Credit card…blah…blah….

Uma, I just saw the Tupperware Sale Notice, which you’ve put up. I also need to buy some Tupperware. Can I come home ???? BTW, I am Ramya.

Oh !!! Sure !!! Just come over. I’ll keep the brochures ready.

Ramya comes home and starts talking.  Do you have a maid ???? You see, I don’t have a maid. I don’t like to depend on them. I have a washing machine to wash clothes, dish washer for the vessels. And I even have an electric mop. You see, I am a person, who does all the house work, with the help of machines. These maids will come one day and not turn up the other day. I don’t like to waste my time, waiting.

Then after lots of requests from me, she looked at all the brochures and especially the ones that are on discount sale. She chooses to buy stuff worth 2000/-.   Even though I had to listen to her blah blah, I was happy that she ordered.  All kinds of ppl make this world, I tell you.

Next week, I get all the things that Ramya ordered and call her to pay the money and take the things.

Uma, do you take credit card ?????

🙄    Whaaaaat ???? I am doing Tupperware business at home. I don’t have a credit card processing machine or anything like that.

Oh !!! What kind of business is this, that cannot accept credit card ???? You know, I never keep cash at home. I always pay every body with credit card.  I go to this big supermarket, to buy my groceries, so that I can pay using my credit card.

Oh !!! Really ????? How about the milk man, the maid, the dhobi, the vegetable vendor ???? Do they all carry a credit card processing machine in their neck and come to your house ????? Now, stop this bakhwas and come to my home, pay the cash and better take your things.

In half an hour, she sent somebody with the cash and took the Tupperware things, which she had ordered.

And please keep this as a secret – Ramya’s electric mop is not working. So, she requested me to send my maid to her home, to help her around !!! 😉

All kind of clowns live around us, I tell you !!!! 🙂


48 Replies to “Credit card…blah…blah….”

  1. Is this Ramya cute and, most importantly, single ?? 😀 😀 😀 😀
    OMG, Vimmuuu, I’ll never even introduce her to my enemy !!!
    Whatever it is, she is dumb ! 😀 😀
    That she is !!!

    Heyy, I might need a tupperware soon. Shall contact you as soon as the missus starts cooking ! 😀 😀 😀 I can only boil water, you see ! 🙂
    Still now, no cooking, eh ???? What are you both eating ??? Hotel khana ????? Tupperware – you can call me anytime.

    and btw, did you really tell her to stop her ‘bakwaas’ ?? If you did, I am glad she still bought those stuffs from you ! 😀 😀 Whatever happened to ‘Customer is king’ ??? yeah, yeah, queen too !! happy ?
    Customer is King / Queen, if they make payments properly. 🙂


      1. @ Pal : Ohhh, it does !!! a survey says girls are more interested in married men !!! 😀 😀 😀

        @ Swaram : Nahhh, I am available in different flavors ! 😀 😀 😀

        @ Masood : LOL !!! Now, im in a fix !!!


  2. Wow! Tupperware, I wish I too get some from you 😀
    Ramya sounds quite a character, but we come across such “empty-show-off-snobs”
    everywhere 🙂
    I know it must have been quite irritating at the time, but I am gigging after reading your account 😀

    That’s good she finally sent over the payment soon 🙂 (probably cause she needed your help with the maid 😉 )



    1. That she is – empty show-off snob kind !!! But she was so stupid too !!!

      That day, when it happened, I was so pissed off with her. But now I am laughing so much.

      Welcome anytime, for Tupperware !!!


    1. ROFL Agnes !! Is she a blond !!!! OMG, she is more than that !!! 🙂

      Electrip mop – the one that dusts and kind of wipe the floor too !!! 🙂
      I too got enlightened on that day !!! 🙂


      1. That’s exactly what she’s doing na anyway with her machines….. electric mop eh? u mean switch it on, we go to sleep and when we wake up the floors all cleaned.. robotic! How I wish I had a robot… shd have born in Jaapaaaaaaan haaann!
        Even I wish for one !!! Sigh !!! But once we get used to those machines, we cant even lift a finger, when they get repaired.

        Tupperware sale on at Umas!! between how long does the discounts last! U parcel too..;-) cake too please with that…:)
        Sure, anything for my friends !!!! Discounts – anytime for you !!! 🙂


  3. do you ship to dubai?


    what kind of business is this if you cannot parcel or do shipment abroad. i never buy anything from a shop where i have to carry stuff. i just order online so that it gets delivered to my doorstep.




  4. OMG, Uma after so long and it is still so funny!

    Did I tell u, she came over to play holi! She had a 3rd kid! (Don’t fall off ur chair!) A girl! I tell u, she has not heard of birth control!


    1. Yes, indeed !!! I suddenly remembered abt this incident and had to write it to have a gud laugh !!! 🙂

      Whaaat ? I am holding on to my chair !!!!! LOL !!!!


  5. Wow…now I know where to go for tupperware when I need some in India…you are really enterprising Uma! Kudos to you! But poor you-have to bear these funny people as well! So Ramya-I-me-myself finally had to take some real “human” help- lol!!!!


  6. lol!! Seriously all kinds fo people in this world!!!

    Psst psst!!! I have alos started the tupperware thing but I hardly do anything!!

    And lol! @ ur do they hand CC m/c on their necks!!! Seriously such people need this kind of reply wonly!!!

    BTW u shud ask if even her mouth is on auto mode 😉


    1. Buy for yourself, Smita !!! Thats the best thing, to begin with. 🙂

      She was just too much !!! Once she opens her mouth to talk, it takes the Gods to make her shut her mouth. LOL 🙂


  7. Lol and also psychos like me huhh 😀

    may be she is held up with lot of works.Have seen lot of people this kind.Like they will be held up with kids in home , spouse office,non cooperating colleagues and all.So i won’t blame her.

    P.S will u provide any discount for us…just curious!!!!! 🙂


  8. HI, i can totally understand how you feel coz everyone of us come across these kind of people in our lives.

    This is really funny, Real Clown.


  9. Err.. I didn’t know that such a thing as “electric mop” even exisited till I read your post!! 😳

    What is this Uma?? No Credit card swipe machine?!! Che che!! What business are you running?!! Now, you need to run to the whatever place you need to run to, to get the said Credit card swipe machine!!!

    Ok ok!! Don’t hit me with teh electric mop!! I’m going!!!!!!

    Ramya sounds like such fun to read about!!! 😉 😉




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