be fit and healthy the full life.

As a person full of life, she wants to have a good time with friends too.

As a bookworm, she wants to read as many books possible, in her life.

As a blogger, she hopes to write great posts and get maximum comments.

As a baker, she wants to bake the best of the cakes and be proud to share it with friends and family.

And there are many more roles still….

The Multitasking Woman

The roles donned by the woman are many and the wants are also many.  But the common line in every role is the passion with which she handles things.  It’s this passion for things, that makes her want more and more of something. And that’s the reason she MULTI TASKS. And isn’t she the best in doing it ????

Not only does she wants to satisfy her inner soul, the woman desires for greater happiness for the loved ones around her.  And the desires are as varied as black and white.

Is there anything wrong in wanting different things than always wanting for some sports channel and a drink in hand ????

Sometimes, I wonder, the whole human race is looking for peace and happiness.  And while searching for these, they fall prey to different addictions. And forget the true search criteria “Happiness”.

The men may find their Happiness, in an absolutely satisfying job, in a football / cricket match or a drink with friends or by working hard towards their goal, or saving to buy the sports car or the SLR camera  –  there are these few defined things which make men happy.  (May be you can add one or more reasons here, which I missed).  Because, in the heart of a man, lies only the basic needs for a man and it has got nothing to do with the role he plays, like a son, father, workaholic, husband.  There are needs for a man too, but it certainly is not based on the role he plays.  It’s a need that goes beyond the role – so its singular by nature and maybe well-defined for particular men.

But women want different things based on the role they play at that moment.  So, it’s the complexity of the roles she plays, that the wants and needs keep varying.

So, there’s no point in searching for a one word answer to the question “What Women Want ?”  The answer is as complex as the roles a woman plays in her life !!!!

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48 Replies to “Wonder What Women Want…”

    1. Shilpa, FIRST you are…always on twitter to get this position !!! 😉

      I can understand your need for more comments…after 50 posts, this is the phase of a blogger !!! 🙂


  1. Lovely post this…btw this is actually a saaaazish by the male guys at blog adda… to get to know what women want… !!!!!!!

    I think they have devious intentions !!!! 😛 :mrgreen:

    and you fell for it…. 👿


    1. Thanks Hitch… 🙂

      Never thot that Blogadda’s male-dom will do such a saaazish….aimed at naive women like me…see, how easily I fell for it….next time, I better be careful…. 🙂


  2. Very nice 😛
    You’ve captured everything every woman wanted to say 🙂
    I agree men have no clue what they want and neither do they care to find that out let alone worrying about what we want 😉 😉

    Liked the picture 🙂 so apt!!

    Best wishes for the contest 🙂


  3. There… you’ve said it all Uma… 🙂
    Lol@ ‘Is there anything wrong in wanting different things than always wanting for some sports channel and a drink in hand ????’

    Best wishes for the contest 🙂


  4. So true! EOD, she wants to be the best in whatever she does, and there is no limit to what she can do! 😀
    Loved the pic, yes! Somehow makes me feel good about myself!


  5. Absolutely true about what you’ve mentioned here. I esp liked your remark about men and their pursuit for happiness. For them it’s just, ‘I’, ‘me’… For us it is ‘them’, ‘our’,’we’, and probably ‘I’.


  6. what women want… men have never been able to figure out. as u said, it depends on the complexity of the role she plays at the moment… and men cannot digest all of that at one go !! :mrgreen: they like things simple and uncomplicated 😛


  7. Hmmm…. I feel men also want something more than a game on TV and a drink. That’s the problem. They too have wants just like women. but they PRETEND it is not so, that they don’t have any wants other than a game on TV, the remote and a drink. Oh really?? That’s a tall tale that has been foisted on the women because they have been brainwashed into believing that pretending so makes them a cut above women.


    1. May be Shail !!! But by pretending like that, are they happy ???? Are they satisfied with a match and a drink, from life ???? If they want more, they dont let it out. And keep asking what women want !!!!


  8. I think men want many different things, just like women want all kinds of different things. And each man is an individual – just like women are human before they are women 🙂

    Like so many men, I wanted a DSLR camera too, once I got it I wanted a better lens, then I wanted a tripod…! And whenever I can tear myself away from blogging, I love watching and keeping track of World Cup Football 🙂

    I love that picture Uma, did you create it? I can’t multitask at all 😦


    1. So true IHM !!! Wants are many, whether we are a man or a woman ??? But why such inquisitiveness towards women’s wants ????

      Oh, no, I didnt create that one – its from the Google !!! 😉


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