Julie, Julia and Me

I’ve watched it two times now and I am still not satisfied of watching. I want to watch it again.

Yes, that’s the one. JULIE & JULIA. It’s a WOW movie for me and a great WOW experience for me.

Let me outline the story first.

There are two parallel stories running – one is the Julia Child’s entry into her culinary career – and the other is the Julie Powell’s obsession with Julia and her recipes.  How these two women find solace in cooking forms the crux of the movie.  Both the husbands are a great support to their wonderful wives – My God, it feels damn good to know that.

Julia learns to cook French Recipes, to keep herself busy in the always transferable job of her husband. Julie takes up the challenge of cooking 524 recipes from Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking in 365 days, to overcome the stress and boredom of her job.

The movie shows fantastic similarities between Julia and Julie and while watching the whole thing, I am stuck with similarities with me and Julie and Julia.  I was able to recognise myself in many scenes or incidents.

Its Julia for Julie, but its Nigella Lawson for me. Yes, I feel she watches over me, when I bake the chocolate cake recipe of hers or while doing the chocolate chip cookies, which I love.

I related myself to Julie, who says that she has imaginary conversations with Julia, while cooking. Oh God !! How true !!! Even I have conversations with Nigella.

I related myself to Julia too, who tries different classes like – hat making / learning to play the bridge, before finding her true self in cooking.  The passion with which she slices onions is just mind-boggling. So much a perfectionist, just like me.  The way she prepares her mayonnaise recipe and gives tips to her friend Simca on preparing the perfect mayonnaise and how she holds everything as a secret – OMG !!! I related so much to her.

I loved the way both the husbands came home asking, “Whats for dinner?”  and how they entered the kitchen first, peeping into pots, licking them from the corners and the warm smile that fills their face.  It’s what happens at my home too. 🙂   I am reminded at this point, a famous quote by my patti – “The easiest way to a man’s heart is through the stomach” – How true !!!! 😉

You know, to get the clumsy perfection of Nigella, I went ahead and bought this

and this

and I felt so happy using them, like Nigella.  Actually there are many more I would like to have which Nigella uses during her cooking shows.  Have you een her pantry and the bar ???? It’s the perfect thing to have and a look into it, will inspire us to cook more.

It’s indeed a wonderful thing to have someone  like Julia Child or Nigella to inspire and motivate us to find happiness and satisfaction and love in cooking.  It’s so heartwarming when the loved ones eat them with a great smile on their face.

Now, my next search is Julia Child’s book – Mastering the Art of French Cooking !!!! He He He…. 😆  Just imagining myself like Julie !!!! 🙂

Edited to add : (Totally missed to write the most important thing !!! )

The best line in the movie, which I keep repeating to myself is,

You are the butter to my bread and the breath to my life.

WOW, isn’t that the best line a loving wife or a husband can give their partner ???


32 Replies to “Julie, Julia and Me”

  1. I somehow had a mixed impression of the movie but now that I hear from u that it’s good I hope I get to watch it! I love Meryl Streep! Are those ur scissors and board! NICE! 🙂


    1. Just see it Indy. You’ll love it. 🙂

      I’ve something very similar to it, but took the pic from the net. 😉

      Sometimes, good cutlery and cooking utensils increases the joy of cooking. 🙂


  2. Very warm post. Haven’t watched this movie. I doubt I will ever develop such love for cooking but I love your cutlery! In fact I tell mom that part of my disinterest in cooking is b’cos of her old vessels 😉 You’d also like the movie ‘Ratatouille’, ‘No Reservations’ too (I think). Less of cooking in these but full of similar emotions.


    1. I’ve seen No Reservations. Damn good. Will surely catch up on Ratatouille. 🙂

      Come on, go and buy new fashionable and trendy cooking utensils and have fun cooking. 🙂


  3. I so wanna watch Julie & Julia since a long time and something or the other pops up to stop me.
    I need to see it soon 😀 😀
    My current favorite is “The Blind Side” loved it completely 😀 😀

    Welcome back after a long break 🙂 🙂


    1. Hmmmm…Blind Side… shld watch it soon. 🙂

      Thank you CB. I was out for a week only – that too, in town but occupied with too many things. 🙂

      And do watch Julie & Julia. 🙂


    1. Thank u !!!! 🙂

      So, you are indeed a gud cook. Treat me sometime. 😉

      It was meant to be a review, but finally the draft ended up like pointing out similarities between me and the two women. So, I let it be like that – actually liked it so much.


  4. Wow! Awesome post Ums! I hv so wanted to watch this movie but no muhurat yet 😛
    Will try to catch it sometime soon 😉
    I always feel this connection with the authors of the books I follow 😉 its like I hv 159% confidence it wil turn out well if I follow their recipe lol 😉
    I luvvved ur cutlery 😀


    1. Go on Swaram, watch it, and you’ll love it. 🙂

      Yes, following the recipe given by authors is what I do always – I follow ditto of what Sanjeev Kapoor or Tarla Dalal says. Hv u tried Nita Mehta ??? She is simple and fabulous. 🙂

      Cutlery – u liked it ??? Thanks. More pics to follow. 😉


  5. Donno abt you, julie or some julia, but I love Nigella !!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

    “she has imaginary conversations with Julia, while cooking. Even I have conversations with Nigella” — its time you dusted your upstairs !! 😀 😀 😀 😀


  6. I have this movie in my list since the time it was released on DVD. Now this post has pushed this movie to the top of my list.:))


  7. julie – name of my sister’s old pet cat
    and julia – My 7nth standard crush…… 🙂

    Haven’t seen this movie…hope i can catch it up in cable sometime


    1. Whats this new name – AT ???? Your comment went into moderation !!!! 😉

      If thinking abt Julie and Julia brings you memories of childhood days and pets, you can absolutely skip watching it. 😉


  8. I loved this post!! And I cannot believe that u bought those things!!! 😀 You are the funniest ever. I wish I could watch that movie and Nigella. It has been months now!!! Boooo hoooo hoooo!!!


  9. I am going to watch this movie. Seems really interesting.

    Butter to my bread and breath to my life? 😀

    How about jam to my toast and dal with my rice? 😀

    Hehe! I would totally swoon if PM says I am the dessert in his life? 😉

    PS:- You are so right bout Nigella and Julia cooking and making cooking seem like such a joyful activity.

    But you know I get lost with most of the ingredients they list 😦


    1. Pl do watch, I would really like that. 🙂

      Yes, Julia’s husband says “Butter to my bread” because, Julia is so fond of butter – she loves her fish fried in butter and anything to do with butter. Thats why that line !!!

      I really loved your versions too !!!

      Dessert in his life – LOL !!! 🙂

      Yes, some recipes have some mind-boggling ingredients, when seen on the net. Thats why I prefer watching the shows becos she gives tips on what are those ingredients which you can avoid or use some substitute if you dont find that particular one, near your home.

      But once you try her recipe, you’ll want more. Just go to nigella.com and have fun. 🙂


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