Siesta, my dear Siesta !!!!

If there is any word in the whole vocabulary, I love the most, it’s the word SIESTA.  And of course, the act  of Siesta is so wonderfully relaxing.

The word Siesta is Spanish and refers to the afternoon nap, just after the midday meal, ie lunch.  In Spain, its traditional to take a siesta.  Why India doesn’t follow such wonderful traditions ????

I think, I should be born in Spain. At least, I can enjoy my siesta, without any disturbance, because the whole country will be sleeping at that part of the day. And no one will bother to call and disturb that wonderful relaxing sleep.  Even though it’s of short duration, its got the power of the 7-minute power nap of Virus. LOL.

Now, it’s no big news, in my family and friends circle, that I love these siestas and am so fond of it.  It takes a great deal of distraction by some emergency plans, to dissuade me to forego my siesta. I am telling you, that it is not that simple.

And my S knows all this !! Thats what I was thinking before all these happened.

1.30pm – Right time for the wonderful siesta.

1.40pm – Just dozing off to the world of dreams.

1.42pm – The mobile rings.


Hey its me. Are you sleeping ????


Ok, I’ll call you later. Go to sleep.

Now, how can I go back to sleep, after you’ve woken me up in a matter of few minutes ???? Tell me for what you called.

Oh, nothing so important.  I’ll call you later.


If its nothing important, why does he call ?????


Next day, at around 1pm, I send a message, “Am going to sleep for sometime, so please call after 2pm.”

Glad that I thought of sending a message, I smile to myself as I go to sleep.  The idea of an afternoon nap is so comforting, you know.

1.30pm – I am chasing clouds and running behind stars….WOW, such a wonderful sleep – MOBILE IS RINGING, WAKE UP !!!!


Oh !! Ho !!!! Were you sleeping ???? I didn’t disturb you, na ?????

GGGGrrrrr……Yes,  I was sleeping and you did disturb me. I sent you a message that I am sleeping till 2pm, and not to disturb me till that time.

Yeah, I saw the msg and thought you sent it just now. So, I thought I’ll call you, before you went to sleep. How will I know that you sent it by 1pm ????

If you scroll down your msg, you can read the date and time, the msg was received.  When ever I hit the pillow, you call and wake me up. Sigh. Now, why did you call ???

Nothing important. Go to sleep, darling.

If its nothing important, why does he call ?????


And to make matters worse, these telemarketers keep calling for some stuff they sell, exactly at the right time, I doze off in the afternoon.

Why ??? The courier delivery people also know the right time I sleep, to give a knock.

The Gas Delivery is no exception – even if I give the exact time for delivery, they make sure that they bring the gas cylinder, exactly when I am sleeping.

My neighbour wants to make friendly conversation, when I want to sleep.

And, as if on cue, the power goes off, exactly when I close my eyes.

Even, if I change my time this way or that way, they just know, when to disturb.

Is it such a crime to have a siesta, that all these people are totally against it ????


45 Replies to “Siesta, my dear Siesta !!!!”

    1. ROFL 😆 Murphy rules all our lives Ums 😛 😛

      But eh, lessons taken Ma’am .. will nt call u during those hrs 😉 😉


    1. heheh It’s just that when you think no one should disturb you it ought to happen…happens to me too…just let yourself free and don’t think that someone will call or knock and see nothing will happen,trust me 🙂

      Yes,Siesta is wow !! specially in summers…even if you don’t want to sleep the weather pushes you in 🙂

      And can you believe I was just few mins back thinking that you’ve not written anything today and here comes the alert that you’ve posted 🙂


      1. Thats what I am trying to do…Summer siestas….but these ppl just get to know abt it and they come knocking. 🙂

        See, telepathy works….and that too, between friends. 🙂


  1. Toooo much. My mom’s reactions are alarming. She’ll get up in fright if someone wakes her up or the phone rings. I jump out of my skin if I happen to be around her then 😀 Enjoy your siestas Uma.


    1. Exactly, I can see her in me !!! But its so annoying to be disturbed every afternoon. I wish to enjoy my siestas so much….only and only if….. 🙂


  2. I was nodding my head all the way through. Every time I try to catch up on a ‘power nap’ I guess my neighbors post it on twitter or facebook that someone has to actually pop up that very minute.

    I rarely get to take that nap (cause of work) and the days I want to people have plans in action to disturb me. I’d love to have that kind of wonderful tradition in Australia too 😀 😀


    1. CB, you too go thru this ???? My God, how do they know abt our siesta timing ????

      Yes, lets work towards a world, where siestas are so important like eating !!! 🙂


  3. The entire universe is conspiring against you.


    LOL don’t tell me your dear hubby does not know how to check time and date of a sms? 😀

    are you making this up just to arouse sympathy from all of us? 😉


    1. Hubby calls me whenever he reads a msg from me…he doesnt have the patience to type back a reply…get it ??? So, when he saw my msg, he wanted to call immediately – didnt take time to check the sms received time…LOL, thats my S !!! 🙂

      If I want to have a siesta and I sincerely want it with all of my heart, then the whole universe will conspire to give it to me !!!! I wish it happens, now that I’ve put it and told it aloud too !!!


  4. ROFL!!!
    You know what I just went home for lunch and dozed off for 10 mins …. Even the 10 mins was heavenly 😀 …. Such heavenly bliss….
    1 idea (switch off the mobile or put it on silent mode :D)


    1. Absolutely Shilpa, thats the power of a power nap…its bliss really…

      Switch off or silent mode ???? Oh, no…another post coming in that line….LOL, its more funny to read. 🙂


  5. ROTFL!!

    Whenever I have the urge to nap during noon times, I sms the hubby, call ma and tell her and then switch off the mobile!! 😀

    And thankfully, the doorbell doesn’t ring that often and I also can come back and fall asleep immediately!! 😀 😀

    Maybe you can switch off your mobile?


  6. Here in India, it is not a tradition, but we do follow them. I had seen this happening in most of the houses in Kerala. After a hearty meal (rice), they go to bed and snore; its supposed to be a part of their routine !! 😀 😀 😀 I thought they were followed in T.N. too, no?


    1. Oh yeah, some ppl do take a nap…but the courier delivery / gas cylinder / water can – all of them come only in the afternoon !!! 🙄 How do they know ????

      Do u do that ???? Snore after eating, atleast during weekends ???? Arent you a Keralite ????


      1. I hate sleeping as such. and I sometimes scold the missus for sleeping all the time.

        I am a teetotaler and I dont eat fish; but I am still a pucca mallu ! 😀 😀 😀


  7. I always avoid sleeping in the afternoon because that is the time for me to sit in front of my laptop (when kids are sleeping).I force kids to sleep so that i peacefully browse net.

    You put a board on your door not to ring your bell from 1.00 pm to 4.00 pm,maybe this is work.My mom gets furious when she see the sales people,she shouts at the watchman why he allowed them in.


    1. Oh yeah !!! Then when will you enjoy to the fullest a wonderful siesta, Sari ????

      I too have done things like that…when I am disturbed during my sleep. LOL !!!! That too is a good idea…Dont Disturb like the hotel rooms !!! 🙂


  8. Totally irritating! But there’s always a silent mode! So put it away for a while. Nothing can be as important as the siesta! Cos my parents and I put the landline off the hook and switch off our respective cellphones and go off to sleep! :mrgreen:


    1. All of you do the same thing ??? WOW, LOL, may be its in the genes !!! Its high time I take all ur advice and go on silent mode. But something tells me, that it wont be that easy !!!! 🙂


  9. Why don’t u record that ‘Yes, I was sleeping and you did disturb me. I sent you a message that I am sleeping till 2pm, and not to disturb me till that time’ as your caller tune? He’ll get the msg.. hear your voice and your purpose would be solved… try it?? wat say??? And yes Nu stop chuckling and go back to your Aaastha channel pravachan!!!


    1. Whats with this new name ??? It went to moderation !!! 🙂

      LOL, send my mob in his lunch box – then, may be he’ll come home to give my mob back and then go to office and call me !!! Possible, anything is possible with men like this !!!! 🙂


  10. Ayyo, I totally understand. The moment I doze off, someone or the other rings the phone or its spammers at the doorbell! Absolutely irritating. Brrr…
    Btw, your hubby calls u ‘darling’ 😉 That’s oooohhhh so romantic, isn’t it?
    **Sees Uma blushing**


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