Expert Copy CAT.

There were two temptations waiting for me this weekend. One was Monu’s Chole Bhatura and the other Smitha’s Hara Bara Kebabs.  Both were yummy, delicious and the foodie in me, wanted both to happen this weekend.

But with a man like S with me, and football fever clashing with the religious cricket, it was tough for him to watch the matches alone. So, when I was dragged to sit along, how are the delicious dishes supposed to happen ????

So, we made Chicken Pop Corn from frozen ones, and settled in front of the TV, with a drink in hand. Bliss….

But the kebabs kept haunting me the full Saturday night and I was feverish for kebabs, particularly the Hara Bara ones…

Then when guests turned out that evening, I found the perfect platform to show case my skills at making kebabs and also amaze them with the knowledge  I am gaining through my blogs…Isn’t it true, ppl ???? 😉

My God, it was Yummy, Delicious, Awesome Taste and finally it came to “We want some more” !!!! And I am so happy to share with you with this drool worthy pictures…

One side done - Hara Bara Kebab.

And here it is, being served.

The tempting Hara Bara Kebabs.

Smithu, thank you for this wonderful recipe.

I just used the following alternatives to Smithu’s recipe.

The Ready-Made Aloo mash instead of boiled and peeled potatoes – The guests came in with the least time notice. 😉

Fresh Spinach and Fresh Mint.

Kasoor Methi, instead of fresh ones.

Oops, forgot the peas, but still, the taste was fantastic – the chat masala added to the flavor – Zimbly Delicious !!!! 😛 😛 😛

Hey, that Monu’s Green Chutney will go very well with this Kebab, isn’t it ????  😛   All the routes lead to the tongue and then straight to the tummy. 🙂

Come on, ppl, try this out – an amazing weekend snack – great party stuff – and will surely make you the Best Chef around !!! 😉

Chole Batura, is happening soon…will post on that too… 🙂

37 Replies to “Expert Copy CAT.”

  1. Ha ha .. u r hvng a awesome time na Ums trying out all these recipes 🙂 🙂
    S must be really happy to get wonderful snacks while watching football 😉


  2. Second!!! Wow, that looks YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMY!!! So when I visit next time, I know what to expect 🙂 (ALOnG with that yummy chocolate cake, that is) 😉


    1. SECOND !!! Pal, really it was tasting yumm too !!! Of course, next time, we are meeting at my home !!! Even last time, I suggested that to Kanagu. Already, Vimmuuu, is making a list of things to be prepared by me, for him to eat. 😉


  3. And Me third 🙂 🙂

    Yum yum yum 🙂 🙂
    Smiths Sabudana vada tasted just yum too, had that for dinner last night 🙂 🙂
    Will try this out, me not waiting for the weekend… AB will be back in about an hour and cooking experiments start all over again 🙂 at my abode 🙂 poor him 😀 😀 happy me 😉 😀

    And Ums, I’m falling in love with ur yum yum sentences too ;)…
    All the routes lead to the tongue and then straight to the tummy 😉

    So true, and so funny and so well put 🙂


    1. Ash, u tried that…wasn’t it delicious… 😛

      Come on, no experiments, this is easy and will come out quite well. 🙂

      Thanks thats the foodie writing…not me 😉 😛


  4. Delicious, mmm….yummy and gimme some more… me the lucky guest at the UmaS Kitchen last evening and gobbled down much of the Hara bara Kebab! It tastes smooth, has a crunchy feel and leaves a mixed taste on the mouth; tried it with a dip of sauce, even better. The Telugu in me says that it may taste well with seasoned Avakaaya dip too…but, will wait for another time for that. Thank you, UmaS…any time you want a first hand review for a new recipe, I will be happy to participate 😉


    1. Ok, here’s the comment from the lucky person, who got on to a plate of Hara Bara kebabs at my place !!!! 🙂

      Glad u liked it and posted this comment, Ram. 🙂


    1. Meira, just come over for a break to Chennai. I promise I wont make bhindi. 😉

      Chole bhature is just on the anvil, will happen anytime now. 🙂


    1. Dont bother now…then you’ll be tempted to eat NOW !!! 😉 Go home and see the pics. But glad that the words too were effective for you, to drool. 😛


  5. Oh yumm! I hope to find all the necessary ingredients at home and give this a try over the weekend! Thanks Ums! This seems perfect tea time fare! :)))) And WOW- you get ready made aloo mash…whaaat?!!! That must be so handy for such times when guests arrive unexpectedly! Just great!


    1. Yeah, you get Aloo mash, for the past one year, I guess. Its cool and easy, when we get guests suddenly.

      Come on, do it, take pics and post it too. 😉

      Yday, the guests were surprised at me – I was standing in the kitchen, with a spatula in one hand and a camera in another…they were wondering what I was upto… 😉


  6. the sadist smi and monu have made you another one… !!!! 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 why post pictures and make us drool so much… that too when its 1.30 in the noon and its almost lunch time !


    1. How come you do a thud landing at all my foodie posts ???? 😉

      Hey come on…who is a sadist ???? They are my friends…. 🙂 😛

      So, whats for lunch ????


  7. I am surely trying out this 😀 😀
    😀 😀 …. Mind if I ask you but do have recipes for soups… anything which can be easily made….
    I am having a bad cold and I have run out of my stock for knorr readymade soups 😦


    1. Hope u are making the soups and taking care of ur cold. Try and have lots of pepper, its good for the throat.

      Next weekend, try this kebab, OK ?? Take care. 🙂


    1. That was Sabudana vada…this is different…. 😉

      Dont worry, I’ll tell all the recipes to L, so that u too can eat all this. Or else, why dont u learn to cook ???? You’ll be the envy of the whole nation, I tell u. 😉


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