Fight of Survival.

Yesterday, I was witness to one of the rare fights, which I’ve never seen before, in my life !!!!

Na, this was not a fight between human beings !!!

It was one fight for survival for the two baby pigeons, when they were attacked by the scavenger crows !!!

And, My God, I was amazed to see the docile pigeons, fight against the crows with such show of valour and courage. It was a sight to see and behold !!!

When I shifted to this home, I had put up the outdoor unit of my Split AC, in the window dent. And I never thought in my widest imagination, that I’ll be helping a mother pigeon to build its nest in the protective place, this AC’s outdoor unit offered.

Here are the baby pigeons, just outside my window, which I’ve tried my best to capture, without disturbing them.  May God bless them and help them in their fight for survival against the scavengers, till they find their wings to fly !!!! 🙂


33 Replies to “Fight of Survival.”

  1. We had something similar in our balcony but eventually they turned out to be a pain! They spoiled all our plants etc….we finally had to scare them away. But yes I have seen how the mother pigeon protects the baby.


  2. Nice one to read Uma. Are your girls enjoying the pigeons?

    When we visited my aunt once, she had a squirrel regularly coming to their deck to eat the bread they gave. A and S were so fascinated; A thinks that squirrels eat bread.


  3. Aww! That is so sweet! My mother had a bulbul that used to build a nest every year in the garden 🙂 When we were young, we used to wait for it 🙂 It used to be such an exciting time! We even used to try and feed the baby birds when their mother(and ours) was away


  4. Hmmmm its always an awe-inspiring sight to see a mother fighting to protect her chicks. I too have pigeons outside my bedroom windows…there are ALWAYS eggs at any 1 window which the mother will be guarding over. Its a pain really but I tolerate them for the kids. They love to see the progress of the eggs to chicks to flying away 🙂


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