My daughter is having a sleepover at home today.  It’s like the talk of the apartment. She has called a few of her classmates and some friends from the apartment, too.  I don’t know many people doing the sleepover stuff in this conservative Chennai. Apart from my daughter, all her friends don’t belong to Chennai at all.

These girls are staying near by and they have been planning this sleepover party for more than 2 weeks now and finally they are coming home this evening. I’ve baked a chocolate temptation on the demand of my daughter and her friends. The whole idea of the sleepover party happening in my home, is the temptation of the chocolate cake. These girls are great fans of my cake. And what better appreciation can a baker like me can get !!! 😉

While I was thinking about the topic of sleepover, I’ve to admit that my thoughts did go back to my childhood. It’s quite natural, you see, for a person like me, who thinks that her childhood was the best. Even my daughters don’t enjoy the kind of childhood, I had. Sometimes, I feel bad for them. The world has indeed grown into a creepy kind of place, where mothers like me really get scared to send them out on their own.

When I was young, we were a group of 5 girls and 2 boys, if I remember correctly.

The whole street was our playground. There were not much cars around in those days. And our street was a quaint little one, where we knew everybody who lived there, in all the 15 houses.

There was this aunty who used to take Bhagwad Gita classes everyday, for half an hour. And all the kids in the street used to go for this class, to learn the slokas. I remember so well, that I did not understand the meaning many a times, but still I’ll go. It was fun being with all the kids and loudly telling whatever that aunty said. The best part was she’ll give something to eat, everyday. The starving kind we were, we never missed an opportunity to eat food. Even its a banana, we’ll take it happily and eat and feel good about it. There was no inhibition in taking from that aunty. Her husband was the cameraman for many movies and she used to tell us so many stories about it. We had an ear for everything.

Next to Bhagwad Gita aunty’s house, lived a family, who had a dog, Katie. So, that house was called Katie’s house. As if, Katie is the owner !!!! 😉  Katie was a Pomeranian and she used to bark at every shadow, cat, mouse, lizard – name it !!!!  And when we are totally bored, we’ll hide behind Katie’s house compound !!! Smelling us, Katie will start barking !!! Then the lady will start shouting at Katie to stop it !!! And we’ll be having fun !!! So silly and simple fun !!!  At that moment, it was enjoyment to the core !!!!

There was this house, in which one anna used to learn to play the flute. My God !! He played so well !!! The Swarajathi – Rara venu gopala – played on the flute is just divine to listen. Their house had huge pillars like how they have in temples. What else we need to play the seven corners !!! Whenever we want to play seven corners, we just go to this house and play while listening to flute !!! Even now, I can hear the music in my ears !!!!

The most interesting part of the playtime was on the afternoons during holidays. When the household is asleep, we’ll sneak into the kitchen, take stuff like rice, dhal, sooji, onions, potatoes, tomatoes and quietly smuggle them out of the house, without the knowledge of grandma and grandpa, who used to be in the bedroom which is near to the door.  That was the first step of achievement.

Then all the friends meet under the huge mango tree in the street, to inspect the stuff which everyone has got from their home.

We all then decide, what to cook with the stuff we got – deciding the menu, with the ingredients at hand. I am amazed at my planning skills, thinking about those menu planning.

The major part of the decision is in choosing the terrace where we all put to test, our cooking skills.

We then make a temporary stove, with bricks on 3 sides and collect a lot of branches and light them. Using small vessels, we cook rice / upma / aloo fry – based on the menu and ingredients.  My God, what a wonderful time we had. When we eat what we cooked, it really did taste delicious.

Hide and seek was another favourite game, where we can hide anywhere in anybody’s house. It’ll be damn difficult for the seeker to find the rest of us.

Running and catching has always been thrilling for us, for everybody tries to outrun the other.  And we were quite fast too !!! Oh !! I wish that I can run at that speed now !!! Even before I start running a few metres,  I am panting !!!!  LOL 😆

My daughter’s friends have arrived and the chocolate temptation was a huge hit. The girls are actually telling me to start a bakery business. WOW !!! Girls, you are indeed smart. Giving me ideas on entrepreneurship. Should seriously think about this.

And we are going to Mac D for dinner !!! They’ve opened a new drive thru branch, near our home and the girls have been waiting eagerly for this outing, together.

Hope these girls will remember this sleepover, forever.  And maybe they’ll be reminiscing about this, in their later years. 🙂

47 Replies to “Reminiscing…”

  1. Okay ,I’m also a big fan of your cake.So what i’m trying to say is do bring\don’t forget to bring cake(dipped in vine\rum\barley water or what ever 😀 ) , when next time we meet 😀 😀
    You really believed all that I told you ???? My God, Anish, I was just joking. No rum was added to the cake that day. But, next time, I’ll surely add it, since you’ve mentioned it.

    Time has been changed.So don’t worry, i’m damn sure they are having fun in there own way.Probably you\we don’t know\understand that.We will not get everything.May be they are not getting what we got before and they are getting what we didn’t get in our time……

    P.S : Hope i didn’t confuse U 😀 …can’t help…fridayyyyyyy 🙂
    You are absolutely clear !!!! LOL !!!! Right, their kind of having fun is quite different from mine and I hope they have a good time.


  2. That was so many lovely memories! You guys actually cooked! Wow! I am so impressed! And how come your parents never found out 🙂 It sounds like so much fun! We never cooked, but used to have a lot of fun all the same.
    Oh !!! My friend’s nanny found out and she complained to all the mothers and we had stay quiet for some days, till the coast was clear – they were watching us all the time. Then we started again, after the adults got bored of watching over us. LOL. 😆
    My cousin and I used to have sleepovers in each others house -we were in the same class at school. And I remember how both of us used to watch ‘Honi unhoni’ on DD and then get scared and would climb into our parents bed in the middle of the night 🙂
    True !! Each one had a ghost story to scare the others. But it was so much fun !!!!


    1. Goodness Honee, Anhonee serial ….I havent thought abt it for 2 decades but as soon as I read ur comment Smitha the title song is playing in my ears 😮


      1. Smitha, Swaram, Ash, please come home – anytime !!!! Just give me a day’s notice, so that I can be ready with that cake.

        It was super delicious this time !!! The girls just hogged them all. It was over in a jiffy !!! 🙂


  3. Where did my comment go?!! anyways, once again-wow you shd put up the recipe for us in ur next foodie post! And you as a child have had such fun…cooking with brick oven, under a tree…ohh! Lovely!!!!

    Here MIL is very strict and no sleepover for poor girl here…sad but, what to do! But, hope the girls have a ball at their night in with the pals!!!!


    1. Chocolate temption is a secret recipe, Indy !!! 😉

      We had so much fun playing on the streets. Now, we shld atleast make some way for the girls to have some fun, in their own way.

      Try sleepovers, when Mil is visiting some relative. Your dawter will love you more for that. 🙂


  4. Whoa your post brought back so many great memories from my own childhood. Ahem…even though I had no cooking skills to speak off, I was the Captain of the pirates when it came to planning attacks on the kitchens :mrgreen: My cousin brothers were thankfully good at making edible food and we had a small clearing in our backyard where we has brick stoves just the way you described. Ohh goddd I miss those packs of cousins of mine terribly 😥

    Got to see photos of all the bloggers gulping down your cake on Pal’s FB. So the girls enjoyed the sleepover to bits?? did they dance and howl??


    1. Captain of the Pirates !!! Whoa !!! LOL 😆

      So much fun with cousins, na ??? Wont those days come back ????

      The girls had great fun !!! Singing, dancing and joking – more of giggling !!!!

      My neighbour’s son is my daughter’s classmate. All the girls had great fun, teasing him to bits. He refused to come out of the house, till this gang of girls left. LOL 😆


  5. Each generation’s memories are different and special in their own ways 🙂
    Our childhood memories will always remain special for us no matter where we are what we do..


  6. The kids of today have very few avenues to live their childhood. I am sure the girls will remember all this!! U are a wonderful mom!

    P.s: U really had an appetite as a child! 😀 U guys used to siphon off stuff and cook on ur own? U might as well have sneaked out out cooked stuff and enjoyed a picnic. But I tell u, those meals cooked over an open fire sure is yummy. And I am sure no matter what, those tastes still linger on ur tongue.

    Like I said before, I love ur childhood!


    1. Thanks da.

      Yes, I did have great fun during my childhood. Actually, so many incidents came gushing to my mind, when I started writing it. Had actually forgot quite a few things.

      Hugs and Miss you !!! 🙂


  7. Loved this post for bringing out the sheer joy of Childhood days 😀 😀

    But I think these generation kids are missing a lot with no streets to play… or else they are not ready to play.. Most of my days spent in streets playing something or other…


    1. Rightly put, Kanagu – sheer joy of childhood days !!! 🙂

      Yes, so many ppl used to think that we were street children, with no home or anything. We would be covered in dust, sweat and grime and we’ll not even bother a bit abt it. We thoroughly enjoyed playing. 🙂


  8. ohhh…sleep overs are fun !!! during my PG, we were a gang of 8..5 boys and 3 girls..and at one of the girls place, we have had similar sleep overs…wonder what their neighbors thought about us, but we never cared. As long as everyones parents were ok, we had no problem. and guess what, just like what you did, the girls mom used to cook dinner and also make desserts !!! Those were the days ! Sigh !!!


    1. Yes, indeed, thats wonderful !!! Its the mindset that needs to change !!! Boys and girls can have good fun and being great friends !!!

      Sleepovers are great way for the parents to know the kind of friends their kids have. Once the parents know that they are in good company, they become more relaxed. 🙂


  9. Wow! yummy chocolate cake with sleepover with friends sounds so much fun 🙂
    Loved reading through your precious childhood memories Uma 😀

    Our sleepovers included basic cooking too 🙂 It was always fun. I can remember being a lover of cooking in my school days too. I used to ask mum to not help me with anything and enjoy the treat I would make with us girls.

    Singing, dancing, playing so many naughty pranks it was real fun time 🙂

    Your awesome post made me miss them all 🙂


  10. Now I know I’ll never be the favourite aunty when I have kids. I don’t like cooking at all. As for you, you started your cooking classes well before time. My mouth is watering imagining a yumy finger-licking chocolate cake..!!!:-) Great memories. Loved it!! Do write about the sleep-over and all the fun your daughter’s gang had.


    1. LW, the girls had great fun !!! First the chocolate cake, then dinner at Mac-D, which is just so near to our home. Then back home for singing, dancing, giggling !!! My God, they all slept at 2.30am.

      I enjoyed it thoroughly. 😉


  11. u reminisced and all of us in tow :),
    Sleepovers were great fun..pyjamma parties that’s what we called them, the ruckus we used to make that night, had the neighbhours awake all nite 🙂
    Have u played dark room Umss… was our fav, indoor game esp. at Mum’s place…so many rooms in that house and a couple of them had half a dozen doors to close n open but not a window opened to the outside courtyard…. really dark in there even at noon and our dark room during the day…
    U cooked in a rudimetary stove of bricks, wow! I’m impressed!
    Cricket n football was an all time fav game we played in the park, all the time, and making tunnels in those heaps of sand in the adjacent construction sights, those running games, and coming back all sweaty and hot….with Mom n aunties serving cool drinks n cakes! yummy..

    is a time machine available!

    Good old days…


    1. I too wish for a time machine !!! 🙂

      Am so very glad that I could make so many ppl feel happy by thinking abt their childhood days. Its a necessity that we reminisce quite often, to feel better !!! 🙂

      Dark room – yeah, once or twice at my granddad’s place.


  12. Wow, that sounds fabulous, sleepover and chocolate cake yum yum 🙂

    Your childhood memories bring back my memories a lot, we too used to make temporary fire and cook 😉


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