Visual Journey of my Summer – 1

I just can’t deny that I didn’t enjoy my summers becoz I was denied the use of comp, by my sweet girls. Actually, it was a great time, doing sudden weekend trips to places in the outskirts of the city and enjoying the wonderful scenery it offered.

I felt more with nature – the beaches and the mountains are just a wonder to sit and admire in silence for hours together.

Ok, now, let the visual journey begin.

The Shore Temple at Mammallapuram, built during the Pallava reign.  One of the World Heritage Monument site, it is being subjected to water and salty air erosion, because of which several parts of this wonderful temple, are no more there for us to see.  I remember the time, when I had gone to this wonderful place, for my 10th standard school trip. And sadly, 60 % of what I saw then, is not there now.  Renovation is in progress.  It will be wonderful, if we could save them for our future generations to see this great piece of architecture.

Actually they are trying to cover the temple with a particular chemical, which will lessen the amount of erosion. Hope this monument stands for a long time to come. 🙂

Doesn’t this resemble the Merlion in Singapore ????

This is the Arjuna’s Penance !!!! It’s amazing how so many intricate sculptures were built on to a single piece of rock !!! Look at the artistic depiction of things.

Oh, the wonderful beaches !!!! How I wish I have a house facing the sea and I watch the waves from the balcony of my house !!! 😉  I love the horizons – look at the shade difference – the colors of the water and the sky is truly amazing.

The waves hugged our feet with the frothy water and pulled us gently forward – Oh !!! What a wonderful feeling. We were also keeping bets on which wave will hit us with more force, and guess what, we lost every time. Nature is beyond us all, hai na ?  The big waves never made it to the coast, while the small ones, which we  didn’t notice, hit us so hard, drenching us all. 🙂

It was so wonderful that we didn’t even mind the scorching sun, even when we were barbecued to perfection. Now, we are all working on removing that awful sun tan. 🙂

Next post on Yercaud !!! 🙂


30 Replies to “Visual Journey of my Summer – 1”

    1. Yeah, I am picking and choosing which ones to post – and this damn internet connection is too slow and taking hours to upload pics !!! GGrr….

      I love the beaches, Swaru – its heaven for me !!! Just look at the similarity between the two things – one in Spore and one here !!! 🙂

      BTW, you are FIRST darling !!! 🙂


  1. Mamallapuram used to be one of our fav spots in college time… 😀
    I still remember the elephant carvings on the rock and have a pic near it too 😀

    And beaches… am missing Besant nagar beach… 😦


    1. Its the destination of the whole city, I guess. Even in the scorching summer heat, it was totally crowded.

      Besant Nagar beach is my fav place too !!! We go there every weekend. 🙂


  2. Wow! The pictures are breathtaking! I really love historical/heritage places. It is so sad that 60% of what you saw is no longer there 😦 Heart breaking, isn’t it? I just hope that they are able to preserve what is left. Would be so sad if future generations are not able to see these magnificent works.. The carvings are so beautiful! The talent of the people who worked on these temples always leaves me amazed.

    So you had a lovely beach holiday:) The waves sure are deceptive 🙂 It is so much fun, isn’t it? Even the heat is forgotten when one is near the sea 🙂

    Waiting to read about Yercaud!


    1. Smitha, the changes have happened gradually and no efforts were taken so far. Even these renovations are not happening in full swing. I wish I can do more.

      And the beaches rejuvenated me !!! 🙂 The waves charged me !!! 🙂 The beautiful sky and clouds lifted my spirits. 🙂

      BTW, whats the time over there for you ???? Are u an early bird ?????


  3. Yeyyy, at last some who loves mahabs !!! I know mahabs like the back of my hand. and my friends take me as a guide to this place !!! 😀

    Btw, near the shore temple, there are illegal private boat riders who take you a few kms away from the sea and show you the sunken temples. If you are aware of scuba diving and related water sports, you could go under the sea and have a look at those enormous sunken/submerged temples, or else, the boat riders let you touch the tip of the temple that could be seen over the water. I havnt experienced it yet, waiting for the right opportunity 😀 😀 😀 there are images of it in google, check it out.


    1. I am glad that u too love Mahabs – have u gone there many times ??? Did u take L ????? Actually, the Taj Fisherman’s Cove is fantastic for newly wedded couples…take her there and have some great time. 🙂

      You guys learn all the illegal things first, eh ????

      But if it can be organised in a legal way, I would love to see them all. 🙂


  4. Beautiful photographs Uma. Sad about the way so many have disappeared… I am glad they are doing something to preserve them now. I love the golden colour of the sand there.

    I find the idea of taking a look at the temples that are now under water very interesting. We have similar temples in Dwaraka Gujarat also I think.


    1. IHM, yeah the whole place is mesmerising….I wonder how it would have been during the Pallava reign !!! 🙂

      Wish there is some organised and safe ways to view those submerged temples.


  5. Mahabalipuram always reminds me of the one day college bunk we have done in our college 😀 😀

    the craving on the rocks are really superb know 🙂 🙂 surely a wonderful place 🙂 🙂


  6. Classic!!!

    I remember as a kid, when we used to go there and fisherman’s cove, ECR and OMR used to be empty barren roads with not a single building in sight……….

    Now everything has changed there 😛 one of my fav drives is from chennai to pondicherry on the ECR and we always stop at mahabalipuram for a rest 😛


    1. ECR and OMR are the busiest roads today, with maximum number of companies in it. 🙂

      Yeah, so much has changed at Mammallapuram, but still there is an old charm to it, that attracts ppl. 🙂


  7. Wow. Would love to go there.
    After visiting Hampi, I’ve become a fan of such places! 😉
    And the beach. Sigh! Love it.
    Where are the yercaud pics? Never been there. Pls post, post, post 🙂


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