Do you cry at movies ?????

I am an emotional idiot. Silly things make me misty eyed.  Maybe I got it from my Dad !!!  And what to say – that my younger one is also like this.  Looks like a family trait, na ????? 🙂 🙂 🙂

And one of them is Karan Johar’s film. Any movie of his, starting from KKHH to the recent MNIK, especially the K3G, had made me wet a huge hand towel, everytime I watch it. LOL 😆

Then later I laugh at myself, for being so stupidly emotional. Why am I like this ????? 🙄

Yes, I saw MNIK. I’ve read so many reviews and knew what the movie was about and what to expect. Actually I was prepared for so many emotional, teary eyed scenes. But nothing could prepare me to totally avoid the eyes getting wetter and wetter with each scene.  LOL 😆

When Kajol sees the mist clear over the San Fransisco, I felt the mist fill my eyes.

The mehendi on her hands, the sangeet – it’s actually the wedding scene, which made me so emotional.

It’s not only this wedding scene, whenever I see any wedding happen, I feel so happy for the two people joining together for a happy life together. And immediately I wipe a tear or two.  Also, when I see women glowing in the fullness of motherhood, I cry out of joy, remembering those blissful days in my life.

Ok, back to MNIK.  When Mama Jenny, feeds Rizwan and asks about Sam, I felt myself wiping my eyes.

And when Rizwan goes back to Georgia, when it is hit by hurricane, to meet Mama Jenny, that scene at the church, made me cry.

Indy, you are right, this one was damn emotional and I felt that tears were an integral part of the movie.  Maybe they should provide with tissues or wet wipes in the theatre, for people like me.

While I was young, I used to smile whenever my Dad watches movies. Now I am like that and Thank God, my daughter is also busy wiping her tears, that she doesn’t see me wiping mine. I make sure to clear the tears even before they come out of my eyes.

So many reviews state that there are scenes, characters which have been duplicated from other movies.

But for me, I liked the overall message – There are only two kinds of people in this world – the good ones and the bad ones – religion has no play in this – and especially a muslim need not be a terrorist, all the time.

So, if you like KJ + SRK + Kajol combo, like me (Watched KKHH countless times) and if you are silly romantic like me, and if also you are an emotional idiot like me, then go for this  –  But go with a box of tissues, OK !!!! 🙂


21 Replies to “Do you cry at movies ?????”

  1. I love KKHH…. But the rest, though I can sit thru KKKG… but never thru another round of KANK… Sums up my love for KJO+SRK+Kajol combo 🙂
    Ha Ha Ha 😆
    I cried during TZP during the song Maa…and…
    Thats really so lovely…even I cried…..
    And me don’t understand even now, why do women cry at weddings (other’s weddings)!! Ur’e sad for the new couple or they are tears of happiness or u’re going green or is one remembering one’s own wedding days (ya for me it was wedding days – 3 ceremonies hai na:)…
    Yeah, its indeed a something which I’ve not been able to fathom. But for me, its certainly a happy feeling. 🙂
    Not a clue…



    1. me first…Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeee my lucky day, I say Umsss
      Absolutely, even I feel like that Yipeeeeeee, when I land first somewhere !!! It doesnt happen always, with me !!! Have a lucky day !!! 🙂


  2. Uma…You too!!!! The thing is I watched it with my dawter and she does not cry for these movies, but I choke up for everything! So it was hard to not quiver andshow that I was infact sobbing hopelessly!This stoic little teenager next to me, saw it and said but why did you cry…becos the boy died ? becos this becos that? Lol! I’m glad you enjoyed it!!!! 🙂
    Oh !!! Thank God, I didnt watch this movie with your dawter, next to me. 😉 Anyway, I dont think we can change from that crying trait, now, right ????


  3. I am hypersensitive too and many things hv me crying 😛 Infact, Su says Durgam Cheruvu is surviving bcoz of my tears 😛
    LOL @ Su’s comment. Reminds me that, whenever I let the tears roll down, I am being teased that the Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswathi are flowing together. LOL 😆
    Nt sure if I hv cried @ other’s weddings though .. I watch very few movies, some of them hv hd me crying .. TZP is one such for sure 🙂
    TZP – yes, me too cried at this. I think I can count those, where I’ve not cried, easily.
    And Bhagat Singh!!! I can’t bear that scene when they sing Mere Rang De while walking away towards their death 😦
    Hugs to you, Swaru, for being the emotional one, like me !!!! 🙂


  4. Even i cried while watching MNIK. It is a hard fact to accept it :)…anyways loved the movie.
    Yeah, so many scenes are really touching. Gud u cried – according to me, I enjoy the movie more, if it can leave me misty eyed.
    @ K3G – I walked out from the theater before it got finished( i think i was in 12 at that time) , it was a too lengthy movie.
    Dont remind me – My daughter made me watch it countless times, and both of us will sit and cry.

    I can’t believe you watched KKHH so may times 😀 .I hate that movie..
    Oh !!! I love that movie. Dont talk crap abt it.


  5. tch tch…hand towel et al…
    You shld have seen me !!! Funny sight, I tell you !!!
    well me not that terrible but yes, i do feel a lump in my throat every now and then. But tears per se, i don’t think so.
    See the movie touches everyone – a lump in the throat might develop into tears, if you allow it evolve.
    toughest time i had in a movie was while watching TZP. pretty intense stuff that was. thank god movies like that are made once in a lifetime! 😀
    Yes, TZP – I scolded myself that I didnt take a bigger towel.
    otherwise, i do enjoy silly romances and happy endings. i still cringe when the ending of RDB comes to mind. infact just this morning while driving to work i was thinking about it and wondering how could i change that ending if i made the movie!
    Exactly Masood, I was thinking to myself that I didnt write abt RDB & here you’ve written abt it. The last scene really lingers in my mind.
    i liked MNIK, both the movie and the message it conveyed. and yes, that church scene when he talks about his dead son plus the sunrise and the scene when kajol asks srk to marry him (basically accepting his proposal) did get me teary eyed.
    AAwwwww, Masoood !!!! You cried !!!


  6. I do enjoy KJo’s movie.. SRK and Kajol have been my fave pairing since eons…
    They are my favs too !!!
    But, Im not going to watch this movie in the theatre…
    Its better at home – accessibility to towels is more at home !!!
    Oh and I cry easily too! 😀 😀
    Thank u dear !!! I’ve company – many, I believe !!!


  7. Count me in Uma. I cry at sad endings and also at happy ones.
    More company here. Maybe we shld all meet and watch some movie together.
    Though weddings don’t make my eyes go misty but I am a big weeping movie buff.
    The last movie I’d wept in was I guess Avatar, that’s probably cause I haven’t seen any sentimental movies since then.
    Yes, the scene where Jake gets into the body of a Navi from the human form – when he just blinks open his eyes – I did wipe a tear or two.
    As far “being hopelessly romantic”, these very words of yours in my comment box motivated me to post the final part of my story “by the sea” within twelve hours of publishing my previous part 😀 😀
    Of course, I read it, too !!! Every story of yours shows what a true romantic you are, at heart.


  8. I dont need an excuse to cry….when I see my kids hugging each other and sleeping I cry, when I see a beautiful looking flower I blink real bad to keep my tears in…dont ask I’m weird really.
    I dont think thats weird. Its the height of emotion you reach, when you see something so beautiful and touching, that tears just form. Take heart, I am there with you.

    Yeah weddings make me very sentimental too. Movies KJ’s movies dont make me cry all tht much tho I love watching them but Sooraj Bharjaatya movies sure make me cry. Then Taare zameen par has me crying everytime I see tht song Ma.
    Yeah, yeah, that Ma song is really heart-breaking for me. Me cried too.

    I too think I got it from my father…he used to change the channel when really sad scenes came and my sis & I used to get so mad at him, now I know why:-)
    Oh !! Yeah !! you too got it from your dad !! The more I know abt you, the more I want to meet you.

    Very nice topic Uma 😀
    TanQ so much. 🙂


  9. I think I am the only one here who doesn’t like K Jo+ SRK.
    Hey !!! Thats OK !!! Since you’ve written you too are the cry types, I am happy with more company !!!
    Send those chappals and eggs across. I know I deserve them 🙂
    I cry during sad scenes too 😀
    Gud to know that !!! 😉


  10. I dont cry at movies; I weeep !!! 😀 😀 😀 I even cry watching Lion King !!! 😀 😀
    You are an extremist in the literal sense. Doing everything in the extreme way !!! But does Lx know abt this ???? 🙄

    But somehow, I didnt cry watching MNIK ! None of those scenes made me emotional ! But as mentioned, I wept while watching K3G !! 😀 😀 😀 I guess I cry more at family melodramas; love scenes dont move me at all !!!
    So, goes to prove that you are more family oriented !!! 🙂


  11. Awwwww Uma….
    Kramer Versus Kramer was a total tearjerker for me. I was crying for two days.
    OMG, Agnes, you cried for two days ???? I still haven’t done something like that !!!!


  12. I am too a very emotional person by heart…and whenever i see any senti scene in movies(specially Hindi) i have no control over my sis,mom and me we are all same in family 😛
    See, this trait runs in the genes. 😉 Language is no barrier for me. Even if I dont understand and its quite touching, tears just fall over. I once cried during a French movie, in some channel. 😆


  13. I Have cried a lot watching hero getting hit by bad guys for none of his mistake… Eg:muthu… With rahman’s ‘vidukathaiya’ song in background i cried for buckets 🙂 🙂
    I remember that day, Chennai was flooded, right ????? 😉
    nowadays i feel like crying at few scenes that too mother based on sports… But tears wont roll out from my eye… Maybe my eyes doesn’t like to waste water 😉
    So, you’ve changed your ways – as Masood told its like the scene choked your throat, but didnt make you cry.
    But surely i can’t cry like you for the whole film… You seem to be cried for whole of the MNIK 😆 😆
    That you’ve to learn from the expert – ME !!!! Absolutely, cried till the end. 😆


  14. Me too 🙂 Me too 🙂 I do this very often, and I have gotten really better.
    Gotten better at crying or in avoiding the tears ???? 😉 But, to think all of us have so much emotions tucked inside and at the slightest pull, the tears just roll out. After all, we are normal.


  15. I haven’t seen the movie and am very clear am not watching it in future as well. Though very unlike me but am quite adamant in not seeing it!!!
    Kya determination, Smita. The moment I decide not to see a movie, I’ll be seeing it a half dozen times. Really, it happens with me. 😉
    And yes I have cried many a times during movies. Every time I see HAHK and the death sequence of Renuka Sahane I drop a tear here n there!! I cried in TZP as well!! I rememebr rying in Ishwar!! Guess some movies are so well made that they tug your heart!! 🙂
    Oh !!! HAHK – whenever me and my girls are bored, we watch it and cry towards the end. TZP – cried esp during the song Ma.


  16. You are exactly like my mom who cries at the drop of a hat. Not just movies, my mom cries when we do well in exams, when I got a job..endless. I sometimes wonder whether she had such low expectations of us that she displays any small feat of ours with bucketloads of tears!!!! 😀
    LW, she’ll be crying out of joy, when u do well in exams. I also do. When some teacher appreciates my daughter, the tear will be waiting to fall, throat choking – its a feeling of pride and happiness.

    I don’t cry really..not many movies & not for MNIK. Books yes..A LOT. Especially ones related to friendship, betrayal..don’t even get me started. Like Agnes, I cried for nearly 2-3 days when I read ‘Kite Runner’ cos I felt terrible for Hassan. So many other books have left me weepy and the books totally wet.
    So, you too cried for 2-3 days, eh ???? Oh !! yeah, books are powerful tools that can make me cry too. 🙂 Wet books !!! LOL 😆
    I loved this post Uma:-)
    Thank you !!! (wiping a tear off my eye)


  17. Of course I do! But so that no one in the theatre finds out, I have these subtle moves to wipe away my tears!! :d
    Welcome to the club, dear. Many are here, like us !!! 🙂

    Also, I purposely did not read ur entire blog coz I am yet to watch the movie!
    When are u going ???? Take a lot of tissues.


  18. I think I am one of those people who have dams built in their eyes 😥 I can cry at the drop of a hat…happy, sad, angry….I cry!!!
    HA HA HA !!!! Yes, even I do !!!
    Romantic movies make me weep madly!
    Here’s a toast to you, for being bilkul like me !!!


  19. Awww! I used to be like this – I used to cry at all the mushy movies but somehow I hardly do these days 😦
    You’ve become better, but I am in the same pit.
    I remember when I saw K3G – I actually got bored! I just wanted to get out of the cinema 🙂

    So MNIK made you cry 🙂 I have been hearing great reviews of it 🙂
    Yeah, movie is fine to watch once. But I watched twice !!!


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