Color me RED or BLUE !!!

Nu has tagged me to do this Chicken 65..OOPS…Strike 65.  Thanks Nu, you are a darling, giving me fodder to fill up my days… 🙂

But WP seems to disagree with me on doing this striking thing….this is not fair….. 😦   I’ve done it 4 times now. Every time I save the draft, do something else and come back to see, the strike effect is gone. 😦

So, I’ve come up with an intelligent solution.  All things done by me are in RED.  And the others in BLUE.  Can’t help it…majboor hoon. 🙂

1.Graduated high school.

2. Kissed someone.

3. Smoked a cigarette.  Yes, tried once, to prove that its horrible. EEEEwwwww…..It is horrible.

4. Got so drunk you passed out.  Not passed out…but totally high enuf to scare S…LOL…

5. Rode every ride at an amusement park. Done once during college…but now, gives me the scares.

6. Collected something stupid. Stupid Collection ??? Me  ????   🙄

7. Gone to a rock concert. Waiting for some tickets…. 😉

8. Helped someone. Yes, in my own small way. 🙂

9. Gone fishing. Going by Hitch’s idea, I’ve caught the fish from my fish tank with a net, of course – while trying to clean it. 😉

10. Watched four movies in one night.  OOPS, just can’t do such things. 🙄

11. Lied to someone. Yeah, to make someone feel better !!

12. Snorted cocaine.

13. Smoked weed.

14. Failed a subject. NEVER.

15. Been in a car accident. While waiting in a signal, an army truck tried to squeeze in the gap between our car and the median on the road. There by, the truck’s bump guard smashed into our car window and we were all so terrified to even scream. Then they had to call a tow van to lift our car out of the mess, as that bump guard couldn’t be taken out easily. Terrifying incident.

16. Been in a tornado. The tornado of life ? YES.

17. Watched someone die.

18. Been to a funeral. Sadly, yes.

19. Burned yourself. All experts in cooking are born with a few burns here and there and I am no exception. 🙂  That goes on to tell a lot about the expertness.

20. Run a marathon. Walking is fine…Running….OOPS, can I take a break ????

21. Cried yourself to sleep. No. I can’t sleep, if there’s something bothering me. I’ll try to clear things and go to sleep happily.

22. Spent over 10,000 bucks in one day. Maybe half of it…

23. Flown on an aeroplane. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

24. Cheated on someone. Can’t think of that…

25. Been cheated on. I try not to think and remember those things.

26. Written a 10 page letter. Why can’t they have a question like – talked on the phone for more than an hour – I will happily say many times. 🙂

27. Gone skiing. Tried it at Manali.

28. Been sailing. Yeah, gone on a cruise ship.

29. Cut yourself. Many a times, with my big butcher knife… 😦

30. Had a best friend. Had and still have best friends.

31.Lost someone you loved. Yeah, my BIL’s pet dog Bruno. Bruno was the darling of the whole family.

32.Got into trouble for something you didn’t do.

33. Stolen / borrowed a book from the library. Borrowed many a times.

34.Gone to a different country. Yes.

35. Watched the Harry Potter movies. All of them and read all the books, many a times. 🙂

36. Had an online diary. No.

37. Fired a gun. Was holding the gun, while S fired all the shots – his finger was on the trigger. LOL – We had gone to a shooting club, in Hyd.

38. Gambled in a casino. Yes, At Genting. Knowing the limits, played and won a bit. But once is enough.

39. Been in a school play. Yeah, a tamil play, where I played the hero, saving the damsel in distress… 😉

40. Been fired from a job. I’ve left jobs, when I felt like.

41. Taken a lie detector test.

42. Swam with dolphins. Wish to do it one day…

43. Voted for someone on a reality TV show. Yeah, one Hyd singer was in top 5 of Indian Idol 2 or 3…cant remember…he was my daughter’s school ex-student…so the school requested us all to vote for him…and I did.

44.Written poetry. I dont know whether that qualifies as poetry, but I’ve tried my hand at it. Check my archives.

45. Read more than 20 books a year. Done it during college days…am waiting to do it now.

46. Gone to Europe. OH God, send me tickets.

47. Loved someone you shouldn’t have.

48. Used a colouring book over age 12. Of course, every mother would have done it, I think. I’ve done colouring books with my daughters – its so much fun.

49. Had a surgery. Yup – for the delivery of the girls.

50. Had stitches. Of course ya…If #49 happened, then #50 is a must na ???  Those days, it was a must.

51. Taken a Taxi. Oh, yeah.

52. Had more than 5 IM conversations going on at once. I just cant do this. I cant even chat with two ppl at the same time. Focus on one person at a time.

53. Been in a fist fight. Verbal fight – yeah.

54. Suffered any form of abuse. Many teachers have abused us as a class, but we never bothered to remember.

55. Had a pet. Yes – my lab pup, Brownie.

56. Petted a wild animal.

57. Had your own credit card & bought something with it. Oh yeah.

58. Dyed your hair. With henna, yes.

59. Got a tattoo. Che, che…don’t like that.

60. Had something pierced. My ears.

61. Got straight A’s. Yes, have always passed in distinction. 🙂

62. Known someone personally with HIV or AIDS.

63. Taken pictures with a webcam. Noooooo

64. Lost something expensive. I lost an expensive shawl, which my MIL gifted me – felt terribly bad.

65. Gone to sleep with music on. Oh, those were the wonderful teenage days…now, as a responsible FIRST LADY of the house, I switch off everything before going to sleep….

OK, now thats done with, all I can see is red and blue colors flashing in my eyes. 🙄  This is a tough questionnaire…I tell you guys, more tough than the CAT…

So, who else wants to do this tag ??? Come on, don’t think you’ll be tagged all the time. Please take some responsibility and do this tag on your own, OK ???? 😉

Now, come on, silent souls, out with your comments…dont just read, smile and push off from here….


58 Replies to “Color me RED or BLUE !!!”

    1. Wow! now that’s a colorful tag 😛
      Loved #21
      you’ve been lucky for #32 that happened with me a lot of times 😉

      I like this tag and loved the start line Chicken 65 😉 😉


    2. FIRST !!!! 🙂

      When I first saw the 65 questions, I chickened out…thot its a better idea to eat Chicken 65 than do this…so that line came up….

      Glad u like it. 🙂 Makes me strong enuf to go for more tags.


  1. hehe tougher than the CAT ? 🙂

    I liked that ‘first lady’ of the house 🙂

    You too skiing in Manali ? ehehe

    LOL @ Never bothered to remember the abuses by the teacher 😉

    Whatt !! You read 20 books in an year…aww…I’m so jealous ! I never did that…but this year I’m intending to finish at least 20 !

    Hey you too have written poetry and acted in plays…so that’s normal na ? Why praising me so much at my blog 😉 but any ways I liked it 😛

    WOW tag ! And hey yes WP didn’t let me strike too 😦 hence the underlining !


    1. Nu, thanks for tagging me…I really enjoyed doing this. 🙂

      When I was young, schooling happened so bindass that nothing was taken seriously, other than writing the annual exams. If I got good marks in the finals, other things were forgiven – both in school and at home. So, as a class we did so many blunders, mischief as any normal person will do and got nice abuses / scoldings….only the front row ppl kept a serious face. We at the back were laughing away to glory…such were the carefree days…. 🙂

      Becos you write better poetry than me…mine will look like prose…. 😉

      Wish for that 20 books in a year thing to happen again. 🙂

      WP – Playing mischief with us, na ???? 😉


  2. First lady of the house, heee hee 😀 😀
    ya! I make sure the doors are locked, wonder why people keep so many locks on the door and two door 🙄 🙄


    1. Yeah, same question here…why two doors and every door has a triple lock and many more things to it…. 🙄

      First Lady – yeah, I better claim my position at home !!! 😉


  3. Discovered your blog recently. Like your style of writing.Very simple,honest straight from heart posts. I am usually a lurker. But your last few lines made me delurk 🙂 . Keep those posts coming.


    1. Welcome RK !!! And thank you for commenting !!! Do not lurk any more, OK ??? I like such comments from ppl…so sincerely honest. 🙂

      And glad u like my blog…thats more reason for visiting again, I guess. 🙂


    1. Oh Karunya is the singer u r talking abt?

      The accident sounds terrible Ums .. so glad u weren’t hurt!

      Many teachers have abused us as a class, but we never bothered to remember – ha ha ha ha .. such a different answer 😉 😉


      1. Karunya na or the other guy in that other show… what was that now, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa… I felt really bad for Karunya though, but cannot recognise him these days with his makeover 😉


    2. God, girls you remember that name – Karunya….I broke my head through 2 days, but hmmm couldnt get it right…so just wrote off generally….girls, you have very good memory…appreciate it. 🙂

      That accident really made me so scared of driving in Hyd… 😦


    1. I write about random things, Agnes and there is no entry on what I do everyday. I dont think I’ve an online diary. I used to write diary entries, long time back…then left it as there was no time. 🙂


  4. That hyderababdi singer must have been Karunya, he was very good and I had voted for him too.
    I have been tagged too, And I am gathering courage to do it. Yours was great to read !


  5. Almost every blog i am going to has this tag, I too will have to take it up one of these days … Loved your replies you seem to have done a lot of stuff.. well done .. some you have not writtne a comment after .. 🙂 hiding haan secrets he heheh

    A beautiful blog you got …


    1. Yeah, seems like bloggers have taken to this tag, like a bee to the flower…. 🙂

      No comments means – nothing interesting happened – doesnt mean secrets….he he he…. 🙂

      Thanks Bikram !!! 🙂


  6. I read, I’m smiling and no, see I didn’t run away !! 🙂
    Even I never cry to sleep. I will make sure I cry only to get some attention, pour out my woes/frustrations to someone (usually mom , sometimes dad) & then sleep undisturbed.


    1. I know you wont, LW !!! Those lines are for the lurkers !!! 😉

      That seems to be the sensible thing to do…pour out the woes before sleeping…for me though, its S. 🙂


  7. If you are talking about Karunya… he was sooo good… sad he didn’t win 😦
    Terrible accident…. 😦 …
    “4. Got so drunk you passed out. Not passed out…but totally high enuf to scare S…LOL…” LOL 😀 😀


    1. Karunya – yeah, I voted becos the school sent a circular asking us to vote for him, as he was an ex-student. 🙂 Even after me voting for him, he didnt win…sad na… 😦

      That accident – OMG !!! Raw enough to scare me, still….

      What LOL LOL at #4 ???? 😛 😛 😛


  8. 4. Really? 😀
    Yeah, really…it did happen. 😉
    9. Sigh… 😐
    How many NO can I say…so, I took this option by Hitch and said yes.
    15. sheesh! sounds scary alright!
    Still scares me….when we are near some army truck…
    31. Loving pets are never forgotten…
    Arent they wonderful ????
    40. Lucky you!
    Guess so….now a days, its hard to do so, right ??
    50. Ummm can you tell me any surgery without stitches at all? 😛
    They have some techniques now, where they seal the cut with a gel kind and that helps in the healing process….yes, it is there. 🙂
    52. You need to seriously learn the art of multi-tasking! lol
    This IM multitasking…got into a big comedy…answered all wrongly to the 2 conversations I had…so confusing…
    This tag seesm to be the rage in blogosphere now! I have half a mind to do it…!
    But mind you, only half a mind yet! 😛
    I’ll help you to overcome that half…come on, Ash…do it…its been ages since you wrote in ur blog…. 🙂


  9. “I’ve left jobs, when I felt like.” Thank God, I’m not the only one 😉
    Coulourful tag indeed.

    This is a fun tag. SHall shelve it for a rainy day 😀 Looks like i’ll be having quite a few now on 😀 😀


  10. 16. Been in a tornado. The tornado of life ? YES. – loved this answer how true

    i gambled in genting too…:) its nice to do it once in a while next I want to do once in LA

    che che on tatto? sigh


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