Heart-out Post !!!

Whats all this hungama for Valentine’s day ???  Actually, I’ve never been interested in it, when I was a teenager or much later, too.

Even when I was engaged or after I got married, it was never so special in our lives.

For us (me and S), everyday is Valentine’s day !!!  😉  Every day of our life, is a wonderful day to express the love towards the better half.

And Love cannot be re-inforced just by giving flowers, Card, Chocolates or Red Heart Shaped Balloon on one fine Feb 14th every year.

Love for each other should be nourished everyday through a simple glance, a gentle touch, a warm bear hug, a caring shoulder and a loving word.





As the number of subscriptions to blogs increases day by day, in my Google Reader, I’ve so much to read whenever I sit in front of my computer.  And since all that you write is so interesting that I am unable to leave the page to for a quick snack in-between my breakfast and lunch. That cut in the junk food has led to some weight loss !!! Because of Blogging,  I am Dieting !!! Great, na !!! 😉


    Can’t resist adding this – I’ve finally gained myself a Reading Glasses !!!! 😉

    But certainly I’ve chosen a better stylish frame than this !!! Chose this picture for the impact the frame gives !!!!



 Wanted to share this joke, which happened in Sh’s class.

Sh sits next to V.  Its a chair cum desk kind of table and two children sit in one.  One day, V didn’t give enough space for Sh to sit comfortably. So, Sh requested her.

Sh : Please move a little bit, so that I can also sit properly.

V : No, I cannot move, M’am will scold me. (She is referring stupidly to the fact that the teacher had told them not to change places, without informing her).

Sh : I am not asking you to move out of this place, just move a little bit.

V : No, I cannot.

Sh : (Temper flaring) OK !!! Stick your bum to the chair, I’ll get you fevicol tomorrow.

After that V moved and Sh got place to sit well.

When Sh told me this, back from school, I couldn’t help laughing out aloud. LOL 😆


Finally, I am so happy to inform you all that this is my Quasquicentennial Post !!!  😉

17 Replies to “Heart-out Post !!!”

    1. Oops sorry! I cud nt c the comment before 😛 U cn delete one of them 😉
      Me : Yeah, gone to SPAM. By the time, I retrieved it, you had commented again. So, I deleted one of them. 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Saw u first on most blogs today 😉 Gr8 to b first here 😉
      Me : Today was No-Maid and No-Cooking Day !!! Yippeee !!! So, was stuck to the comp and hence all the firsts !!! Otherwise, I’ll be quite late !!!! 🙂


  1. LOL … nice mixed bag here 😉
    I hv nothing fixed for V-day. If I feel like celebrating I do else let it go like any other day, which is anyways beautiful too 😛 So, me like neutral 😀
    Me : Gud for ppl like us – we can celebrate everyday, you see !! 😉

    2nd one .. LOL WTG Uma 🙂
    Me : Actually, I’ve prevented weight gain – thats also one kind of dieting, na ??? 😉

    Plsss put a pic of ur glasses here na 🙂
    Me : OOPS !!! Noooooo !!!!! 🙂

    Wonder y that girl did nt want to move n give space 🙄
    Me : Silly reasons, silly fights are a big thing in this age group. Its part of growing up.

    Hey congrats! Thatz a milestone 🙂 🙂
    Me : TanQ !! TanQ !!! 🙂


  2. LOL on Sh’s joke, really well done Sh 😉
    Me : Yes, will pass on that to Sh – she’ll be thrilled that my friends are appreciative of her !!!! 🙂

    Nice to hear blogging has been a diet booster for you.
    Me : Absolutely, looking at the positive side of everything, you see… 😉

    And congrats on the posting milestone Uma…
    Me : Thank u so much.


  3. Nice bunch of ineresting things here, Uma. I love posts like these!
    Me : Quite like the rant post, but much more fun to write !!! 🙂

    Congratulations on your Quasquicentennial Post 🙂
    Me : Thanks a lot.

    So reading glasses 🙂 As Swaram says, pls do put pics of the glasses 🙂
    Me : Not here – maybe on FB !!! Let me see…it all depends on how I look. 😉

    I used to wear glasses to look older – I used to look younger than I am and I used to hate it when I was working 🙂
    Me : Oh God !! Now, will I look older than what I am ???? I hope that frame suits me !!!

    That girl is Sh’s class is funny 🙂 I remember incidents like this in school – we used to mark our areas on the desk – this side mine and that side the other 🙂
    Me : Bench-marking !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


  4. Congrats on the quas…wht’s that post??!!!!
    Me : This is my 125th post !!! And, thank you !!! 🙂

    hey, same scen here with V-day for us! never been important!!! and Lol abt the kids! 🙂 🙂 hehe!
    Me : 🙂 🙂 🙂


  5. V-day… Me too never consider it as an important day… Anyway there is no reason to be… Hehehe 🙂 🙂
    Me : No reasons YET…but there might be… 😉

    And you Have got reading glasses… Hope its good… Not like the one in pic :mrgreen:
    Me : Certainly not that frame. But I am praying that it’ll suit me, as I am paying so much for it. 🙂

    This is your 125th post, right? Congrats… Congrats… 🙂 write more and more 🙂 🙂
    Me : TanQ..TanQ 🙂

    And for that girl… Glad there are only 2… We will sit 4 in a row… And there is always this pushing thing… Good old days 🙂 🙂
    Me : So much fun to laugh and enjoy now !!


  6. Congratulations Uma on your 125th post and for loosing weight cause of blogging.
    That sounds simply awesome!!
    Me : Thank u so much !!!

    Enjoyed the cute tid-bit you shared from Sh’s class 😀
    Me : We were all laughing so much abt the fevicol joke !!!

    Have fun and keep up the good work 🙂



  7. A lot of us never get gifts from our spouses, Uma 😛
    Me : Some two years back, my daughter was so adamant that S gets me a red rose. And to satisfy her, he got the rose. Hmm…Waiting for one more rose….

    V day is made for people like us so that the media can remind our husbands to buy us the ‘one rose’.
    Me : I am waiting for that one rose !!!! 😉

    PS: TS bought me a dozen roses and said,”One rose for each month of this year”. You get that…I will get no more roses this year, unless I demand or buy them on my own 😀
    Me : ROFL @ your TSism !!!! He gave the roses in advance !!! 😆

    And the blog causing weight loss is an AMAZING discovery. 😀
    Me : Yes, its working for me !!! 🙂

    Oh and yes, I’m BACK 🙂
    Me : Am glad abt it.


  8. Quasqu..what!!! Congrats..reason for celebration is always good.
    Me : Just wanted to increase the suspense, thats all. Its the 125th post. And thank u.

    What a way to lose weight!:-) So yet another advantage of blogging huh?! You could patent this. Have never heard this before.
    Me : Patent this ??? WOW !!! You’ve given me a brilliant idea !!! 🙂

    ” Lose 4 kgs in just 40 posts!! 😉 ”
    Me : ROFL 😆


  9. V day, yeah, it holds no charm anymore.
    Me : True !!! 🙂

    OMG for the glasses. Really? Pls send a pic.
    Me : If I look gud, then I’ll send. Otherwise, come and see for yourself.

    Shalu is just too much!
    Me : That incident is the Joke of the Week !!! 🙂

    I had to google Quasquicentennial. Woooo Hoooooooo!!!
    Me : Did it on purpose !!! 🙂


  10. Thats what people say when they have either forgotten the day or when hey have nothing to do on that day !!!
    Me : Its like every other day for us !!!
    feb 14 is a very very special day in my life and I celebrate it every year – its my moms bday 🙂
    Me : Thats wonderful !!! Aunty, Happy Belated Bday to you !!! 🙂 So, Vimmuuu, what did u get your mom, for her bday ????

    Dieting because of blogging; this is what butterfly effect is na ?? 😀
    Me : Something like that !!!! 🙂

    You have become old…dont worry…even my grandmom has one ! 😀
    Me : Reading glasses are quite common !!!
    Sh is reading blogs, huh ?? 😀 😀 😀
    Me : Sometimes, when I write abt her !!! 🙂


  11. I don’t have a single Valentine Bone in my body 😆 It’s such a boring idea to celebrate something like love on only one day!!
    Me : Very true !!! Thats why for us, every day is Valentine’s day !!

    OMG Quasquicentennial???? With my limited angrezi knowledge I first thought you are talking about some arabic thing and then had to ask the mahaan know it all Google to enlighten me :mrgreen: Congrats on your 125th post and am waiting for mine to use this fandu word Quasquicentennial….
    Me : Thank u so much !!! 🙂

    Note: am pretty sure it will take me a couple of years to reach that number 😛
    Me : I was also like that – very slow in posting. Once I did NaBloPoMo. After that my speed of posting has increased. All the very best to you !!


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