All those who guess correctly, on whats this picture about, get an A+ Grade in Guessing !!!! LOL !!      😆 😆


42 Replies to “WW-2”

  1. chandelier ..but something inside me is telling me that may be it’s a pic that you’ve out upside down to make it look like a chandelier ? is that right ? If no,I go back to my first answer 😛


  2. It look like place decorated for marriage phera ceremony….sort of mandap …
    or ceiling of hotel …
    Am I right 🙂

    Are you giving some polka dotted cup to winners
    And ya loosers too 🙂


      1. YAY!!!! Yippe!!!! Ho Ho … brings out the worst form of chicken dance that she’s been hiding all this while. Thank you Thank you… Aah now my winning speech.. I would like to dedicate this feat to all those pandal makers at my neighbourhood who patiently listened to me as a kid and did not hang me with those cocunut ropes when i asked crazy questions….. *What how can u sleep Uma!!!*.. Wake up and where did Nu andf Swaram disappear? Hmmmph!


  3. It most definitely looks like a chandelier on the ceiling of a five star hotel perhaps? So what were u doing out there…celebrating or just an outing? Is that what we are supposed to guess? 😀

    In fact, inverted it looks like a lighted cake or something surrounded by a several candles/lamps 😛


  4. I thought it was a chandelier too, but a reflection in a mirror 🙂 Everybody’s onto the Guessing bandwagon, I better jump on too , soon 🙂


  5. My dear friends,

    Thanks so much for all the words of comfort, I am glad that I made friends with you all.

    The fact is that the girls are using the comp for school projects, that I dont get time to be near it. 🙄

    Otherwise, all ijj well. 🙂

    Will be online by next thursday or so…once the school reopens. 🙂

    Thanks again, I am deeply touched by your words.

    See you sooon, with a bang on post, OK !!!! 😆



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