Simple thing – Simple post.


Have you listened to this song, anytime ???? I think many of you would have listened to the hindi version.  It lists all the simple things which brings in so much pleasure and smiles !!!  🙂 😛 😀 🙂

(My simple translation in blue 🙂 🙂 🙂 )

Chinna china asai…siragadikkum asai   The small wishes that is ready to flutter the wings
Muthu muthu asai ..mudinthu vaitha asai  Those wishes that have been tied inside
Vennilavu thottu muthamida asai  Just wish to touch the white moon and kiss it
Ennai intha bhoomi sutri vara asai  I wish that the earth goes around me

Malligai poovai… maari vida asai  I wish to change into a jasmine flower
Thendralai kandu maalai ida aasai  I wish to find and garland that gentle breeze
Meganagalai ellam, thottu vida asai I wish to touch all those clouds
Sogangalai ellam vittu vida asai I wish to leave all those sadness
Kaar kuzhalil ulagai katti vida asai  And I wish to tie this world with my jet black hair.

Chinna china asai…siragadikkum asai
Muthu muthu asai ..mudinthu vaitha asai
Vennilavu thottu muthamida asai
Ennai intha bhoomi sutri vara asai

Setru vayaladi natru nada asai  I wish to play in the marshy fields and plant those saplings
Meen pidithu mendum aatril vida asai  I wish to catch the fishes and leave them back in the river
Vaanavillai konjam uduthi kola asai  I wish to wear the rainbow
Pani thulikul naanum paduthu kolla asai  I wish to sleep inside the dew drop

The picturisation is fantastic and ARR became a big hit with this movie ROJA !!! I just love this song !!!

This is the song, I humm while I walk in the evenings !!!

While singing this song in my mind, I see the sky painted in shades of red, orange, blue, grey !!! What a riot of colours during sunset !! Its indeed one of the best snap shots of nature. I feel so good walking watching the myriad of colours in the sky.  And those lovely birds chirping and going back to their nest  –  all in all, its a sight to treasure and hold it close to the heart.

The view from my balcony is something fantastic and I just love to sit there in solitude with a cup of tea in my hand !!!  And the newspaper with all my favourite coloumns is certainly a great accompaniment.  Here’s the treat I got from Nature, for getting up early morning, last weekend. And I made sure to capture those fantastic moments in my camera. The whole day was beautiful, fantastic after this visual treat from the Sun God !!!!


Its only the simple things, that matter.

Its only the simple things that are beautiful.

Enjoy them all and have a great day !!! 🙂


32 Replies to “Simple thing – Simple post.”

  1. Awesome pics 🙂
    And I’ve watched this entire film in Tamil first so I know what u mean. In fact the whole point of the film is that Roja does not know how to speak Hindi hence the problems she faces, that got completely diluted when the entire film got dubbed into Hindi! 😦


  2. One of ARR’s best..Beautiful song 🙂 Never knew what ‘kaar kuzhalil’ meant. Hmm..I’m gonna use that henceforth whenever I refer to my hair;-)

    The snaps are lovely, simply great!


  3. Lovely lovely snaps there Uma and nw, u made my day too .. a bright start 🙂
    That song is so beautiful …. it ws our first choice for Antakshari when the movie ws released 😉

    U hv done a wonderful job with the translation .. thanks a lot 🙂


  4. one of the sweetest song composed by ARR…. you know.. thats the first song composed by ARR in filmdom 🙂 🙂

    the photos are really nice… 🙂 🙂 beautiful…


  5. The sun god was out in full splendor 😛 😛

    and yes, that song is a classic………..

    this post about the simple things reminds me of the song from the original cartoon of mogli….. “the bare necessities” 😛 sung by baalu, the bear 😛


  6. I love that song! And for some reason, I like the Tamil version more than the Hindi one. It is a lovely song with such lovely lyrics! Simple pleasures of life.

    The pictures are amazing! Indeed a gift from nature, preserved beautifully by you!


  7. havent heard the tamil version plus dont understand it… but I still love te hindi version of the same… that sunset it sfrom your balcony ?????????

    boy we must have tea there at sunset time !!!!! it must be some view !!!!


    1. You’ll surely like the one you hear for the first time !!! And my fav is the tamil version !!! 🙂

      Yes, these sunrise pics were taken in the morning at abt 6.45 am last weekend. And surely the view is from my balcony !!! Its damn beautiful !! Chai and Newspaper keep me company on the solitude mornings !!! 🙂


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