Evening School

On top of my daughter’s School building, a different school is happening every evening !!!  Nah, not the school for the aged !!!!

Just have a look at this.

The Classes have just begun.


Discussion ON in full swing, before presentation, eh ?????

Group Discussion


Maybe, waiting for the next class teacher to come !!!!

Waiting for the next class !!


Time for going home !!! School is done !!! Meet you tomorrow !!!

Time to go home !!! Bye !!!

Now, before going home, I want to leave you with this awesome picture, which I took from the car, while travelling !!!  Me and my girls are totally obsessed with the changing colours of the sky !! But S has no patience for these. So, took pics, while he was driving.  That evening sky was so spectacular.  See for yourself. 🙂

Spectacular Evening Sky

So, how did you like the evening school ????


25 Replies to “Evening School”

  1. Sigh! I though t you had written a full-gyan post on evening school and education!! 🙄

    But, the pics are lovely! The last one is simply breath-taking!!! 🙂 🙂


    1. Gyaan posts take time – lot of work for the brain, googling for stuff and links !!!

      So, took the easy way out !!! Picture post and gyaan title !!! 🙂

      Thanks Pix !!! 🙂


  2. hi Uma,
    Been reading your blog and the way you come up with a lively write up on anything under the Sun is simply awesome! Especially, this evening school, brings out the sensitive and romantic person in you. I greatly enjoy reading your blogs. Thanks


    1. Thank you so much. Its wonderful to know that you’ve been reading my pages, here.

      Its always so heart-warming to get comments from ppl like you. Am feeling so gud abt it. 🙂


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