An award is an award & I am so happy.

The past month saw me receive a few awards, which I thought I should share it with you all.  I am feeling so good. After all that writing and writing, these awards do make me feel so wonderful. 😉

First let me put up this one.  This one given by IHM was for the dove, which I didn’t see, even with my wonderful glasses and all. 😉

Its time I learn to see things properly. 🙂 LOL.  BTW, you’ve to earn this award and it cannot be passed on. So, it remains with me. 😉 😉

This one really made me misty eyed. Beautiful Blogger ??? Me ???? Oh, so lovely and Thank you, Shilpa. I’ll treasure this so much.

Found these things to do on receiving this award from some other blog, as Shilpa just tried to skip them all, apart from passing them out.

1) Thank the person who gave you the award
2) Paste the award on your blog
3) Link the person who nominated you for the award
4) Share 7 things you find to be beautiful around you
5) Nominate 7 bloggers or more

7 things I find to be beautiful around me :

– I find the new-born baby’s cries to be so beautiful, so full of life. I always remember the saying in tamil – A crying baby will get its food.  It’s a simple lesson to learn from that – ask for what you want and you’ll be granted with that.

– The smell of jasmine in the air during the summer evenings is certainly beautiful to me.

– The yellow colour associated with summer and the blue of the sky with a tinge of white clouds in it, is exceptionally beautiful for me.

– The labrador dogs that go out for a walk in the late evenings, in my apartment complex, are so beautiful. I love dogs.

– When I am pampered well in a parlour for a massage, I feel beautiful from inside.

– When the power goes off and all of us cuddle in the balcony talking about random things, it’s a beautiful moment to hold on to.

– But the most beautiful thing on Earth, is the smile on my daughters face. Nothing to beat that.

Now, I know many ppl who are so beautiful themselves and write even more beautifully. So dear beautiful ppl, I am passing on this award to you.









The next one is from Maverick. Thank you so much, for thinking that my blog is beautiful with that little bit extra. I feel so good.

Now, this is what I should do : I am supposed to write 3 things which I like about myself, post a picture I like most and pass on the award to 5 more people !!!!

3 things about myself    (breaking my head to write something which you all don’t know 😉  It’s quite difficult.)

– I love this quality of myself to stay calm during storms in life.  It helps me to be grounded during days of extreme happiness too. 🙂

– I love the way I multitask. I know that all you women out there also do it.  It makes me feel so smart, inside.

–  If I like something / someone, chances are that I become obsessed by it.


And this is my favourite picture :

Isn’t this beautiful ???? This is the view from the top of the mountain at Srisailam, near Hyderabad. It’s a famous Shiva temple and a great place for scenic beauty. BTW, I took this pic. 😉

Now, I happily pass on this award to you all :






Just have one more thing to share with you all. Remember the Indusladies International Women’s Day Blog Contest ??? And this was my entry for that contest.  And so sweet of IndusLadies, they sent me this Participation Gift. Isn’t that lovely !!!! Thank you, Indus Ladies !!!!  Waiting to take part in many more contests. 🙂


52 Replies to “An award is an award & I am so happy.”

  1. Congraaaaaaaaatsss on all your awards!
    And thanks a ton for the award 🙂 Shall put it up soon! I got the award from IHM too 😀 Guess everyone who made wrong guesses got it 😉

    Btw, did you get my msg at all? Got no response 😦


  2. Congrats for award

    In summer season it seems awards are raining on you 😆 😆

    I luv the cherry on top award ..its proper summer time award…gives a feeling of cool breeze 🙂


  3. wow so many awards…. gr8 congrats congrats…
    And thank you for my 2nd award……Arigatao Gozaimasu (Thank you in Japanese) 🙂
    I liked the cherry on top award 🙂 …. Now running towards my blog to post it 😛


      1. uh…oh….. gommen ne (sorry in Japanese)…..

        I dont know what they say for welcome in Japanese…. :(….

        My Japanese knowledge is not beyond a few words … hee hee 🙂


  4. Thank you so much Uma. you made me smile through tears . I really appreciate this gesture. You know if one is beautiful within even a grain of sand looks awesome . Loved the things you mentioned .Power cuts, 🙂 they are time for bonding.
    Congrats for getting so many awards. you are worth it.
    stay precious.
    will do the tag 🙂


  5. Woww! U r awesome Ums and its obvious that u win so many awards 😀

    I luved the things u put up there … never knew it came with the beautiful blogger award 😛 I wud hv luved dng it too 😉

    The baby’s cry and jasmine … aah bliss 🙂 Loved that saying in Tamil 🙂

    I luvvv Srisailam too .. what a serene place 🙂


    1. Thank you so much Swaram.

      Actually I went back in the link from Shilpa’s blog, until I found that somebody did describe the tag. 🙂

      Srisailam is wonderful indeed. 🙂


  6. Congrats uma 🙂

    Nice snap uma,never went there.

    When the power goes off and all of us cuddle in the balcony talking about random things, it’s a beautiful moment to hold on to.——Got my memory back of hyd,where in summer we all used to go to terrace and chat with some snacks until the power comes back.


    1. You are from Hyd and you’ve never been to Srisailam ??? Come on Sari. Next vacation, pl try to visit there and you’ll love it.

      And thank you so much, Sari. 🙂


  7. Congratulations Uma !!!!! wow, it’s been an award winning spree hey nah??? and Also Thank you soo much for the awrd! How sweet of you! :))))) and the lists you made here were good to read !


  8. Congratulations Uma, u totally deserve all ur awards!!!!!
    The picture is beautiful…..u must have felt almost like on top of the world there!!!

    And I love labs too….2 of my frinds have them & I enjoy playing with them.

    And oh women who multitask are awesome….I just am not able to do it and so all the more admire everybody who does.


    1. Thanks Nancy. 🙂 Yes, Srisailam in situated in the Ghats and we really need to go up and down 2 mountains, before we reach this place, which is on top of another mountain. 🙂

      You love labs ???? Give me 5 !!! They are a pleasure to have.

      Of course you do, just sit in one place and think what all you do in one day !!! 🙂


  9. Congratulations buddy on winning those awards 🙂
    Thank you for passing on the cheer my way with that beautiful award 😀 😀

    Let’s a picture of you wearing that cap 😀 😀



  10. Congratulations Uma!!! An award is indeed an award. Talks during power cuts..I treasure them too. We used to cook up stories/play word building etc. What fun! 🙂
    That photo is gorgeous. I must visit Srisailam!!!
    I do remember reading your entry for Indus Ladies contest. Congrats for that too.
    Phew..I hope I didn’t miss out on anything else in this post 😉 if I did.. well, congrats. Hee 😀


  11. Congrats to you and the rest of the winners !!!

    u became misty eyed? are you sure you werent cooking then and the steam covered your glasses ? 😀 😀

    Crying baby gets the milk- thats a prover in english as well. But thats not exactly what it means, na? Or in tamil, it might be under a different context.

    I hate flowers and in flowers, I hate jasmine the most. Cant stand its smell !

    and no wonder you women take centuries to come out of the parlour 😀 😀

    Btw, is this post only for women ???

    and also, you havnt been replying to your comments !!! 😀 😀 😀


    1. Thanks Vimmuuu !!!! 🙂

      So, what does that proverb mean in English – do you have any new meaning to it ????

      Jasmine is quite strong for some ppl. But for me, its the best.

      Whats your problem ??? Go and sit in a men’s parlor – now you too have them !!!

      This post only for women – What made u think like that ????

      Dear Crazy Devil, all comments replied to. Reasons in another post. 😉


      1. There is no new meaning. In English the proverb means, there is milk only for the crying baby. The other baby who is silent is ignored because it didnt crave for attention. purinjidaa ???

        I sit in men’s parlour, huh? then no work will happen in the house ! 😀 😀 😀

        Because you passed on the awards only to women. then multitasking and women and finally like a cherry on an ice cream, the cap too ! 😀 😀 😀

        Bad reason. You didnt comment for your previous post and still managed to post this one !!! 😀 😀 😀 😀


  12. Yippeeeee I got an award!!! Thanx. I will post soon. Yeah, yeah I have told u this so many times. These guys r killing me here. What can I tell u??


  13. How.. o wise one.. how can you manage to stay calm in trying times.. I just cant.. I dont like things getting way out of control.. whether its work or personal.. I tend to get bottled up.

    Really Nice!


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