Love and Warmth.

The sun is beginning to rise. She snuggled closer to her husband.  The bed was small and there was not enough space, with two little kids taking most of the bed space.

The warmth of his hand on her, made her feel safe and loved.  Yesterday night, when he came home very late, he was so tired. But he hugged the kids and kissed them goodnight, while she wiped a tear seeing the love between father and children. She could feel the love flowing between them, so freely and so much in abundance.

He was a small time mechanic, trying to make it big, in this big bad world.  Of course, he is working hard, but finances are quite tight.  The house rent, groceries, the school fees, transport fees for the kids take up almost all the money he earns.

The sun being almost up, she gets out of the bed to face the day. She lights a lamp at her puja place and prays for a better tomorrow. She prays that her husband should do well in business, so that they can afford all the good things to their children.

She prays that they could live in more comfort.  She prays for a better tomorrow.

The days roll on followed by months and then years.

And their lives also change for the better, materialistically.

They have a bigger house.  The kids have their own room.  But when he comes back from work, he doesn’t want to disturb the kids in their sleep.  He has become more polished in his ways.  She liked it more when he used to love the kids with desperation, hug them whenever he feels like and actually express his love more.  Of course, he does buy them all that they want.  He wants the kids to do better in life and he is working every waking moment, to earn for them.

 She has a big King-size bed.   It’s so huge, that all the four of them can sleep together, comfortably.  But, the kids are in their own room. It’s only for her and him.  After slogging the whole day at work, he comes home so tired, that he just wants to knock off to sleep.  He is sleeping in one corner after a tiring day, while she lies awake at the other corner of the bed, thinking about their life, now.

She misses those snuggling moments, due to lack of space.  She misses the warm hand on her.  She misses the hugs and kisses that her children used to get, even while sleeping.

She gets up and lights a lamp at the puja place. She realises that she forgot to pray for something very important.  She prays for the most important thing in life.

She prays for love and warmth !!!!


21 Replies to “Love and Warmth.”

  1. Oh my god….uma that made me choke…so true as life gets better and homes bigger the distances b/w members grow in proportion to this too! I guess I shd be careful abt asking God for making me wealthier (which I’m not-lol!) Like the saying goes “be careful what you ask-you just might get it!”…I’ll ask for love and warmth now…
    Glad you liked it !!! 🙂


  2. wow! what a poignant post! Simple things bring so much happiness!
    Thanks Meira !!! At the end of the day, only those simple things matter !!!


  3. Super Ums!!! 🙂
    Thanx, Pix !!!
    You are so so right… love, warmth and happiness is what is most required and in our quest for materialistic pleasures, we forget to pray for the most essential.
    We forget the essentials, sometimes, na ???
    I loved this Post Ums! 🙂
    I am so glad. 🙂


  4. Well said Ums 🙂
    I am so happy, that all of you like it. 🙂
    All that matters even when u lose ur wealth is the real wealth in the form of ur loved ones 🙂
    Yes, the love from the loved ones matter a lot.


  5. Very nice really touchy. Effective Short Story.
    Thank you, Prakash !!! 🙂

    The consciousness of loving and being
    loved brings a warmth and richness to life
    that nothing else can bring….Oscar Wilde.
    Was waiting for such quotes in my page. Thanks for this one. Its wonderful.


  6. lol, there the poor guy is, still trying to give the best for wife and kids…and the wife, earning for hugs and warmth…tch tch !!! he shud get his wife a life size teddy bear and a room heater ! 😀 😀 😀 😀
    Shld you necessarily blabber before writing a sensible comment ????? 🙄 LOL Vimmuuu, you are just toooo much !!!

    nice story Ums ! and very realistic !
    Now, that makes sense. Thank you !!! 🙂


  7. Wow! what a beautiful story with a wonderful message 😀
    We need to be sure of what we ask for, you never know when your wishes might be granted 😀
    Glad you liked it.

    Keep ’em coming Uma 🙂
    Sure, will scratch my brain for more ideas. 🙂


  8. Makes perfect sense & what timing!
    We got our salary hikes , bonuses only few days ago & while I am happy & satisfied with my bonus, I couldn’t help feel I deserved a little more hike.
    Congrats to you on that salary hike and bonus !!! 🙂
    Your post does give the right perspective 🙂
    Sometimes, we feel that money is not everything – the story is one of those moments !!!


  9. U wrote this beautifully Uma……I have nothing more to add as ur story is complete by itself :-)!!!!!!
    Thanks Nancy !!! Just by writing this, you’ve made my day !!! Thank u !!! 🙂


  10. Umi! What a post! Awesome. Super awesome. I wish we could just stay simple and rooted to the ground all the days of our lives.
    Thank u da. It was a spark of the moment. And after I typed the whole thing, I too loved it. We all need to know, what to pray for. 🙂


  11. nice story and love and warmth more important than anything in thsi world… 🙂 🙂

    Thanks Kanagu !!! If ppl can realise that, then life will be far easier.


  12. Really good… Loved your post….. In the rat race… we really forget that money is not everything…. there is something beyond that 🙂
    Welcoming you with love and warmth !!! 🙂
    And Thank you !!!


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