The story of Anju.

Anju, catches the eye of the people around her, with her sweet smile which reaches till the eyes.  She is all of 17 years and her mother had already stopped her from going to school, to get her married.

Being born to parents, uneducated and not being aware of things that happen around, Anju was getting pestered day after day to get married to that Bus Driver, Sanjeev.  Now, she didn’t want to get married so early.  She too wanted to study like her brother, Rakesh.  But, she never bothered to ask her parents about it – How come Rakesh’s studying and she is not ????

Then one fine day, she got married to that Sanjeev, even though she opposed to getting married to him. My God, she was hardly 18 yrs of age.

The next shock came, when Sanjeev came home everyday, drunk and started physically abusing Anju.  She asked her parents – Is this you wanted me undergo, by marrying this man ????  But they didn’t know what to answer.  Rakesh got very angry at the injustice, but he was too young for others to take notice of his reactions.

In a matter of two years, with two little boys in hand, and a lot of scar in her body and heart, Anju was left stranded at the edge of life.  She was shocked at herself and the way life has taken a turn, with her.  She contacted her only solace, Rakesh.

By that time, Rakesh, being an unexceptionally good student, passed with the best grades, got into IIT, Chennai, on merit.  He got himself a part-time job and immediately went and got Anju and her sons to Chennai.  He took a small one room apartment for rent for Anju and the kids.

First, Rakesh made Anju join a Spoken English class, so that she can converse freely with others. She knew only Marathi and Hindi at that time.

The other most important thing he did was, join Anju for Distance Education programme to do her graduation.  Anju didn’t think that she can do this.  But Rakesh sat with her day and night, to coach her, improve her confidence all the while giving her assurance that she’ll do well in life and her sons will go to school.

Anju started doing some odd jobs, which she managed to get, without a degree to her credit.  All the while, she was studying through the night, to get her graduation.

Rakesh got into a good job, after his graduation and immediately got a flat for his sister and off he went abroad, as his job demanded it.

Over the years, Anju has struggled hard in bringing up her sons.  Now she is doing her MBA.  She has a good job at one of the leading banks as a Manager.  She is a qualified Yoga Teacher.  She drives her own car.  And she speaks enough tamil, to bring other tamilians to shame.  She is confident and ever smiling.  She is a great inspiration to so many women out there.  Her sons are doing well in school.

Yes, this is indeed a true story with the names changed.  I was so happy to meet her, but was thoroughly shaken, when I got to hear this story.

This is a story of courage.  Its the story where education changed lives.  Its a lesson to the many parents, stressing on the need to educate their daughters too.  And its also a lesson, not to marry the daughters off, in a hurry to any person who comes along.

Lets stand strong for the daughters to get educated and lets not hurry them into wedlock. 🙂


42 Replies to “The story of Anju.”

  1. Anju is indeed a brave lady and Kudos to her… 😀 😀
    How many ladies take such a brave decision. She took the right decision at the right time and with the support from her family members, she could setup her own world. 😀 😀


  2. I think this is the story of Rakes too…who took care of his sister..determined to settle her in life and make her stand on her own feet…

    I don’t know what was the reaction of Anju’s parents when Rakesh took the initiative…but lesson to be learnt for the girl’s family too…not leave the girl who has been married off…she still belongs to you..your blood still runs in her veins 🙂

    Nice story…Wishing Anju happy years ahead !


    1. Yes, her brother was the pillar of support for her and Thank God, he was there and is still there for her. 🙂

      Hai na sad part – how the parents left her, when she needed help ???


      1. totally sad..but it’s not the parents fault totally..assuming that the society they dwell in makes them take these kind of decisions which are not only wrong but harsh on the mankind !


      1. Saw the bouquet picture…thank u…I didnt even see it before giving….LOL 🙂

        I was totally shaken to know abt her – she looks so calm and cool and jokes so much abt life… 🙂


  3. A standing ovation to Rakesh and ofc Anju.. They show the importance of education in our lives. Very inspiring. I just feel that we should share such stories with growing children who go to such expensive schools and many a times.. do not take studies seriously. There r many deprived of such benefits…


  4. When hardships strike, may every life be blessed with a savior like Rakesh !
    That is indeed a very important message for all of us, education helps us survive the toughest of times. It is the best gift parents can give their children.
    Thank you for sharing this story of Anju’s courageous survival 🙂


    1. I had to tell u all abt Anju… 🙂 And Rakesh’s help was like steering the boat towards the calm sea from an angry ocean…Glad Rakesh was around to help her…

      CB, why this DP again ????


  5. Very inspiring story indeed!
    i very much agree on the education part and am so thankful to my parents that they emphasized on education for us 3 girls. But i’ve also seen friends who, in spite of being educated… couldnt do what they wanted, for lack of support from the family 😦 So, i believe that strong moral support is a great factor when it comes to a girl’s overall well being.


  6. First of all, Uma, I actually read all your posts on the phone, but forgot to comment when I logged into the laptop – am very lazy about commenting from the phone 😦 So sorry. Because I read it, it did not come up in my reader later 😦

    This story is so so inspiring. Education makes so much of a difference, doesn’t it? I really think that education can change lives like nothing else..


    1. So sweet Smithu… 🙂 But ur comments are more important to me… a smiley will also do…

      Yes, and true incidents like these are really an eye-opener to the many who meet her.


  7. God bless that brother!!!! When u meet her again give her a hug from me!!! What an inspiration. Reminds me of the thinngs I could have done when I was buckling under all that sadness!! What a waste of precious time!


    1. That Brother was the God in disguise for her, na ?? Sure, will pass on that hug.

      We all need someone to lift us from bad times…wish u too had one. 🙂


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