Smart girl !!!

S is in the LECTURE mood.

“……You’ve to put in your best effort, whenever you take up any job. And no job can be demeaning to you. Except for cheating and stealing, there is no need to be ashamed of doing a job. Even the job of our maid or the person who cleans the car, is nothing to be ashamed of, as long as it is done with honesty……….”

It went on for sometime, while the girls listened and listened. LOL 🙂

An hour or so later, S calls Sh to bring in the bed sheets and pillows.

Sh says, “Dad, no job can be demeaning to you.  There is no need to be ashamed of doing a job, as long as it is done with honesty.” 😆

S quietly gets up to take the bed sheets and pillows on his own !!!  😆

These girls, na, they twist our own words and make us eat them, too !!! LOL 😆

21 Replies to “Smart girl !!!”

  1. haha…so cheeky these bachus can be!!! Imagine us doing this when we were growing up! Lol! How times have changed!
    Indy, she was too quick too !!! S was taken aback, you know !!! 🙂


  2. Wow! that was very clever 😀 😀
    Indeed they are quick and smart 🙂
    Oh !!! I think a lot before telling her something. She has a smart answer to everything or a question which I cant answer. 😉


  3. Goodness! That was quick thinking on her part 🙂
    Yes, very quick. And she times them very well. Maybe she will make a good lawyer. 😉


  4. 😆

    I agree with Meira, Very quick thinking on her part!! 😛

    Kids these days!!
    Pix, actually she tells them as a matter of fact and kya timing hai !!! Sometimes, I feel like laughing so much. But I need to control my laughter, becos the situation requires a serious me. 😉


  5. 🙂 Your husband must’ve been dumbstruck na. Heheheee.
    Yes, I still remember his face – when he was made to eat his own words. 🙂

    First Nancy’s daughters, now yours.. full of cheek but makes for a good read.
    Good read, yes. Nancy little ones are soooo cute !!!! 🙂


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