Yercaud Revisited

Yes, this is not my first trip to Yercaud, actually its my fourth visit there.  And still, I enjoy it so much, everytime.

Yercaud is located in the Servarayan (Shevaroy) range of Hills and is just an hour’s drive from Salem in Tamil Nadu. A 5 hour drive from Chennai to Salem, 1 hour drive to the resort – WOW, it’s the fastest way to reach into the clouds for some chilly weather.  But guess what, the day I left Chennai, it started raining in Chennai…sob….sob…..  Anyway, it was raining in Yercaud too, so it was damp, chilly and the cool and crisp wind hit us with such force, awakening us to the fantastic vacation ahead.

Located at nearly 5000 ft above sea level, Yercaud is known for its coffee plantations and orange groves.

To begin with, look at the view from my room.

The view from our room.

There are actually many view points from Yercaud, overlooking the valley, where Salem is situated.  But three of the view points are quite famous – The Lady’s Seat, The Gent’s Seat and the Children’s Seat. Someone told these names are as old as the Britishers – but, why such funny names, nobody knows. 🙂

This is the view from the Lady’s Seat.  I refused to go the Gent’s Seat…he he he… 🙂

View from the Lady's Seat
Can u see the hairpin bends on the roads ????
The Rose Garden at the base of Children's Seat.

Yercaud is very famous for the varieties of flowers if offers. And me and my elder one went mad, taking pics of these beautiful flowers. We refused to come out of this garden, where every flower was a sight to behold.

The magical flowers of Yercaud.

I didn’t know that peppers grew on climbers…. 🙄  till we went for this tour around coffee plantations and orange groves. This is the time when the beans begin to grow. They are fully grown by winter and ready for harvest in January. It’s the same with oranges too.

The peppers...

Hey, btw, we even had a bonfire one night, to charge us up !!! 🙂


I was amazed at the tall trees that grow upward towards the sun – WOW, they are really tall. And they are in such straight rows and columns…just see the second pic, to view till the end of the tree.  The third pic is the pepper climber that wounds itself onto these trees. Its beautiful – every thin tree has a pepper vine around it, giving it a fat bottom look. 😉

The fourth one are the coffee beans – see, they have just come and they are so tender. The fifth and sixth are the bamboo in green and yellow – aren’t they pretty ???

The trees at Yercaud.

We also did a small but energetic trekking to a nearby village – I never thot that I can do this, till I tried it this time. It was good fun and lots of exercise…now I understand why the ppl on the mountains are trim, fit with no fat on their body. 😉

Here comes the end of my journey to the chilly hilly Yercaud.  Some more pictures are left, which I am reserving for my WW – from where I’ll get pictures for my WW ????

I agree with Geet of JWM- “I love to stay in the mountains” !!!! I just wish that some grandfather saw it was worthwhile to invest in some coffee plantation or orange groves in Yercaud !!!! 🙂

So, how did u all enjoy this visual trip with me ???? Come on, don’t wait, just write a comment or put in a smiley…anything would do. 🙂

29 Replies to “Yercaud Revisited”

    1. Wow! the place is breath taking 😛
      Loved those hair-pin bends and the peppers and the bon-fire …you guys seem to have had a wonderful vacation in this beautiful place 😀 😀

      Lovely Pictures Uma 😀


    1. Woww! I luvvv the flowers and the bamboo too 🙂

      Peppers .. hv seen them arnd Sringeri too and we used to pick them when we went there and add them in lemon pickle .. slurp!

      LOL @ agreeing with Geet 🙂

      So, we get to see more of Yercaud on Wednesdays .. nice Ums 🙂


    2. Thanks….it was too much of an effort for me, sitting from morn in the comp, to upload the pics. Why the internet is slow, when I want to upload ???? My daughter did it yday, and it was damn fast….sigh.

      Thanks Swaru, actually it was difficult to choose the ones to be put here. 🙂 Yeah, wait for WWs, for more Yercaud. 🙂


  1. LOL, I guess some of you are taking pics just for coming up with wordless whatevers !! 😀 😀 😀

    6 hrs from chennai, huh? not bad a place for a weekend getaway ! (yeah, yeah, wid laxmi of course !)


  2. Gent’s seat ROFL!!! … Do they really have names like that…. so very funny 😀 😀

    I have always wanted to visit Yercaud… But could never do it 😦 ….Thanks for the visual treat…. 🙂 🙂


    1. U shld hv seen, Shilpa…all the men at Lady’s Seat, a big group of them from some office, were making statements like – I love lady’s seat…I am standing on lady’s seat….it was yuck and irritating…that’s the time I really regretted that these names. Dont know whey they named it like this ????

      This is the least I could do, with u being so far away from home. Enjoy. Whens ur visit home ????


  3. Wow…lovely! And Lady’s seat? LOL. Is there really a place called Gent’s seat? or wereyou kidding? Loved the bright happy flowers!!!

    Glad to know you had a great time!

    I had the most fab weekend…with friends at Munnar! It was awesome 🙂 Shall put up a pic soon. No wonder it’s the 2nd best tourist destination in asia 😉 you’ll see 🙂


    1. Priya, no kidding….sachi…they have such names….

      The flowers all over the place, really made me feel so wonderful. 🙂

      Munnar….oh, I am waiting for ur post….and I am waiting to go there once. 🙂


  4. That was such a lovely visual trip! I miss Wayanad when I see pics like this!

    You trekked! Wow! It is so much fun, isn’t it? It has been ages since I did it. Guess I will have to wait till Poohi is a little older. My parents live in a hill station like this and it is heaven 🙂 I am so looking forward for my India trip now 🙂


    1. Yes, this is the first time I did the trekking and not bad, I managed to do it. 🙂 I also waited till my girls are able to do this on their own and this was the right time.

      So, whens ur visit to India ???? Can we all meet ????


  5. I have visited this place as a kid…. dont remember much of it……….. but it looks great!

    another hill station that I love is wayanad in north kerala…………… it is one of my uncle’s native place……… I would love to stay there in the big house……….. 😛 Tharavadu as it is called in malayalam……….


    1. Its changed so much from the time I visited it 10 yrs back, surely you’ll see a sea of changes. Everyone seems to be talking of Wayanad…now, its time I plan one trip there. 😉

      Oh, I wish I have a Tharavadu in some hilly resort….sigh…..


  6. Sooooooooooo lovely!! I’ve never been to Yercaud before. The hairpin bends just seem to scare me away 😦 But your pics are so beautiful Uma. I think I might just overcome my fear some day and make a trip there 🙂


    1. Thanks Pal… 🙂

      You know, I prayed that I shldnt throw up during those hairpin bends…I am so travel sick sometimes…and there are 20 hair pin bends…thank god, I survived both the uphill and downhill without any probs.

      Come on, next trip to Chennai, you can plan one to Yercaud for a weekend. 🙂


  7. wow…lovely 🙂 where exactly is this place? i have to look it up!

    hehe…even i didnt knw peppers grew on climbers until some yrs back…i had seen the vines adjacent to the trees during my childhood and assumed that the peppers grew on the tree!! 🙄 but now i know differently…thank goodness! 🙄


    1. LOL Ash, just like me, till the driver explained it to us, I too was under the same impression…peppers grew on vines, which grew on trees….LOL.

      This wonderful resort is in Tamilnadu, check it out on ur next trip to Chennai. 🙂


  8. Yercaud to all of my dad, his cousins and my boy cousins was a place of dread, there is a residential school there and all the naughty boys were sent there… kind of exported :):) so when were younger, it was like,
    u make noise, Yercaud 😉
    u don’t like ur food, Yercaud 😉

    Haven’t been to Yercaud yet, but u are just tickling that desire in me for a vacation 🙂

    Peppers always grew on climbers 🙂 🙂 🙂 My mom grew them in her veggie garden:)
    And all these British ‘discovered’ hill stations have weird names for their places… 😉


    1. Oh, which school is that ??? LOL @ being exported !!! 😆

      Maybe u shld go there to enjoy and forget abt being exported. LOL. 😉

      So funny and irritating becoz all the silly ppl were making fun of these names and throwing sly looks at women…it was just too much…


    1. The trekking experience was really breath-taking for me – literally….but enjoyed it thoroughly. 🙂 We had waited so long to try this out…the girls shld be able to come along with us…now was the right time and right place.


  9. Never been to yercaud tho I remember as a college kid making plans to go there with my friends but didnt.

    Lovely pictures Uma….and a very candid post. Enjoyed it :-)!!!!


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