You know how these little kids get it from their parents for their mis-behaviour – “You are grounded for today evening / You are grounded for a week” !!!!   Then those kids cannot go and have fun or play outside. They get to stay inside their room or home and do boring things, according to them.  Even not allowing them to watch TV or using the comp, is termed as Grounded.  All this is only movie knowledge.  I’ve never seen it being implemented.

But yday, I was grounded.  From morning 9am to evening 6pm, I was grounded and I couldn’t do anything, which I liked.

I was not allowed to sit in the comp  –    the reason for the unanswered comments.  😦  😦 😦      Will do it ASAP.

I couldn’t even watch TV.  Very sad – missed  a lot of my favourite cooking shows.   😦 😦 😦

Baking – Na, Na, couldn’t do that too.   😦 😦 😦

And to top it all, I was forced to follow something for the whole day, which the whole World followed for just one hour on one fine evening.

Did you get it ?????   Yes, there was no power the whole day and I was literally feeling that my arm was missing.

It was a forced Earth Hours on me.  😦

I felt terrible, unable to read or reply to comments.  😦

My mobile was drained of charge and got switched off on its own and I couldn’t do anything abt it. 😦

Was also dreading that water will be cut, due to lack of power – what if those ppl forgot to put the motor and fill the water tank ????

To do away with the forced boredom, I took refuge in a book called Confessions of a Shopaholic, which my daughter had got from the library.  I couldn’t believe that I was reading that becos I just totally couldn’t relate to that character, Rebecca.  The way she avoids her bank statements and still going on using the card for buying – I just couldn’t imagine a sensible Finance Journalist doing that.  Anyway, that book was a saviour yday, when the power was taking revenge on me.

The school is closing today.  My girls will be at home, till June first week.

So, whats the big deal ?????

The comp time is not mine alone. I need to share it with them. So, I might not get my usual time to blog-hop and blog and comment and reply.

I need to cook, whenever they are hungry – no specified meal times.

I also need to teach them a few things related to cooking and baking. I’ve promised them that I would do that this summer.

So, have fun all of you and I’ll catch up, whenever I get to be near the comp. 🙂 

Here’s a toast to a CHILL SUMMER to all of you !!!!



53 Replies to “Grounded…”

    1. Yay!! I am first for a change 😀
      That’s so sad and very bad in the heat to be without power for one full day 😦 : (
      I am glad at least you had a book to help you while away the time 🙂
      Guess what I am free for a long weekend and already done with work the week , so it is holiday time for me too like your girls 😀 😀

      Enjoy the cooking sessions with the girls …I am sure it will be lot of fun 😀 😀


      1. CB, indeed you are FIRST !!! Congrats. 🙂

        Power cuts are horrible and I am dreading this summer becos of that.

        Waiting to teach them a few basic things in cooking, which will help them. 🙂


      1. Oh wow! So, fun times start again … I mean more time and more fun 😛
        Enjoy the baking and cooking lessons Ums 🙂
        And what wud we do without books … I thank them every single time there is a power cut 😉 😉


      2. Yes, you just missed the coveted First postion !!! Better luck next time !!! 🙂

        Waiting for those lessons to begin !!!

        Thank God there are something called books, right !!! 🙂


  1. Oh! My Mom was also complaining about the full day power cut in Chennai!! In summers it is a pain na!

    You didn’t like Shopaholic?? hehehe I have read the complete series twice and am even contemplating picking it again 😀 I simply love Becky and to some extent can relate to her too especially on her shopping madness hehehehe…..

    Enjoy your time with the girls 🙂 am sure you will miss them when they are gone 🙂


    1. Smita, is your mom in Chennai ???? Where ???? Am all ears now !!! 🙂

      Shopping madness – yes, I also do sometimes but cant think of doing that when being so much over draft. I feel that I shld be able to relate atleast marginally with the character involved.

      Sure, waiting for cooking fun to begin. 🙂


  2. Hehe…Shopaholic! YOU read Shopaholic!! 😀 😀 I can imagine how bored you might’ve been!

    I don’t care if I lose me mobile, and all my money. But if there’s no power all day on a hot summer day, I’ll die!

    Here’s to you, for holding your “ground”! 🙂


    1. Waited for the book to end…as I dont put down a book, before reading it fully. 🙂

      At least it came in the evening, for a good night’s sleep. 🙂

      A toast on this hot summer day is just fantastic !!! 🙂


  3. Whole day without power and top of that book which you dont like..poor uma 🙂

    Enjoy ur time with gals. U watch so many cookery show though i havent seen much recipe post here…Do write whenever u get some quick and easy recipe 🙂


    1. Its very hot and irritating, when the power goes off. That day was difficult to push thru. 😦

      Anyway, waiting for the awesome time with girls. 🙂

      Hmm….recipes – will post some soon. 🙂


  4. I LOVE the series — and Becky — and have the entire series at home 😀
    I can totally relate to her (though I’m NOT a spendthrift; if I had the money, am sure i’d be like that 😀 :D)
    But its her bright character and her silly excuses and her memory and everything that i like. And i especially love all the crazy ppl around her: suze, her mom, dad… 😀 You have to be half daft to really like her 😉 Now you know me a bit better, don’t you? 😉


    1. Oh, you like that series so much ???? Then u shld meet with my daughter – she has got the next two books in the same series to read. I am keeping myself away from that. 🙂


  5. Oh I hope they you won’t have such long power cuts this summer! poor you! I can imagine how the pc will get monopolised by the kids it’s as if we need their permission to use it, right?? :)) Oh but we’ll miss you…so do keep in touch with ur blogging buddies when they give u some comp time! Lol! :)) And hope you have fun with the kids and the cooking classes! I’ve promised to help my eldest learn some cooking b4 he heads to uni too !


    1. Yeah, Indy, I’ll try the hardest and bestest from my side to hold on to more comp time. But it’ll be quite difficult, with my daughter being a FB addict.

      Then I think we can exchange notes what to teach them !!! 😉

      I’ll be around, dont worry. 🙂


  6. Oh god, the same thing happened at our place a few days back. But it was worse, those idiots didnt fix it properly or something and in the night, the power went again and came only early morning. It was a bad bad day !!!

    So, you are going on a break and coming up with new excuses, huh !!! 😀 😀 😀 😀


    1. I am not going on a break. I might not get to the comp for so many hours in a day. It might be very minimal.

      Oh, two more hot months and I am dreading the number of power cuts. 😦


    1. Shree, I am planning to give my girls a lesson on cooking and baking. And I intend to enjoy them to the maximum.

      Praying for continuous power throughout summer !!! 🙂


  7. absolutely horrible… today we had a powercut and our training got cancelled.. so in a way it helped today !!!! 😀 😀

    but gee… in this heat !!!! phew…

    and yes… the last pic looks good… CHEERS !!!! hic :mrgreen:


  8. Without power and water,it’s a torture in this hot summer.But in a.way u contributed to Earth Day

    Btw share ur baking with us.

    You too love to watch cookery shows,last when i went to hyd i saw so many channels airing the cookery shows at the same time.Here i get only Gemini and i don’t miss watching the cooking on tv everyday at 10.30am.

    Have a nice time with kids.


    1. Yeah Sari, that day was too hot and sweaty. Earth hours were forced on me. Not fair. 😦

      Cookery shows are good fun to watch – I love the way the ingredients turn into something so wonderful – the chefs and their exclamations are great fun to watch.

      Sure, waiting for a great time with kids. 🙂


    1. Yeah, being in office helps. Even if power goes off, you’ll have generators, right ????

      We have generators only for the lifts and common lights. 😦


  9. Hi Uma….. came across ur blog via Tikuli. Like you… i too have two daughters who need ample training in cooking 🙂

    I too feel grounded on so many days as power cut is a way of life in Faridabad where i live. But it has its pluses…. makes you spend more time in the real world like i did by paying my neighbor a visit.

    Happy to have come across you.


    1. Welcome Abha !! Am so glad to meet u here !!! Maybe we can exchange notes on cookery training !!! 🙂

      Yes, social networking without comp, can be wonderful during power cuts. 🙂


  10. Chennai summer and Power cuts are synonyms.. isn’t it??? anyway be ready with a better book next time 😀 😀

    Have a fun time with your daughters… 🙂 🙂 I miss my summer holidays big time… 😦 😦 nothing to worry about….


    1. Yes, Kanagu, the harsh realities of Chennai Summer have started hitting me quite hard. Anyway, am trying alternate methods to avoid being grounded.

      Thanks – am surely aiming to have lots of fun with them. 🙂


  11. Happy Holidays, Uma!
    And I would love to share that champagne with Solilo 🙂
    Maybe we all should have a champagne party to celebrate (read as get through) the summer!


  12. Aah the girl with the green scarf, is it? Rebbecca’s publishing name? Saw the money a couple of weeks back.

    An entire day without electricity? And that too in April. And you are complaining about not being able to comment???

    Talk about blog-addiction!


    1. If the power-cuts are not going to happen with such disturbing frequency, then I’ll be having a wonderful party with my girls, everyday. 🙂 Thanks. 🙂


  13. The powers cuts are a serious bane in the progress of our economy! One full day without power..reminds me of my Delhi days.. sigh!

    The vacation is on? So now major fun, huh?? 🙂 .You have a great time with your kids, albeit with some hair-pulling and pillow-fights thrown in 😀 😀


    1. Yes, Deeps, with all the fun, I am dreading those fights and silly arguments. After a hour long argument, I interfere to find out some silly reason – I am too dumbstuck to talk.

      The power cuts are quite scary. Am reading the newspapers to know the news in advance. But sometimes, its not announced, then its a great problem.


  14. Forced earth hour? LOL! But I can imagine how difficult it must have been! My mum says yesterday was one of the worst ever days of Chennai summer!! Kathiri veyyil hasn’t started even, has it?? Happy Summer Hols, Uma. Go out on a holiday to somewhere cool and romantic and have fun 🙂
    Btw, LOL also @ sharing computer time with the girls :-))))


    1. Kathiri veyyil – Pal, can I come over to your place for summer ???? I know that you’ve a very hep maid now. LOL !!!!

      Hv put the girls in some John Britto dance class. Just cant move out of Chennai now. 🙂


  15. power cuts!! in the heat of the summer!! !!
    happy note, u are giving baking lessons to ur girls, can I drop in to for a tip or two:)

    my mom too has to share her comp with us when we are home and sacrifice on her comp time too 😉 …


    1. Baking lessons – sure come over !!!! 🙂 So far, they have just used the blender to mix in the batter. Lets see how they proceed in their course. 🙂

      Every mother has a story to tell….. 😉 (Am copying someone’s line here )


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