Virtual Campaigning and Tigers

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Do you remember the Pink Chaddi Campaign ????  It was a protest movement launched in February 2009.  When a group of women were attacked in a pub in Mangalore and when the Sena leader threatened to marry off young couples found together on Valentine’s Day, this non-violent movement was launched to protest against such threats.

This protest was started by four young women and they urged people to join in this protest, by sending pink underwear to the leader’s office on Valentine’s Day.  It was initiated by Nisha Susan.  Over 500 pink underwear was sent by courier and more kept pouring in from all the corners of India.   All hell broke loose in that span of Feb 6th to 14th and the Campaign was a great success.  Never have I seen so many people coming together for a single cause.  And almost everyone joined in this Campaign fever, to make some difference.

The Pink Chaddi Campaign received widespread media coverage, had a Facebook group where the members kept growing in huge numbers.  Later this group was deleted by Facebook admin, as the trolls exceeded more than the members.

On 9th Feb 2009,  our Home Minister said that the Centre is watching all the activities with great concern and will take necessary steps.  WOW !!! Such a fast response, thanks to the Virtual campaign.

Why am I talking about this Campaign, a year later ????  Why does that Campaign need to be mentioned now ????

Now, my focus is not this Pink Chaddi Campaign, but the effects of media coverage and having a group in a Public Forum for invoking public interest and awareness on crucial problems.  This Pink Chaddi Campaign did help a lot of Indians to know the extent of abuse on women in a public place. So, I am all for this kind of public awareness groups and I also feel that media coverage is crucially important.  It helps in getting results, quite fast.  Don’t you think so ????

Do you remember the “Save the Tiger Campaign” ?????  Yes, this news made to the headlines some weeks back, Facebook groups were formed, Fan club for tigers were created, everyone blogged about the dwindling tiger numbers, Aircel asked people to join in this awareness program as a part of their public awareness program and many such things happened.

And one can also pledge support for this cause at Save our Tigers.

And slowly and steadily, I feel that this news has taken a backseat.

So, what happened ???? 

While the FB groups and fan clubs for Tiger Preservation is shouting hoarse, and while people are talking and pledging support in websites, what is really happening in the forefront ????

Is there any step taken forward for this cause, apart from virtual participation from lakhs of people ????

Have we strengthened the Forest Patrolling to avoid poaching ????

Do the declared Wildlife sanctuaries in India, provide protection to the animals and the little ones ????

The Virtual Campaign was a great success with Pink Chaddi.  Is the Virtual Campaign for Tigers helping us, now ?????

Apart from roaring for the tiger, what better things can we do ????  How can we help more ????

Can anyone shed light on this issue ?????   I am really worried at the tiger numbers. Its our national animal and it’ll be a huge shame if we let them die like this.


27 Replies to “Virtual Campaigning and Tigers”

  1. Hey Uma, did u post some poem here sometime bk? Saw it on buzz but dont find it here 😛
    Didnt you forget something here, like claiming the position ????? LOL, Swaram, You are first. 🙂


    1. Somewhere, indirectly, the enormous use of plastic and many things we do does effect the ecological imbalance leading to disturbances in the food chain. We do end up asking hw we can go save a tiger, but when we do out bit to the nature, it will def. go a long way in dng so.
      Its sad that such things die out when media get other things to throw more light on 😦
      Isn’t there more news abt IPL than the explosives found in an aircraft? Wonder who is here to answer our qs 😦


      1. Yes, little things we do, will surely have an effect !!! But, why the updates are not happening ????

        It seems like there is nothing important to Indians now, other than IPL !!! Very sad !!! 😦


  2. I don’t know. It’s usually the masala news that gets most attention. Maybe the media and govt. doesn’t find ‘Save the Tigers’ campaign as glamourous as the Pink Chaddi!


    1. The next step shld be to make “Save Our Tigers” Campaign, more glamourous – Concerned ppl, are you listening ????

      I so agree with you Meira. Masala news tops the priority. In NDTV’s website, news relating to this campaign is more than a year old. No updates at all !!!


  3. No idea…but I’m sure the govt must be aware of the matter…I mean its no small matter tht the national animal is slowly disappearing from the face of the earth.
    Somehow it sort of depresses me to think tht in another 10 yrs there probably wont be any tigers in the wild as such…..all of them will be safely caged for their own protection 😦


    1. Sad state, na, Nancy !!! The future generation will only look at the pic of a tiger and say – This was our national animal, before it became extinct !!! Sad !!! Sigh !!! 😦


  4. Its true that any publicity is ‘good’ publicity. There was a lot of noise made about the tigers but I doubt it can be resolved & shut easily since the numbers aren’t gonna dramatically increase in a matter of 2 months to once again be called safe & secure. Last I’d heard, one cub had died. Inspite of everything,I have the confidence (in this matter) that the concerned will save our tigers from getting extinct. Fingers crossed.


  5. I think the reason for this is, tigers dont Have the right to vote… Else atleast during election time they will get a look in…
    Its high time for somebody from human race should do what Jake Sully done for Navi’s 🙂 🙂


    1. There you go – good one again, Kanagu !!! Now, lets bring a bill in the parliament to give voting rights to tigers, so that their nos increase – that sounds like a fantastic idea !!!

      Jack Sully, where are you ?????


  6. I know ! even Tiger Woods and his adventures had more coverage than our national animal !

    I so wanted to write another post on save the tigers, but now after reading your post, I am thinking otherwise. I mean, its going to be just another post and no action !


    1. See, with the name of Tiger, he had more coverage !! The real animal has fallen back in TRP ratings !!! Sad !!! 🙂

      Write it in own funny way !!!! 🙂


  7. I am totally with you on this! I believe in the power of writing but how will we save tigers just by writing them? Why is nobody talking about the concrete methods?
    Exactly, Smita. Thats what we all need to be updated about.

    In fact I am sure that poachers don’t even poach on blogs 😀
    LOL !!! 🙂


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