Summer Time is Snack Time

The holidays are ON in full swing.  And the heat is hitting us the maximum.  So, going out for lunch is totally out of question.

During school days, I remember making one breakfast, one lunch, one snack and one dinner. And if I am smart enough, I can even mix and match and do away with only 3 times cooking in a day.

But holiday times are stressful times. Because no one knows when the hunger pang will hit.  So, its best to be ready to satisfy those hungry tummies, whenever they demand food.

Here’s my technique, to beat the summer blues of many mothers – “What to do to keep the food flowing from the kitchen ???”


– I’ve stocked 2 to 3 flavours of Tang, which the girls can do at their own will and wish.

– The refrigerator stocks some fruit squashes, which can be made as an alternative to Tang.  You see, the kids need variety. Lemon Tang and Lemon Squash are two entirely different flavours for them. 😉

– The aam panna is ready and fresh to be gobbled up to quench the thirst in these heat prone days. Tikuli, thank you for that wonderful recipe. 🙂

– Apart from these, Slice / Frooti / Nimbooz make a trip to the fridge quite often.

Ice cream

If there is something to which a kid can’t say no, then its the ice-cream. Keep two-three flavours stocked, so that ice-cream sundaes can be made with ease.  Also the Hershey’s Chocolate sauce and Strawberry sauce come in handy when you feel the need to give flavours to the plain vanilla.


This is the easiest snack, which can be made so easily and is definitely a best option compared to chips and other fried stuff. Generally, it’s a good idea to prepare the stuffing, so that kids can make different combos, to suit their needs and tastes.


1. Grate cabbage & carrot finely, add mayonnaise, some salt and pepper powder and mix well.

2. Boil and peel potatoes. Mash them well. In a pan, add a tspn of oil, put in some jeera, one onion finely cut and fry for a minute. Add the mashed potatoes, salt, red chilli powder, jeera powder, garam masala to taste. Mix well.

3. One bunch of mint leaves, one bunch of coriander leaves, 2 to 3 green chillies – depending upon taste, one lemon juice, salt – grind well in a mixie and store in a air-tight container. Of course, Tupperware. 😉

4. Sliced cucumbers, tomatoes.

5. Nutella Chocolate Sauce – this is the best therapy to beat stress on hot summer days.

Now, any of the above said stuffing can be used to make yummy sandwiches whenever the tummy asks for it.  It can either be grilled for a crisper outer or done for 10 to 20 sec in a micro, for a softer outer layer. One side butter and the other side stuffing is certainly yummy, according to tasting experts at home. 🙂   Go for the Nutella sauce, to make sweet sandwiches – OMG, they are yummy, according to experts at home. 🙂


Stock fruits of different colours and flavours like water melons, mango, papaya, banana.  They can be had plain or made into a juice, accordingly. Cold Banana milk shake / Mango Milk Shake / Water melon juice with lemon are some of the best combos to have during summers.


Other snacks

1. Stock a lot of the small puris, used to make pani puris.  Make a hole in the puris, use stuffing no 2 as stuffing for the puri.  Add a tspn of bhel puri chutney which is readily available in market. Pour in dahi with salt, red chilli powder. Decorate with tomato sauce and sev and serve the best home-made dahi puri. It’s cool to have dahi.

2. Bhel puri is one of the easiest snack to make at home, all by kids. Allow their imagination to take lead and let them create magic.

3. Previous day’s chappathi can be made into yummy Frankie.

4. Dosa and egg on top is just too yummy to avoid.

All these are happening at my home, this summer. So, whats cooking at your home ?????


67 Replies to “Summer Time is Snack Time”

    1. LOL Masood. Colourful foods yes – but oops, no colourful pics. I regret adding pics.

      Diet ??? Are u on a diet ????? Come on, just becos biwi is not in town, no need to act like you are on diet or something. Nutella is good for health. 🙂


    1. Come on Smithu, any time. The girls will give a summer treat, I am sure.

      Masood, one place you say you are dieting and on the other, you’ve gobbled up all the food. LOL 😆


  1. Knock, Knock…
    Hey Uma…Hi! How u doing:) Ur Fridge is in the kitchen is it:) Uma blinks!! blink blink!!
    Thank u, PNA flashes her my 32 teeth grin and off to make my lemon tang and potato sandwiches :):)


    1. U know what, ur tang reminded me that there was a bottle of it hidden in the kitchen somwhere:) And I had my lemon tang with chilled water… ahaaa… thirst quenched:)


      1. Oh dear Swaram, Dont know why WP is doing this to our STAR No.1 commentator, whos always first in all the blogs. 😉

        Summer holidays are indeed so much fun, where we can really be creative in making food and have them at leisure. 🙂


  2. oohh.. nice!! 😀

    dinner at home has been all sandwiches and rotis these days!!
    Haven’t done proper cooking in a really looong time!
    lots of jiuce, milkshakes and fuits as well! 😀

    It’s too hot for a solid meal!

    I will use your recipes for some of the stuffing…
    Nutella is that good huh? I will pick it up.. have always hesitated… I love a good Peanutbutter and Jelly sandwich though! 😀 😀


    1. Yes, quite hot for a solid meal !!! Thats why light sandwiches and fruit juices at home.

      You like Peanut butter and jelly sandwich ???? Dear Pix, I totally forgot abt it. Thats a good combo.

      Just try Nutella in sandwiches and u can also use them as a dip for strawberries – Its awesome !!!! 🙂


  3. wow…. tats a whole lot of snacks 🙂 I want to spend my summer holidays at ur home now 😛
    ha ha… just kidding…..
    I used to love having yellani and nongu 🙂 during the summer days.

    Icecreams…. now that you have reminded me…. I wanna have some….. 🙂


    1. Yellaneer and Nungu are my favs tooo. 🙂 Gud u reminded me of that. 🙂

      Come over, one more is not going to hurt. The more the merrier. U do have some break time, right ???? 🙂

      Lets have some ice-cream to melt the summer heat !!!! 🙂


  4. So u’ve covered all bases huh 😀
    Have tried my best !!! 😀
    Actually chked out all ur options very carefully…especially ur sanwiches, they sound great.
    Thanks. I know your girls will love the Nutella part. Give the two little ones my love and extra Nutella from me. 😀
    But dont u thk u have a lot of sugary stuff in there….I try to avoid them as much as I can coz I’ve noticed the kids gets very hyper after the overload making it more diffult for me ;-P
    Yes, those juices are for summer alone – when children get de-hydrated soon. Its the fizz drinks which are the culprits, acc to me. 🙂

    LOL at the tupperware bit….thts the mark of a good salesperson, never leaving a chance to present their stuff :-D. When I meet u I’m going to get u to give me a full presentation 😛
    Waiting to do that presentation. And thanks at the good salesperson bit – I never thot so much abt putting that line – sometimes, I am so obsessed with tupperware products, it comes out naturally. 🙂

    But all said & done I must say u r a very patient mother….coz after every meal I warn the kids the kitchen is off-limits for the next 3 hrs :-D.
    I also warn them, but they have crossed the stage where warnings like these matter so much. They go into the kitchen and help themselves. After a few years, they’ll automatically cut down, when they feel conscious abt their body. What do u say ????


      1. LOL Rashmi… the 3hr gap was not for tht reason…children of today are such tht they have lunch and then 10 mins later they r back in the kitchen stating they r hungry…all this simply bcoz they r bored :-P. So I make it clear otherwise I wdnt have any time to do anything else 😀
        OH !!! These kids na – they eat when they are bored, they eat when they watch TV and they eat in-between play time – its never ending cooking for us. Sometimes these rules really help.


  5. Ok, when do I come over ? or rather we ? and mind you, I need all those that you had written here when I come home. I mean, we ! oh, please avoid anything of previous days ! 😀 😀


  6. You’re making me hungry girl!! Can I come to your house? For dinner? Please?

    My summer favorite? Fresh mango juice. Also mango lassie. Also fresh mangoes.


    1. I know Agnes, typing abt all those made me so hungry toooo. 🙂

      You are already invited. Please come home during your Asia visit soon.

      Mango girl !!!! Me too !!! 🙂


  7. ‘aval’ / ‘avalaki’ (puffed rice) with milk & water, coconut, sugar and jaggery … my all time fav for summers …. no matter which part of the world

    lemon – ginger tea

    curd rice 🙂


    1. Yeah, thats indeed so tasty – we make for Janmashtami.

      Curd rice with mango is the best combo ever !!! 🙂

      Welcome here Deepa, may you have wonderful summer days !!! 🙂


  8. This Summer zero cooking. I’m going to just eat and eat what everyone makes. India, here I come. 😀

    Ummu, how do you make recipes so delicious without pictures? Every time I read one here, I drool.


    1. Hey, Sols, when are u coming to India ???? Is there a Chennai visit in your schedule ??? If not, make one and come over. 🙂

      Its the passion for food and cooking, thats shown thru, I believe. LOL 😀


  9. Wow! those are some fantastic tricks Uma 😀 😀
    At my end as I am advancing towards winters, you’ll find all your tangs being replaced with soups of all types and the home made tomato+mixed vegetable ready to attack on after work.

    I too bake a few plain sponge cakes, make fruit salads and let them rest in the fridge for an attack on those mad making tiring days 😀 😀

    My pantry and fridge too are overflowing with ‘anti-starvation’ tricks 😀 😀

    Have loads of fun with kids at home enjoying those yummy treats 😀 😀


    1. CB, Soups are the best for winter days, right ???? Just hot and spicy and tangy….hhmmmmm….yummmyyy… 😛

      Absolutely, any food which can be preserved and used during hunger pangs are always welcome.

      Fun with girls – we are sure to have them – whether they learn to cook or not. 🙂


  10. Ummmmm..lotsa food in your household this summer…why don;t you invite me too..i will be a good company for your girls too 😛 and moreover you won;t feel the difference in our eating habits 😛


    1. OK, here you go, you are formally invited to my home. Come on, and have fun and eat a lots. I certainly appreciate you giving my daughters company, becos that’ll help me to get some free time and I can write a post !!!! LOL 😆


  11. I’ll be coming back to use ur tips when summer hits us here in July!!! Wow! you are one smart cookie (no pun intended) and manage the kids hunger pangs with interesting food stuff! Thanks for helping us bloggers out with ideas too! How sweet! Thank you!!!


    1. One smart cookie ???? Ok, I’ll make sure that I dont crumble !!! LOL 😆

      Indy, you are always welcome !!! Help yourself to all the recipes and food too, when you visit me. 🙂


  12. You are a excellent planner uma.Now itself i am having tough time when varu has holidays.She keeps on asking something to eat.

    Tell me aam panna recipe,my m-law used to do and i never thought of asking her the recipe and the other i made and it didnt come out well.Every time i get raw mangoes they are half ripe as they come from india and they get ripped by the time they reach here.


  13. already I am missing my summer holidays big time… and to top it you are posting all kind of eatables in your blog which makes me go real hungry…..


    1. What to do, Kanagu ???? All these are happening to feed the two hungry stomachs at home. Just imagine, I dont have any rest – its actually over-time during hols. 😉


  14. That was some listing of snacks, Uma. I stock up a lot of juices and fruits too in the fridge during summer, especially mangoes & watermelons. Oh yes ice-creams too. And Hershey’s choco sauce!! Slurp! My fridge is incomplete without it.

    The mention of Nimboos and I miss home!! The last summer I was in Delhi, my house was stocked up with cartons of nimboos! Everyone in my house loves it 🙂

    The sandwitch stuffings are very tempting, Uma. I’ll surely try them out this summer 🙂


    1. Well, Deeps, its all so essential during these hols. Even though my girls keep telling me that they have to conscious of what food they eat, they sometimes leave away all rules and just eat. 🙂 I know, once Hershey’s comes into our family, the fridge is incomplete without it.

      Have fun !!! And enjoy all the snacks with your cutie little girl !!! 🙂


  15. Had I read this post last week, I would have ensured ‘visit Uma’s house’ was on my list(I was in chennai). Damn!!!! 😀 My mouth waters.


    1. Oh !!! Ho !!!! One little email and we could have planned to meet up somewhere. Actually, you shld have come home for lunch. 🙂 Che, just missed. Next time you visit, let me know.


  16. You are welcome my dear. Thanks for sharing my link.

    Cold coffee with ice cream, chilled custard with fruits, fruit cream are some other options. I love Rasna international fruit concentrate , it is great.

    I also make lots of smoothies. I think I have the recipes on the blog. Try them .
    My boys are hardcore food lovers so everyday is a new day in world of food.. Unfortunately I do not have many pix to go with the posts.


    1. Thats more food than I can possibly think of. Sure, will try those smoothies – easy to drink on the run !!!!

      Tikuli, you shld read Saritha’s Hyd briyani – just awesome !!! 🙂


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