Husbands are rare species…

Remember this post ?????   And there was this comment by my dear Swaram.  As I said in the reply to your comment, it’s a separate post to write.


It was a beautiful summer time and she loves to go swimming everyday, in her apartment swimming pool. The whole lot of her friends know that the lone figure in the swimming pool at the dot of 5.30pm is this wonderful woman, they all know.  Even unknown strangers can adjust their watches to show 5.30pm, as such was the punctuality of this woman in her swimming gear.

Why ???? Her girls were happy that they can have all the masti from 5.30pm to 6.30pm, as Mom won’t be there at home to say No to certain things. They plan ahead on the list of masti to be done for that evening one hour slot.

Sometimes, her friends joined her for swimming in that one hour or a few even asked her to teach them swimming.

Since its such a routine, the husband too knew about it all.  But you never know men. You think they know, but it might be the opposite.

On this particular day, she sends him a sms, as she does everyday before going to swimming.  Even though she thinks he knows her routine, she still reminds him everyday.  She just feels in her heart that he might not have registered her routine in his mind.  And secondly she needs to leave the mobile at home, as she can’t leave it unattended near the swimming pool. That’s another reason, she reminds him everyday of her swimming routine for an hour.

She finishes her 1 hour swimming and comes back home.

There were 30 missed calls from HIM.  He had called every 2 minutes. 🙄

There were 15 messages in the Handset. All saying the same message – Where are you ?????    🙄

And he comes back home hurrying.  When she opens the door for him, the torrents of questions begin.

She quietly takes his mobile and show him the simple sms she sent, before going for swimming.  He gave a sheepish smile.

The girls started laughing at this whole episode and then the couple too joined with them.


This was when she shifted to this new city called Hyderabad and thankfully, she didn’t have a mobile with her.  It was only a land line phone, that she needs to manage.

On one lazy day, she went for a late bath.

The phone rang.  But she couldn’t hear it beyond the sounds of water.

After her bath, she hears the door being knocked. Thinking it to be a courier or something, she opens the door.

She finds her land lady standing there, with a worried face.

When she inquires whats wrong, the land lady tells her that her husband had called.  Since there was no answer in the house, he had requested her to go and check on his wife.

She struggled hard to control her laughter.  She was very mad with her husband for doing this to her.  If one phone call is left unanswered, should he send the land lady to check on her ????



40 Replies to “Husbands are rare species…”

  1. LOL I can so identify with this post :-). Its a good thing u mentioned husbands & not ‘my husband’ coz u can include mine also in this list….22 missed calls in a minute is a record at our end….and all for nothing mind u :-/. The best part is I knw this habit of his so well and so am always alert but the 1 minute I’m not alert these calls pour in;-S


    1. Nancy, I just want to hug you…for identifying so much with me. 🙂

      Whats the idea of having a mobile, if u cant answer it immediately…this is aimed at us. But what abt those times, when they dont respond to our calls ????


    1. Bachelors….please give a break….its not like what u all think – the married life. Only when u really experience this kind of situations, do u realize the true meaning of my post. 🙂


  2. That is so loving! May your love grow stronger with each day ! And wow I noticed you are such a punctual person! Sounds like someone I used to be!! I’ve become much much laxer with my timetable since the kids came along! hats off to you, truly admirable ! :)))))))


    1. Only I am punctual, Indy…my man is certainly not, which makes me a high strung wire for everytime we get to go late.

      And thank you for the wishes…just hope that this love doesn’t make him to call 60 times in a minute !!! LOL 🙂


    1. LOL But whatz funny is if they dnt pick up the phone and we r worried, they wil ask us whatz there to worry? Just that they were busy/ cud nt hear etc… 😛 😛


    2. Take whatever side….but they are a species to be preserved for future generations….with so much patience for their daughters and too little for their wives. Sigh !!! 🙂

      So true na…they dont answer right on dot, whenever we call. They can have reasons for not answering…but not us….LOL….these men, na….. 🙂


  3. The guy care because you scare !!! 😀 😀 😀 (scare is care with a ‘s’; I just realised ;))

    But Im with you on this Uma; why do they worry this much? This is exactly how my situation is; just that the roles are reversed ! 😀 😀


  4. This is too funny. But I can empathize. If you don’t attend the phone (read valid reasons) there is a flurry of activity from the other end with more calls jamming the lines! 😛


  5. My Dad does walking exercise when my Mom is a little late : D Seeing him I’m always reminded of one Flinstone episode, when Wilma was in labour and Fred, walks so much in the corridor that there is hole in the floor 🙂 🙂 🙂 😀 😀

    Love reflects is these little ways from that species called Men, … Husbands 😀
    30 missed calls!! reminds me of a class mate who used to always be on the phone, so much so that we thought it was glued to her ears 😉 And 30 missed calls once when she attended to her nature’s call 😉


    1. Yes, sometimes so much of this love overwhelms me…all I ask is give me some space…

      But he is a darling…he’ll continue to be like this, whatever I tell him. 😉

      LOL @ Wilma and Fred…. 🙂

      Just imagine the state where attending to nature’s call is also a problem….


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