Nenjukkul Peithidum Mamazhai…

OMG !!! This song has hit me like a storm. OK, all the tamilians out there might hit me, becos this is not a new song. This movie Varanam Ayiram , starring Suriya. Yes, I saw the movie and fell in love with it.

But listening to this song, over the radio, has made me go mad with it, off late. The lyrics and the tune makes me forget my existence here. Its amazing….

Please play the song and sing along with the lyrics and forget the world for a few minutes.

I have tried my best at translation, any editings are welcome.

Nenjukkul Paeithidum Maamazhai                                   The rain pours inside my heart
Neerukkul Mulkidum Thaamarai                                       The lotus submerges in the water
Sarrendru Maaruthu Vaanizhai                                          The climate changes instantly
Pennae Un Mel Pizhai…                                                          Dear Girl, its all your mistake.
Nillaamal Veesidum Peralai                                                 The huge waves never stop hitting
Nenjukkul Ninthidum Tharaghai                                       The star that swims in the heart
Ponvannam Sudiya Kaarighai                                             The girl with the golden color
Pennae Nee Kaanchanai…                                                       Dear Girl, you are an apsaras
Hoo Shanthi Shanthi Hoo Shanthi                                      Oh Shanthi, Shanthi, Oh, Shanthi
En Uyirai Uyirai Nee Yenthi                                                 Holding my life with you
Yehn Sendraai Sendraai Ennai Thaandi                           Why did you go beyond me ?
Eni Nee Than Enthan Anthaathi..                                       From now on you are my Andhadhi **
Nenjukkul Paeithidum Maamazhai
Neerukkul Mulkidum Thaamarai
Sarrendru Maaruthu Vaanizhai
Pennae Un Mel Pizhai…

Yetho Ondru, Ennai Irkka                                                           Theres something that pulls me
Mookkin Nooni, Marmam Serkka                                            The tip of the nose adds to the mystery
Kalla Thanam Yethum Illa, Punnagaiyo Bogham villa   Theres no deceit, The smile is like the bougain villa
Nee Nindra Idam Endraal, Kilai Yeri Poghatho                 All the places you stand, the branches grow so much
Nee Sellum Vazhiyellam, Pani Katti Aaghatho                   All the places you go, will become the snow
Ennodu Vaa, Veedu Varaikkum                                               Come with me to my home
En Veetai Paar, Ennai Pidikkum!                                               See my home, you’ll like me.
Ival Yaaro Yaaro Theriyaathae                                                 I dont know who she is
Ival Pinnal Nenjai Poghathae                                                     Oh dear heart, dont go behind her
Iru Pooiyo Maeiyo Theriyaathae                                             I dont know if its the truth or a lie
Ival Pinnal Nenjai Poghathae… (Poghaathae…)                 Oh dear heart, dont do behind her
Nenjukkul Paeithidum Maamazhai
Neerukkul Mulkidum Thaamarai
Sarrendru Maaruthu Vaanizhai
Pennae Un Mel Pizhai… Hoho
Nillaamal Veesidum Peralai
Nenjukkul Ninthidum Tharaghai
Ponvannam Sudiya Kaarighai
Pennae Nee Kaanchanai…

Thukkangalai Thukki Sendraai                                                    You carried away all the grief
Yekkangali Thuvi Sendraai                                                           But smeared me with yearnings
Unnai Thaandi Poghum Pothu                                                    When I cross you and go
Veesum Kaatrin Veechuvaen!                                                     I was thrown by the blowing winds
Nillendru Nee Sonnaal, En Kaalam Nagarathae                   If you say stop, then my time wont move
Nee Sudum Poovellam, Oru Pothum Uthiraathae             All the flowers that you wear, never wilts and falls
Kaathal Yenae Kekkavillai                                                           The love didnt ask me
Kekkathathu Kaathil Illai!                                                             And what doesnt ask is not love.
En Jeevan Jeevan Neethanae                                                     You are my soul
Ennathonrum Neram Idhu Thaanae                                         This is the time this thought comes to me
Nee Illai Illai Endraalae                                                                 If you are not there
En Nenjam Nenjam Thaanghathae…                                         My heart cannot take it
Nenjukkul Paeithidum Maamazhai
Neerukkul Mulkidum Thaamarai
Sarrendru Maaruthu Vaanizhai
Pennae Un Mel Pizhai…
Nillaamal Veesidum Peralai
Nenjukkul Ninthidum Tharaghai
Ponvannam Sudiya Kaarighai
Pennae Nee Kaachchanai…
Hoo Shanthi Shanthi Hoo Shanthi
En Uyirai Uyirai Nee Yenthi
Yehn Sendraai Sendraai Ennai Thandi
Eni Nee Than Enthan Anthaathi

** Andhadhi – This word is totally grammar related.  There is this poem by Abhirami Bhattar, who wrote these poems for Goddess Abhirami (a form of Shakthi).  The speciality of these poems are that, the last letter of every poem becomes the first letter of the next poem.  Andhadhi is the name given to these kind of poems.

Edited to Add :

Vimmuuu, please sing this song and put it up. 🙂


37 Replies to “Nenjukkul Peithidum Mamazhai…”

  1. Ums, its nice that u r sharing gud Tamil songs with us .. will keep this one in mind 🙂
    And wow! U do a nice work with the translation 😀

    And ya, I am 2nd 😛 😛


    1. Swaram, this song damn gud, na ??? I had to share it with you all. Glad u all like it. 🙂

      Good job at translation – you shld have seen me – with tamil to english dictionary in different tabs – certain words have various meanings and I shld know which is the one used in the song…quite a job, I tell you. 🙂


  2. Didn’t get a word of the song ;p.. though tried to play it pause it read traslation and re play (phew did a lot of work Uma … treat??? ;p) … But there’s this one line that swayed me away (of your translation) – “Why did you go beyond me?” … I interpreted it keeping my current state in mind ;p.. but loved it none the less!


  3. I love ‘Annul melae’ much much much more than this!! 🙂 Sudha Raghunathan’s voice – Matchless!!!!

    Brilliant translation Uma – gave the song new meaning totally.


    1. LW, thanks so much…see how totally jobless I am…translating such a big song….LOL 🙂

      Yeah, that one is good too…. 🙂 You like Sudha ???? I prefer Bombay Jayashree or Sowmya !!! 🙂


  4. Oh I cud really hit you ! Lol! How Uma my dear did you miss the magc of this song for this long!

    My Abso fave lines are :Ennodu vaa veetu varaikum, En veetai paar ennai piddikum! So so sweet!

    Please allow me to share two Tamil songs that are stuck in my head theses days from Vinnaithandi varuvaya!

    And this one too…

    I hope you enjoy them!


  5. I think the second song video I have linked is not too clear do try another if u can! Also the other song from Vaaranam Ayirum that sounds great too is mundinam parthene !


    1. Oh, yeah, Indy, I have listened to that song – mundinam parthene – WOW, thats another beautiful one. 🙂

      Vinnaithandi varuvaya – yeah, like the songs too. Thanks for the video link.

      Naan latea vandhalum, latesta varuven….hahahahahaha….. 🙂

      Every line of lyrics touches me so much – especially the one, which you’ve mentioned. 🙂


    1. Hah thts just an excuse Umas…dont believe him
      Ask him then how come when he understood the lyrics and everything on my page he had to copy-paste lines wht I wrote, into my comment-box;-S


  6. oh yes the lyrics are lovely and the tune is catchy

    u knw in college a few of my friends used to drag me for tamil movies. Initially I used to be reluctant but after sometime I began to enjoy them:-D. That hows I knew and recognised a lot of songs…i miss those days 🙂


    1. Those lovely college days….hmmmm….wish I can go back to those days !!! 🙂

      Its only after my shift to Chennai, I am discovering more tamil songs which I like. 🙂


  7. This is one of most fav songs too. I wonder how you missed listening to these songs, its almost 2 years since the album released. and this album is infact the only complete one I liked of Harris Jayaraj; not even one song to complain about !

    and yeah, thanks for the song request at the end. I usually sing this song during get togethers, etc. let me see if I can get a karaoke of this. 😀


    1. I know that I am talking abt this song so late. But after my shift to Chennai, this song has been hitting me everytime I switch on the radio and I’ve fallen for it, quite late. 🙂

      And thanks for sending me the song, its fab !!! Its playing on repeat mode !!! 🙂


  8. I laughed so hard till I had tears, when I read the title. Before reading the post, I spent some time trying to translate what the title could mean. Do u know what I came up with?? And this is thru the malayalam angle!!

    Squeezing mangoes on the chest!!!

    Ha ha ha!!!!


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