Ads – iLike & iNoLike

If there is anything that I get hit with everyday, is the Ads that torment me, when I am glued to my favourite Nigella’s cookery show.  The Ads just zoom on to you, when she is about to explain the marinade or the icing.  Che !!! Now I’ve to wait for a few more minutes to get back into that cooking mood.

But, I don’t mind the break when the following Ads are shown, because I love watching them, again and again.


1. Limca :

The tagline is Fresh Hojao and the Ad just does that – It just freshens up the whole living room.  Everytime, they splash water on each other, I feel that I am getting wet – such is the impact.  The actors have also done a fantastic job.

2. Airtel

Every Ad made for Airtel, touches my heart in some eloquent way. The meaning so deep, yet the Ad is so simple and heartwarming. How do these people do such awesome Ads again and again ???

3. The Hutch with the Pug

You and I
In this Beautiful World
Green Grass
Blue Skies
In this Beautiful World
You and I
In this Beautiful World

WOW, One of the best made Ads, which made the Pug quite famous. The bond between a boy and the dog, is best shown and people were able to instantly relate to it, which made it quite successful.

4. Amul

Be it the butter / dhoodh / anything, these Amul Ads are quite wonderful !!!

5. Incredible India

This is India in myriad colours and spectacular places. Indians should take pride in protecting these wonderful places, animals, tribes of India. India showcased the best !!!!

There are so many variations in this Incredible India and each one of them, I assure you, is so mesmerising and wonderful !!!!



1. The Fairness Creams
If there is any product that has sold beyond the growth %, it is these fairness products. We, as Indians, are totally addicted to the fair colour and companies have made use of this addiction, quite well. While Indians want to become fair, the fairer skin wants to tan. Its always wanting what we are not.

BTW, just a harmless simple question – Does this fairness cream work well in Africa too ???? 😉

And the craze for fair skin has got into the Indian male too !!!

2. Chocolate Deo

This ad won a Gold Lion at the Cannes International Advertising Festival, 2008. Maybe it was adjudged the best for the use of such an idea. But I just cant stand it – somehow, this Ad makes me puke.

3. Amul Macho

I think that the Ads for lingerie need to be very decent. But these two Ads with the dirty tagline – Crafted for fantasies, makes me quickly change the channel !!! And I curl from inside, if I have to watch this Ad with my daughters.

4. Bingo

If there can be a silly and infuriating Ad, then its the Bingo chips Ad. Everytime I see this Ad, it makes my blood boil – how silly can this be !!!

5. Harpic / Domex Toilet Cleaner

Eeeks !!! I dont like the way they’ve animated the germs and how they dance in glee !!! The dislike towards this Ad is more, as I find an increase in the frequency of telecast during lunch / dinner times. Maybe, those are the prime slot viewing times but it is disgusting to watch those Ads while eating.

Disclaimer :
I perfectly understand the difficulties involved in making an Ad film. Its the toughest job. The attention of the audience need to be captured within a minute or less and also the message sent across. And people are being very creative in designing these Ads. I appreciate the effort of everyone involved in such creations.

Those Ads which I’ve listed as iNoLike, are a big No-No from my personal point of view. I don’t have anything against the people who created them all.


43 Replies to “Ads – iLike & iNoLike”

  1. Really,Ads are the most effective way of conveying the message in short time..some of them are really supercool like the one’s which are in your “Like” category…Vodafone ads with pug are my all time favorite 🙂


  2. What about zoo zoos…?? I like it very much 🙂 🙂 :)Me too like airtel and hutch ads much…
    But as i am not watching the tv much not able to recollect others…
    I like one hero honda ad… Where the guy goes all the way to say good night… 🙂 🙂


  3. Nice topic Uma! But I like the Bingo Mad Angle Ads. They always make me laugh (silly though) :-)Have U watched the Madhya Pradesh tourism ad? The expressive eyes doing all the talking..? I love that one. Check it out.

    Whenever the fairness creams/age miracles la-la /shampoo ads come on, I change channels.. Very pompous all!!!


  4. You know what? I totally agree with your list!! I hate all bingo ads!! I also love all ads of cadbury though their standard isn’t as it used to be pehle but still I can not forget it!!

    My all time fav add though is that Titan one!! I wish I cud get that music!!!


  5. Oh yeah, the fairness ads are so pathetic. The most recent being Neutrogena…how can a dusky Deepika Padukone sell a ‘fair’ness cream? Duh Duh! Beyond me.


    1. All in all, the fairness creams ad shld be out of the scene, according to all of us, here !!! But they are best selling products, if I am not wrong !! What wrong conceptions !!! And those celebs in the ads – really bad scene !!!


  6. I love the Limca ad. And not a bit of that new submerged version! Hutch/vodafone featuring the pug is so cute…
    Fairness creams!!!
    But the new Bingo ad, chilly whatever masala flying kiss one is ok. Period!
    Love amul for the song…dood dood dood dood wonderful dood (between how do to spell dood in english dood/dhood/dhoodh?)
    I love all the adds u love in the list:)

    Good day Uma:)


    1. True, didnt like the submerged version of Limca ad.

      Hey, you like that dhoodh song for Amul !!! There used to an Ad to promote the Eggs too – that song is also good. Let me search that !!! 🙂


  7. iHate all those ads u hv mentioned in the nolike part 😉 Bingo .. may be nt so much, but the others bug yes! Esp. the fairness ones and the lingerie ones. The Axe effect ones too … as though women r so cheap eh? Thatz the worst!!!

    Incredible India ads r really too gud 🙂


    1. Yeah, Swaru, women cant be typecasted so cheap to have fantasies with the male lingerie !!!

      Yes, Incredible India Ads – there are many available and each one is so gud. 🙂


  8. Oh how sad that I don’t get to see any Indian ads here,as they are cut out from the cable channels! 😦 fairness ads are very demeaning and perhaps shd be banned! i love my chapati colour thank u very much!hrmph! And I am now going to open each and every ad to get a feel of TV back home….Mmmm…Thank U! 🙂


  9. I like all that you like and dislike all your nolike list too 🙂 It just reminded me how much I miss Indian ads. We get wierd British Asian ads which are so cringeworthy!! I can’t even begin to describe. Maybe I should look them up on youtube and do a post – some of them are so awful I wonder who on earth would buy the products after seeing such inane ads 🙂

    The ads for fairness creams are the worst in your list. I just wish they did not market it so. It is such a sad sad message that gets sent out.


  10. I really wish that they had a separate channel for ads. Yeah then how will they generate interest? I have an idea for that too. I feel for that time, the channel should blank out and the ads should be aired on another channel. If the viewer wants, he can go and see it there. 😀
    Me and my silly ideas!


  11. I too like all the ads u mentioned but also like the Bingo mad angles ad…the one with the boy & girl standing on the balcony and the boy’s pocket catches fire :-D. Seriously where do they pick the correct for the role actors 😮
    Then I also like the Jaago re ads, Bell lajao ads and the latest Kurkure rajma ad…have u seen tht…hilarious I tell u 😀


    1. You like that Bingo Ad ???? Me – NoLike !!!! 😦

      Absolutely Jaagro re, Bell bajao, Hindustan times – ads that make u sit up and take notice. Good ones !!!

      Kurkure rajma ad – yet to see !!! 🙂
      Saw the Kurkure ad, just after writing this comment. Bollywood can be made fun in any way !!!


  12. Ayyo romba thanks… I starve here for Indian ads and you showed some of my fave ones 🙂 Btw katti…katti…you don’t like Fevicol ads?? they are just freaking creative.

    I hate all the Axe ads…it’s cheap and XXX rated and not suitable for TV I must say.


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