Google ME !!!!

I feel like this – “An emotional state experienced during periods lacking activity or when individuals are uninterested in the opportunities surrounding them”  – aasan baasha mein, I am bored !!  LOL 😆

The same routine of choosing the menu, cooking them tastefully so that ppl at home finish it properly – that in turn gives an opportunity to cook a new meal the next day instead of carry forwarding this food.  The co-ordination with the maid, the maintenance ppl, the laundry ppl apart from grocery shopping and to smile and be ready to go out whenever S asks me to, just takes a toll sometimes, that I just want to be in my own space, doing nothing. Yes, absolutely nothing.

When such moments rise beyond controllable levels, the best solution provider is the Google !!! Thank God, there’s something like Google in this world.

On one particular day, when the boredom overtook me, it was Google that saved me getting drowned in the sea of bore.  😉

I just didnt know what to Google and just by chance, when I typed my own name, I was in for a great surprise.  My God !!! All these Uma S…. are exceptionally intelligent ppl, I guess – of course, including me. 😉

While there is a theory that there are  7 ppl like you in the world, I found so many of my namesake doing all that I would’ve wished to do in life.  🙂

There is this person, a great scientist perhaps, with 5 patents pending in her name. WOW !!!!

I am this shy and reserved person, till the frequency is matched well.  You should see me smiling all through the conversation, till the ice-breaking ceremony happens.  But this woman seems to be my extreme. She is the PRO for this company and her profile is just damn good to be true. WOW !!!! Wish I had atleast 20% of that PR skills !!!!

Another personality that really caught my eye, was this person who heads some department at the International level.  And again, another WOW !!!!   The kind of profile that she has is just fantastic !!!! And what a career climb she has had.

While another of my namesake is the Vice President of a world famous bank, there are quite a few, who are doing well in the IT sector !!!!  Interesting !!!!

Another one seems to be a famous ophthalmologist !!! WOW !!!

But this one caught my attention – this person is a writer based at Chennai !!! Is that me ???? Oh !!! No  !!! High hopes !!!!!  Someone writing well enough to publish articles in print format.

I sit amazed and spellbound at the achievements of my namesakes all over the world. Yes, they’ve achieved all that I wanted to do, when I was young. They had better PR skills, better focus towards their career and they had that something, which made them go for this !!!!

And I’ve also evolved during the process of marriage and motherhood.  Those changes have made me a better woman and a great mother (according to my girls) !!! And I think I am happy about this small achievement in my life. 🙂

42 Replies to “Google ME !!!!”

  1. Ums, be grateful you found all these folks. I did a search on my real name once, and in addition to finding a webpage I once made ages ago(on the thyroid), the only other folks bearing my name, are males in Sri Lanka. One chap who preempted me from getting my name login on yahoo, and would you believe it, a Sri Lankan cricketer…..quite depressing na ?


  2. Wht do u mean small achievement…isnt tht the biggest achievement!!!!
    Bringing up 2 girls in the present world is soo challenging….and when they turn out into fine human beings that is no small feat. My mum used to get compliments all the time for it….we sisters used to roll our eyes but inside we knew it to be true. It was all bcoz of her and no thanks is enough to cover the values she instilled in us.

    U wont believe it but just last week I had the same idea for a post and had even googled my name but u knw me….procastination is my middle name 😛


    1. Yes, I am happy Nancy !!! And I am happy with my achievement so far.

      See, great minds think alike !!! 🙂 Do your post, in your own fantastic way !!!! 🙂


  3. Each achievement shud be weighed according to separate standards 🙂 sometimes what u think is super (a Vice President or a PR head) maybe inconsequent compared to what a wife and mother can achieve 😉


  4. Ur posts always make me wonder how similar we women can be!!!!! I honestly know a regular housewife’s routine is so mind numbingly boring and even my last resort for fun is the internet!LOL! And your achievement is one of the best kind…and u will live in the hearts of ur loved one’s forever!I’m sure PRO’s are quite forgettable!


  5. You are fortunate, you have so many great personalities as your namesake. I googled mine once to see if people could reach my blog by just searching for my name and found it to my amusement that one total bombshell wearing skimpy outfits happened to have the same name as mine. I have not taken the google route again!


  6. LoL..My VP’s name is Uma(he’s a man though). So I guess all Umas are pretty much achievers huh?;-) Yours is no small feat either..your girls will be proud of you one day & look upto you! Can there be a better recognition/reward than that?!:-)


    1. Yes there are men who have names like Uma Shankar !!!! 🙂

      Thank you, you make me feel so good, by your comment. 🙂

      The recognition from the family is the best in the world. And I already have it. So, I am happy !!! 🙂


  7. Uma,its quiet good idea to bhagao your boredom by googling 🙂 Many a times i too feel very bored with the monotonus routine of office and home and just need the one i have taken today 🙂 But blogging has given me some new friends like you all which keeps me busy with this virtual world..isn’t it good 🙂


  8. No doubt Google is great. I always say what do we call the one who has all answers, knows everybody and everything (but may not tell us anything unless we have the pass words :))… etc etc – it’s the internet-god of course 🙂

    I think doing what you are happy doing is very fortunate – no material success can compete with contentment, satisfaction and happiness that comes from it. I also feel very good about constantly learning something new, evolving and being able to reach whatever little goals I make for myself.


    1. WOW !! Cool definition for Google !!! The ppl at Google will be happy to hear this. 🙂

      Very true, IHM !!! Material satisfaction is just not possible – when we get something, then its another thing that we aim at – it just goes on.

      I am quite happy, the way I am !!! Thank you readers !!! 🙂


  9. Lol… that leads me to an interesting point… there is only one ONE ! Hitchwriter !!!!!!! google it !!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

    like they say… there may be seven paupers… but Superstars are only One !!!!!!!!!! Even google confirms it !!!!!!!!!!! 😛 😛 😛 😛


    1. isnt that your pen name ?

      If thats the case, there is only one vimmuuu !!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

      I am the other Superstar ! If there is a SRK, there is also a Salman ! Buhahhaahhaha !!!


  10. There’s only one more person on the internet who shares my name. And by her facebook account, I think it is somebody who has impersonated me to post lewd pics! I pray no job interviewers get to that !!!

    LOL Meira !!! Thats quite a namesake you have !!!! LOL 🙂


  11. If only u had stuck around and worked. I am sure u would have been heading some organisation by now.

    I am sure I am the only person having my strange name!! Woman, the next time u are bored, call me. I wish u cud see me thru some trying times.


  12. Thats quite innovative… I have never done something like that… and I don;t think there is somebody out there with my full name… quite a weird combination it is 😀 😀

    anyway you are great in your own way being a mother as your daughters say… and I don;t know how many would have achieved that….


  13. ‘just want to be in my own space, doing nothing. Yes, absolutely nothing’.. you took the words right out of my mouth, Uma!!! How I wish too…

    And you are a very important person too, btw, like all those similar personalities you Googled. You run a home, 24*7*365 with no Pay and no promotions!!! So Kudos to all Mums (incl. me ;-))


    1. Yeah, Pal, after going on and on the whole day, I just want to sit doing nothing. 🙂

      So true – no pay and no promotions !!!! Only there is one graduation from wife to mother !!! LOL 🙂


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