The SCHOOL !!!

I had a friend’s friend call me recently, to find out about the school in which my daughter studies.  She happens to live in the same area as mine and was quite interested in knowing about this school, to which my daughters go to.  She was contemplating on a school for her kid, who is to join Kinder Garden this year. And, here goes the conversation.

She : Are you happy with the school ????

Me : Absolutely.  Otherwise, I would’ve changed the school. 

She : But, I heard that it is very much into studies. Is it true ???

Me : What do you want a school to do ??? Make your kids study, right ????

She : But, I don’t want them studying all the time.  I want the school to make my child take part in all the extra-curricular activities, too.  I dont want more number of working days and I sure want the fees within my reach, too.

Me : So, you want a school, which makes your child study (read study as extremely well), be highly disciplined, play all kinds of sports, take part in singing, dancing, painting and any such competitions and be an all-rounder – all the while satisfying the other two important criteria, right ???

She : Yeah, something like that.

Me : (thinking to myself) Then whats your role as a Mother ????

The conversation went on like that for some more time, before I cut the line.  I couldn’t take it anymore.

Yes, I agree that the school my daughters go to is academically oriented. I am very happy. Let the school do that job perfectly. If they fail in the basic teaching methodologies, then I don’t have any other option, other than to shift the school.  I am extremely satisfied that the teachers take extra interest in the student’s studies and ask them to stay back after school hours for some time to clear any doubts.  I am happy that they make sure the concepts are understood properly.  When the teachers are being so supportive, I don’t have any reason to worry.

Some ppl tell me that this kind of academic oriented schools pressurize the kids too much. They’ve exams, class tests, assignments, debates, presentations and many more to plan and work for.   Yes, there are a lot of exams and tests.  But, I feel that if I am being supportive of my children, I can ease the pressure on them.  I help my daughter in collecting the info, from which she consolidates for her project. I help her out in whatever way I can – this makes her understand that I am with her always.  And never do I put in the condition, that she needs to score above 90% or 95%.  I keep telling her to understand the concepts and do her best.

And when I go for the parent-teacher meetings, I ask only one question to the teacher – Does she behave well in the class.  Marks can come and go and might not be important to her in the long run towards her ambition, but I want her to be a good human being, sensitive to the ppl around her.

I am quite happy at the way the school encourages extra-curricular activities.  The School takes extra interest in sending the children for Inter-school competitions, conducts debates and essay writing competitions regularly to improve the ability to put across your thoughts in a positive way. 

But, if I think that it is not good enough for my daughter, I can always enroll her in some weekend classes to make her learn music / dance / instrument or anything she wants.  And sometimes, the interest should come from the kids too.

When I shifted from Hyd to Chennai, no school was willing to admit my girls in the middle of the academic year. Every school assured me of a seat in the next academic year and we were not willing to stay in Hyd, while S was already in Chennai.  This school, the branch of the school my daughters study in Hyd, was the only willing school to give admission to both my daughters.  For ppl like me, who shift places, quite often, any school that satisfies the basic criteria of education will do.  And I am extremely happy with the school’s way of functioning and teaching methodologies.

My take on a particular school is not be the same like other parents.  I might like the school for some particular reasons and might be pleased with my expectations being satisfied.  But for other parents, it will be a differnet scenario.  The school could have failed miserably in satisfying some other parent.  So, whats your take on the school scenario ????

And now, my daughters want to learn the Guitar.  I am on the hunt for a good teacher. Wish me luck.  🙂


21 Replies to “The SCHOOL !!!”

  1. I studied in one which struck a wonderful balance between academics and co-curricular activities too and I quite liked it 🙂 Ofcourse, Mom n Dad used to take us to all classes we loved. hvng it in school too ws like icing on the cake 🙂
    And when we hv a kid, for kindergarten atleast, I wud stick to a school where (s)he gets to learn more from outside the syllabus books 😛 😛 Thatz anyway gonna b with u for a long time later 😉


    1. Those schools are becoming a rarity now, Swaram !!! Even, my school did wonders to the shy girl in me. The stress on exams, marks, professional career and all is too much now, that no school is able to maintain a proper balance.

      Anyway, all the very best to you and your LUCKY BABY !!!! 😉


  2. I just loved my school. It really balanced it all out. My only problem with most schools of today is that they promise the heavens, charge fees that would cost the heavens and then really teach nothing. For eg: Sanjana takes tennis lessons in school. All I want to know is: How in heaven’s name the one and a half foot tall kid can even pick up that heavy tennis racket? Is that the lesson for U.Kg? Picking up the tennis racket??

    After doing the rounds of the school’s, I too have come to the conclusion that if they teach the subjects properly, that will be the biggest favor they can do me. The rest of the activities can be taken care of by way of enrolling them based on their interests.

    As usual, I am bowing to you!!! 😀


    1. OMG !!! That tiny Sanjana with her Tennis racket is a sight to see !!!! These schools charge so much telling that they are building an all-rounder out of our kid. And we blindly go for that. Pause and think, whether tennis is Ok for a kid in UKG ????

      Yes, Butterfly, if the schools can teach properly to my kids, thats the greatest help they can do me.

      HE HE HE !!! Bowing ???? Hug me, instead !!! 🙂


  3. Agree with you, Uma. Each parent wants something specific out of the school for the child, and in my opinion, something that can keep children both disciplined and interested is good enough.


  4. As long as kids aren’t bored (no teaching at all) or stressed (too much for them to take), I am fine with any school. Every parent has certain criteria so whatever works for them is good.


  5. I think schools which balance out both aspects – curriculum and teaching along with extra-curricular activites, are good for my daughter. I think both aspects are very important. Things like public speaking, debates etc are very important, in my opinion.

    But some schools that I have seen in India, advertise stuff like Horse riding – and extorts huge fees because of all these ‘activities’. I really wonder if these schools are really worth it.

    I would really want my daughter’s school to be compassionate, with teachers dedicated to the task, rather than people who don’t care about the children.. You know, Uma, it really worries me. Here, it is easy to find out about schools – I really wonder how it is going to be when we move back next year.


  6. yes teaching and education is important… but I hate schools which pressurize and dump a load of exams on students just because they entered 10th or 12th…

    school means… atmost a 8 hour we can spend there.. satying there for night study when the home in reachable distance doesn’t make sense really…

    to me… we must give info on what available to children so they can choose in what they are interested….


  7. This is always up to debate. I have some friends who want the school to do everything for the kids and other friends who want to do more for kids out of school. There is another set of friends who want their children to be in less challenging environment so that they stand out and others who want their children to be challenged. Parenting is very confusing. I had a hard time picking out S’s school last year; between an official magnet school and one that is striving to be one. Finally gave into V’s intuitions and picked the second option because of its more open environment, more lit corridors/classrooms and seemingly more freedom of choice for children.


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