The Big Fight and all other things…

THE BIG FIGHT – Who gets to sit at the computer ???? And what is the time slot ?????

Girls, can u please give me the comp for 5 mins….I need to check my mail, please ????

2nd one :  Mom, please…We have the comp to ourselves only now, during holidays. And all our friends are online for chatting. How can I give the comp now ????

1st one: And after she finishes, I am taking the comp…I need to go on FB !!!  We are discussing our vacation project details online…all my group members are online now. I need the comp for the next 2 hours.

2nd one : And Mom, once school reopens, we won’t get to sit at the comp like this.  And you’ll have all the time to blog.

Then, when I just get a little happy about the 10mins on comp to check my mails and say hello to you all, boom goes the power…che…che….even this power is acting against me.  And the Big Fight happened every day !!!!  It was not a weekly affair like NDTV. 😦

Everyday has been hectic with kids at home, doing projects, taking print outs, going to the summer dance classes, preparing for the dance performance by the girls, going shopping for the costumes…..It was all fun, but I missed my comp time.

So, I indulged myself in reading quite a few books and loved them all.  🙂

Of course, we had lovely weekend trips to Mammallapuram, Muttukadu (the backwaters near Chennai with boating facility) and the cool and chill Yercaud !!!! Yes, it was a great holiday and I enjoyed every moment of it.

Now, the school opened and the comp is exclusively for me, till the girls come back home with a project under the arm.

Thank you so much for the caring words, when I couldn’t get online. Its indeed a blessing to have such friends…whom I’ve never seen in person. Its indeed amazing – this virtual friendship.

My Google Reader reads 400 posts….My God, my head is spinning….you ppl have been really busy, posting so much….even the ones who said bye-bye to blogs have posted, like our OG !!!

Anyway, I am making snail’s progress in reading them all….Will be visiting your pages soon…   🙂 🙂 🙂

And, if I can take the liberty, I would like to add this picture, as a belated addition to the Wordless Wednesday !!!

The Tiger Cave at Mammallapuram.

So, all ijj well at your side ????? I missed you all. 🙂


58 Replies to “The Big Fight and all other things…”

      1. Yay yay welcome bk Ums…. I ws missing ur comments and ofcourse ur posts so much 😀 😀 😀

        Wowww! So many vacations!!! I am J of u nw 😉

        Awesome pic that one 🙂


      2. What took u so long to comment after claiming position ????

        You see, I never get a break during School time – I need to make the best out of the things available.

        Yes, thats the cave with sculptures of tigers all around it and on the whole too, it looks like a tiger. Its amazing.


  1. Wow! You’re back!
    Today morning, while getting ready for work, I was wondering why you weren’t around!! Had planned to call ya up and check on you 😉 Even rehearsed if I’d call you Uma or Uma Chechi 😀 It’s a lil hard for me to address elders by name, unless specifically asked to 😉 Sounds sill, no?

    So glad to know you had weekend getaways! Post pics, pls!!! 🙂 Yercaud sounds wow. Have heard its to die for 🙂


    1. Thanks so much Priya. LOL – you can call me as only Uma !!! 🙂 Thot abt me today morning – now that explains why I had hiccups – You are so sweet. 🙂

      Yes, pics will happen soon…


  2. Wow! so good to have you around 😛
    Welcome back after a break that felt like ages 😛

    So good to see you had fantastic time during the summer holidays 🙂

    Can’t wait to see the pictures, but now I won’t be around as much for a month; stuck with loads of work.

    But I shall come by to have a peep of the pictures 😛



      1. The last pic of the caves, has a real tongue twister name of the place they are in 😛
        I can’t explain how much I am laughing trying to pronounce it, since I’ve spotted it during my last comment on this post 😉 😛


  3. Welcome back,Uma!

    Let me give you another good news…its the season of Nablopomo…so your reader is going to hit an all time high with each passing day!! :mrgreen:

    Do I see you dancing now, with that update??? 😛 😛


    1. Indeed, dancing with joy !!! 🙂

      Yes, I did read at Swaru’s that she is doing Nablopomo. Who else ???? I need to chk out other blogs so soon. Its taking so much time to read every single one of them.

      Since, its already 10th, I cant join in now…. 😦


      1. But, Sakshi, have u been blogging everyday ???? I didnt know that u were doing Nablopomo !!!! 🙄

        But I loved doing Nablopomo in December 09. I was very excited every day, when I have the idea popping in my mind. Its sure is great fun. 🙂


  4. Welcome back AKKAAA !!! 😀 😀 😀

    I knew that would be the problem, you did mention this in one of your older posts, na? but its always good to be away for a while. the mind gets fresh and you will have so many things to write.

    Dont worry, that 400 is just a number. Most of them have been busy updating just pics, its easier to comment cuz theres nothing to read. and the rest had joined that blog marathon thingy making them publish a post everyday !!! 😀 😀 😀

    but seriously, glad to see you back.


    1. Akka ????? Oru adi vizhum, theriyuma ???? LOL.

      True, I am brimming with ideas to write…let me see how effectively I put it down. 🙂

      Thanks Vimmuuu…am happy to be back blogging. 🙂


    1. Me and my english… I meant
      ” 😀 Welcome Welcome…… after a really long break 😀 😀 from blogging 😀 😀
      Do post the pics of Yercaud soon 😀 “


    1. Actually, I tried getting a laptop too – but that wont solve the problem, unless we girls have one for each other !!!

      Ok !!! New url noted down, for future visits. 🙂


  5. Looks like you had a great vacation and did lot of things when you were away.

    Nice to see your updates; I will be able to relate more to your Chennai travels once I am there!


  6. good to have you back! missed you ofcourse!
    With 4 or 5 of us doing the write-everyday-for-a-month thingy, no wonder you have 400 unread posts! 😀 😀

    Glad to know you had a great vacation! 🙂
    Yercaud is a super place na?! 🙂

    Welcome back! 🙂


    1. Me too missed you all !!! 🙂

      When I saw the number in the reader, I nearly fainted. It looks like I am reading all the time, as though I’ve exams. LOL 🙂

      Enjoyed Yercaud thoroughly !!! 🙂 Hugs to you, Pix. 🙂


  7. 😛 from what I can see, you guys had a great vacation 😛

    enjoy the time sharing of comp 😛

    it is indeed strange that I am posting right?? even I dont know why 😛 😛 😛 😛


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