Tea, Newspaper, Sunrise

You all know that,

and especially with newspaper.

Early mornings, the sunrise, chai and the newspaper is just magical.

Now, with this reading glass image of mine,


the enjoyment is slightly disturbed, by the hot vapours of the chai.

which forms a cloud on my glasses.

 How am I supposed to read the newspaper and drink the chai, with the glasses on ???    🙄



39 Replies to “Tea, Newspaper, Sunrise”

  1. Omg.. You drink tea that hot? I mean piping hot huh?;-O
    Sorriieess..no suggestions. But in all honesty, I have your page open for 5 minutes & have been thinking of all possible ways.

    Maybe you can drink Iced Tea? 😀 This is my besht idea.


  2. Wonderful suggestion Anish 😀
    I too love piping hot tea 🙂 so same pinch on that.
    Though am not a big fan of reading newspaper 🙂

    But it is indeed a mind boggling situation 🙂
    Waiting for more creative ideas 😀 😀


  3. Hmmm….so that was the reason behind that pose, huh? You were thinking ‘how to….’ ? 😀 😀 😀

    I got an idea, fix a wiper on your specs like how we have on cars ! 😀 😀 😀

    or even better idea – get the newspaper read by someone else – say, your husband ! 😉

    need more ideas ??? 😀 😀 😀 😀


  4. The wiper on the glasses idea has already been mentioned. so I wud suggest, drinking tea n watching sunrise, then proceeding to read newspaper.

    I miss our occasional tea talks!


  5. thats why I don’t read newspapers while drinking coffee… how about not wearing glasses while drinking tea??? 😀 😀

    and you can also try Vimmuuu’s idea of wiper.. a sure success 😀 😀


  6. Get lens…hope they don’t get fogged with the vapours…
    No specs! sometimes I wish I had them on u know for that Bhujji look 😉
    I love my coffee (serve me coffee ok when I gatecrash) piping hot..
    Reading sessions, all four of u could take turns u see… national , international , local and sports 🙂


  7. LOL! I can’t offer any tips, I’m afraid – I wear my glasses just to look older once in a while 😉

    But newspapers! I love reading the news with a cup of tea too!! Haven’t read a newspaper in a while now – its only the phone these days 😦

    Btw I love that pic of yours!!


  8. Do not wear tea/coffee while reading..piping hot drinks have their own beauty 😉 and we should concentrate on enjoying it…newspaper can surely wait for sometime…but not the Chai 😛


  9. Wear lenses 🙂 I love hot tea too but haven’t faced this yet… maybe my tea isn’t as hot 🙂 Everybody is into photo posts these days – and what interesting photo-posts! Hope to see more of these from you Uma.

    I agree with everybody, enjoy the tea first and look at the morning sky, newspapers can wait 🙂


    1. Waiting for you to give such awesome ideas !!! LOL 🙂

      BTW, If I use a straw for a hot tea – wont the straw melt in the heat – wont I drink a little bit more than I can manage in my mouth, becos its hot, u know !!!


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