Is Beauty skin-deep ????

In movies and serials, I see actors feigning sleep with full makeup – to make the eyes look more beautiful, even when it is closed and acting like sleeping. The eye-shadow matches the dress.  OMG !!! The hair is combed to perfection and the clothes are perfectly matched with ear-rings, hair-bands and even slippers.  Does anybody sleep like this, in real life – I really doubt it.

I just ran to look at myself in the mirror and how ghastly I look !!!!  That was one faded pant and T-shirt bought a decade ago. The hair was messy and could really make use of the comb. Except for the bindi on the forehead, the face really lacked any kind of cosmetics.  I just compared this picture of myself to that person on the screen, sleeping beautifully.

Maybe, I’ll go and wash my face and make it look little better.  And since the days are getting hotter in the humid Chennai, the skin becomes so sticky by evenings and the frequent face washing becomes a ritual.

There, I feel refreshed after the cold water splashing on my face !!!

Am I looking better now ???? I inspect myself in the mirror.

I don’t have the same skin, which I had when I was much younger. Of course, skin has aged, given way to wrinkles, which only I can see. 😉

Otherwise, it seems to be pretty Ok, except for those white patches, which really make me feel cosmetically low at times.  I worry about those patches all the time. I start taking allopathy medicines and will look into the mirror everyday for changes to happen. But, it never gave me the required effect.

When I switched to alternative medicine, not a day will pass, without me inspecting myself in the mirror. And how wish that those patches will vanish.

People generally dont ask me about it in the first meeting with me. But, in due course, they’ll gently prod me to explain the white patches. First, it was quite irritating explaining to people about it, now I’ve learnt to smile at them without answering and just leave it at that.

Just then, came S, calling out – Hey !!! Beautiful !!! Where are you ????

I was dumbstruck. Here I am, looking at the mirror, to really see whether I look good with my refreshed face, with my white patches and all and look at him, calling me Beautiful !!!!

The moment he saw that I was inspecting my face, he knew what was going on in my mind.  He made me absolutely feel better and beautiful with his explanation.

What are you to the loved ones around you- only skin, bones, height, colour, beautiful dress, face with makeup, high-heeled shoes ????  Beauty is not skin-deep. It goes beyond that.

Beauty goes beyond the skin to the depths of the heart and mind.

It goes on to fill every meal you cook with love.

Beauty is in the consideration and love, you show to the loved ones.

Beauty is when you sit next to the person through the night, when they are not well.

Beauty is when you go mad with joy, for the excellence loved ones achieve in life.  By doing all these, you are beautiful.

You are silly worried about the patches on the skin. I am happy with this beautiful woman, who has made my life a green patch for me to enjoy.

More than the cosmetics and all, there is a beautiful you inside !!!!

Then, when he went to watch TV, he saw the lady sleeping with makeup and said, Doesn’t she look so old ????   😉 😉


44 Replies to “Is Beauty skin-deep ????”

  1. I feel beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, how else do all mothers find all their children good looking? When we are really close to someone then the way we laugh, talk, move, turn, sit, argue… every little thing and the comfort level and just being able ‘to be us’ with that person makes the person most beautiful. It’s unfortunate, I feel for anybody who misses this eternal beauty of a close, loving relationship.


    1. Between mother and her kids, the relationship is so special that the mother always finds her child to be precious and beautiful. Even my mother thinks like that today !!!

      But for S to think beyond those patches, really warms my heart. 🙂


  2. Wah, What words? I am so glad S makes u feel better on that count. I know that u still have ur doubts with regards to that. I will call u with some details.


  3. Deeply touching post reflecting the all encompassing love of your hubby! you are truly beautiful in your writings, and must be more so in person for all that love you, and for readers like us that enjoy the glimpses of ur life here! White spots are nothing Ums! Keep that chin up, woman! You are worth much more than outward looks!!


  4. Lovely.
    In those movies/soaps you’re talking about mothers look only about 10 years older than their daughters. And everyone wakes up with perfect hair LOL.
    Real life is way more fun 🙂


    1. Yes, indeed, reel life can never be real life. And thank you.

      Agnes, need to tell you – my daughters are so crazy abt you – they love your gravataar and your pics which you post. You have 2 great fans down here. 🙂


  5. I will say everyone is beautiful.It is a persons confidence, the way he behave \ interact with others makes him\her beautiful(may be stunning look helps him\her to get initial attention,Afterwards it is fully depended on the way she behaves makes her look better).loved the way your better half explained .Can’t add anything more than that, No one can make you feel better than the way he did…

    @ patch – Try something like Nomarks and also it is always better to clean your face before go to bed…..if you go to bed with heavy makeup….then prepare for something worst\ disastrous in near future 🙂


  6. What a beautiful post Uma 😀
    We all know it well and understand it in full sense that “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”.

    But when it comes to judging our own selves all these theories seem to vanish in thin air (We all know how to find flaws invisible to anyone else but ourselves).

    Loved the sweet reassuring way your hubby explained it to you. It’s the reassurance and loving support that does the magic 😀 😀

    Keep smiling 🙂



  7. If your husband actually told you this… he is worth his weight in gold…!! 😀 no, make that priceless!!! 🙂 🙂

    and he’s right of course!

    P.S.: U shud see what these tv actresses look like without makeup 🙄 u’d have a heart attack! 😯 😛


  8. There’s perfection in imperfection!!:) Very beautiful post and I think by now, the whole world knows that ladies in serials are so artificial, yet the directors/producers always portray them the same way. Always ready for a grand party:D


  9. IHM just stole my words and thought and put it right up there… mmmm…
    Reminded of the Akbar-Birbal story. same thing about mothers for whom their kids are the most beautiful things in this world, however dark/brown/fair/patchy/pimpled they are …Ah!!

    It’s the media doing all this to the brain, and the fair and lovely ads …
    S u are gr8, just perfect 🙂 Lucky girl Umss …..



  10. Ok, how long did it take you to teach him those sentences ????

    I can imagine you writing all those in a notebook and S walking to and fro trying to learn it by heart !!! 😀 😀 😀


  11. Awwww…. how cute are you?!!
    you are beautiful Ums! don’t you worry about that!
    And what S has said – “AWWWWWWWWWW” again!
    What he says is right! You are so much more beautiful because of your inner beauty, your goodness and your ability to smile and make others smile!



  12. What a heart warming post…
    If you have love in your life, whether from family or friends, nothing else matters. Don’t we keep reading and hearing about some beautiful actresses spending their last part of lives friendless and loveless? Tragic, na?


  13. I missed a few of your posts, Uma. This is such a beautiful post! Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and it is beyond skin level beauty! You said it so beautifully!

    S’s words must have made you feel so wonderful 🙂 I think, our near and dear ones will always seem beautiful to us, because what we see is beyond skin deep 🙂


  14. uma, i ike you and remember you still than all of our classmates not because of that you are fairer,you dressed well, you were the topper in our class and ofcourse beautiful
    but only because
    you were so humane ,always came forward to share your knowledge ,being open minded to talk,your consoling words and above all treating everyone equally.
    and thats why our friendship has blossomed again after 20 years.


    1. Dhana, here is a big hug from me to you, on this special comment !!! You’ve made me so happy today with your words and yes, our friendship does mean a lot to me 🙂

      Thanks for being there for me 🙂


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