An Amateur’s Guide to Publishing Posts !!

I was this naïve blogger, once upon a time, where I was not aware of the Blog adda or the Indiblogger or any such blogger communities. When I started blogging, I used to write 10-line posts, because I felt long posts are boring.

Then, slowly and surely, when I started getting some readership and when I started reading other blogs, I came to know a lot about blogs, the communities and of course, made a lot of friends.  And sure enough, those wonderfully designed blogs, the looong posts, the  readership that blog got and the number of mind-boggling comments, certainly had a great influence on me and I too wished many a things, for my blog.

That was the time, I registered with Blog adda and Indiblogger !! And I was so thrilled to get my blog-rank  !!! Then, I became curious about the Alexa Rank, Google Rank and did a great many research on all those things.  Then, when all this went above my head to comprehend, I just left it.

Generally, I prepare a draft, when a thought or an idea, strikes me.  And the day I wish to publish a post, I choose from my many drafts, edit it, add pics and all.  So, by the time I publish, it will be nearing noon time, in India.

Then one day, purely by coincidence, I  just tried with the Schedule option for Publishing posts. So, to use that option, I scheduled my post for publishing,  on the next day early morning.  The quick response I got, for this post, made me think more. 

Also, even NaBloPoMo suggests that we publish during the early part of the day.

Many a times, I have wondered and felt, and seen for real, that those blog posts which I schedule for publish at early morning hours, does get good response and that too quickly. 

So, here’s the amateur’s (of course, its ME) guide to get the quick response to your blog post :

1. The first and most important recommendation is that – You should try to publish your post very early in the day.

  • Then, all the Google Readers or any Reader or Feed in which ppl have subscribed to your URL, will get updated within a max of one hour’s time.
  • It’s possible to catch those readers in the other side of the Globe, when they login one last time, before heading back home. Those ppl should probably be your first few readers.  Isn’t this a great idea ???
  • Then, by 9am, starts the flow of Indian readers, who login into their Readers at office, even before they sign their attendance registers. 😉

2. You can also choose a non-English title for your post – Try a title in your mother-tongue or Greek or Latin.  This will make ppl more curious and they might opt to read your blog first among the list of blogs to read. Howzaat ????

3. Make sure you complement your blog with lots of pictures.  Make it visually attractive, too. People who are in a hurry, might give a cursory glance to the writeup, but will surely see the lovely accompanying pics.  They might even leave a simple comment as “Lovely pics”.  It’s true. I swear it.

4. There are so many people out there, who search for popular Actors, Celebrities, Tourist Places, Food Dishes, Recipes and any parental topic, in Google / Bing or any search engine.  So, try to include anyone of the above, in some way into your post. You can include comments by celebrities on the topic you are writing. Or ask the readers, what if such a celebrity gets stuck in such a situation – what will be the reaction ?? 

So you see, all the search results, might bring in more people and in effect more readers to your blog.  Even now, the post I did about Rajnikanth, 2 months back, keeps getting me readers !!! 😉  See, I indirectly, linked this post to a Celebrity Actor !!! HA HA HA !!!! 😆

So, in effect, my strong suggestion is to – Catch the readers early !! This is possible if you publish by early morning.

Of course, for that, you should be ready with your post, by the previous day itself. Do the spell check, read and edit, check the preview to see if the pics are showing as per your needs – then schedule for a publishing time.

Come on, Go Ahead !! Follow this guide, if you want !!! Be sure to get more publicity as MNIK is getting now !!!  😉 😉

Edited to add :

My dear friends,

Had a hectic weekend, so was held up.  I had scheduled this post for publishing, so didn’t change it.  When I couldn’t login for 3 days and nights, after this post was published, it was torture for me.

I really wanted to connect with the blogoworld, irrespective of the readership in my blogs. It was only a different view on the blogs and readership activities.

I certainly blabber my thoughts and my ideas, in these pages of mine. Its what I want to write, that makes a difference to me.

I’ve collated those points, from my observation, nothing more than that.

So, lets write our mind and be happy with that !!! 🙂

Thank you so much, to everyone, who have shared their thoughts with me. 🙂


34 Replies to “An Amateur’s Guide to Publishing Posts !!”

  1. I must be the most boring blogger, I think. I don’t do drafts, I just write stuff, spur of the moment and post regardless of what time it is. I know nothing about SEO and google. I love blogging but I don’t like the “monitoring my blog” part, so I just skip it altogether. In other words: I have a lot to learn from you!


  2. Good to hear your tips Uma. I consider my blogging space still quite private. It was very hard for me to start blogging at all, in fact I used to leave comments just with my name and realized that I need to create a personality online when commenting at least. Blogging has been good for me so far, but I am yet to decide why exactly I am blogging…


  3. That is some serious blogging gyaan. U know what a computer guggu I am. A lot of the stuff u wrote, went over my head. I will call u for a detailed scaled-down version of this post!!! 😀 Ha ha ha!!!


  4. hmmm… good tips… but I normally publish my posts once I finish writing it… which will be always late night…

    at times I schedule… but the thing is my draft will be empty… lot of times I forgot the topics to write 😀 😀

    what you said about celebrities is quite right… and also film titles help…. I am getting hits for Avatar daily… 🙂 🙂


  5. Woohoo! U hv done a lot of research there Ums 🙂
    I think am with Ash n Hitchu though 😛 Never cracked my head abt all these 😉
    I use scheduling only for my bday and anniversary posts sometimes 🙂

    Like the idea of the title thing btw 😉 😉


    1. Yeah, read so many things and finally came to the decision that all those are not worth it, if I dont get satisfaction out of my blog pages. 🙂

      The idea of an amateur – can certainly be amateurish !!!! 🙂


  6. Wow! wonderful blogging tips Uma 😀
    I sometimes do read such tips from blogging experts, but no matter how many tips I read, my work life takes toll on my plans 🙂
    As far writing drafts, I get super-excited to see what my readers have to say that I can’t resist the temptation to post it right away.

    Great tip about the pictures and choosing title in languages other than English 😀



  7. Nice post. I have never given so much thought to it at all. I like the idea of using titles in mother-tongue etc..hahaha! In the ends, alls fair I guess to attract some more attention 🙂


  8. Ai maaa…!!! I feel like a totally brainless blogger now! I wish I were more professionla about it! And had a more crisp style of writing, and better organisational skills…but alas and alack…I am doomed to be a very “spur of the moment” writer…typos and all…tch! Shame on me!!!! 😦


    1. Hey Indy !!! Gud to see u after ur trip !!!

      Actually, I like the way you just spurt out things – thats ur style and it suits u perfectly well. Dont learn all these amateur’s jargon !!!

      Its always feels better to write the heart out !!!! 🙂


  9. That was some research Uma! I always write on the spur of the moment 🙂 I finish most of my posts in under 15 minutes – if it gets delayed, it just sits in my drafts and then I delete it someday, when I feel like ‘cleaning’ things up 🙂

    So I never ever have posted very early in the morning 🙂 But very interesting all the same – the way people have analysed it 🙂


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