Hot water Luxury!!!

Damn !!! This Power Cut !!!! Why should the power go now ???? Its 8am in the morning and I need to get ready.  Water is quite chill during mornings, now. 

OH !! God !!! What to do ???  I can’t use the Water Geyser, now !!!! 🙄 

After venting out quite a bit about the electricity department, their inefficient ways of functioning, non-intimation of the timings of power cuts and so many related things, I felt much better. 

Then came the realisation that the time is flying and I need hot water. So, I fill up a vessel with water and put it on the gas stove. While the water was heating, my mind went on a nostalgic journey, back in time. 

I very well remember the winter vacations spent in my maternal grandfather’s house. Because of so much open space around, the chillness was quite high those days, compared to now.  And there were about 10 ppl in the house, including me and we all need hot water for a bath.  Its actually a difficult job and will be allotted to everyone in the family in turns.  Why is this job difficult ??? 

Just have a look at this picture.  

We’ve to light a fire of logs and fill in the big copper pot and keep it on this fire stove.  After the water is heated, take out the required hot water onto a bucket and fill in the pot again.  All the while, have an eye on the fire.  It might get off, if water spills while pouring into the pot.  And my grandfather was very particular on how we ignite the fire, maintain the same amount of heat without wasting a lot of fuel ie. logs of wood.  And not to forget the burning of eyes, due to the smoke.  In the end of all this turmoil, the hot water was indeed a luxury. 
It was an entirely different scenario in my paternal grandfather’s house, which is mine, too. We all stayed together. And this is what we used for heating water during the cold winter days. 



 As you can see, there is a cup like thing on top of this boiler.  Its actually the entrance to the cylindrical pipe, into which we need to put in the fuel for fire.  Water is filled around this cylindrical pipe and after heating, the tap is used to take the hot water.  The main fuel used for boiling water was cow dung cakes and sticks and broken branches.  Actually we knew of a carpenter, my grandfather’s friend, who will send home all the wooden waste he has in his workshop.  My grandfather will sit on a wooden stool, next to this boiler and supervise the entire show of filling cold water and taking hot water.  His main job was to put in the cow dung cakes, when required into the cylindrical pipe. 

This was also no less difficult than the previous one. Burning of eyes due to smoke was there in this too.  The ashes need to be cleaned periodically from the base of the cylindrical pipe.  Otherwise, the fire won’t be enough to heat the water.  At the end of the copper water boiler, hot water was indeed a luxury. 

BTW, I want to ask you all, have you had a bath with the water from a hand-drawn well ????? 



If you’ve not, you’ve missed some wonderful thing in life. We had a well in the backyard of our house and believe me, that it will get filled to the brim during rainy season.  You can take water from it, like a bucket !!! It was the most wonderful thing to do.  The most interesting thing is, during summers the water is chill and refreshing, to cool ourselves.  And during winters, its quite warm and nice.  Such is the beauty of nature !!!! 

And to have a bath out of the well, is indeed a luxury. 

The sudden noise from the TV brought me back to the present world. And suddenly I realise that the power has come and I hurriedly run to switch on the Geyser, to have that wonderful hot water bath. 

No logs of wood are used, no cowdung cakes either and neither did I draw water from the well. 

Isn’t this hot water from the Geyser a luxury, now ????!!


25 Replies to “Hot water Luxury!!!”

  1. Hmmmmm??? First????

    Yes, I did bathe from a hand-drawn well. Whenever we used to visit our village, I used to feel mighty thrilled to live the village life. Even the slightest of things that contrast your city life was a treat to experience.

    You seem to be going down memory lane too often these days!!! 😀


    1. Yes, you are first !!! 🙂

      It was fun, right – drawing water from the well and pouring it straight on our head !!! Absolutely loved those days !!!

      Home town is bringing back all the memories. LOL 😆


  2. Your post reminded me of my hostel days in Banasthali!!

    Rajasthan is chilly & hot water is must but our hostel was depended on the age old method i.e. the 1st one in ur case. Now imagine one big vessel & a full hostel waiting there!! We had to depend on the water to come at 6 and then heat it or the other option was to fill our buckets a day before & come with it early morning. There used to be a queue of buckets!!! Our energies would be spent on raging the fire, chatting, fighting cold etc. Though it was painful back then but now those are sweet memories!! The best part would be as the day commenced their would be girls who would come with hangars & bread. Yep the bread was toasted on a hangar & slow fire 😉

    Gosh! wt all u reminded me!!! But these days we are too used to of of luxuries na??


    1. OH !! Thats a lovely account of hostel days !!! 🙂

      And you heated water on a big pot for the whole hostel – My God !!! That would’ve taken the whole day, I guess.

      Yes, today we take so much of luxury for granted, while we have slogged for it some years back. 🙂


    1. But I luvvv taking bath with the hot water from those hugeee meta drums which used to be in-built into a stone cylinder and then the water heated using logs of wood/waste etc…. hande we call it .. its bliss!


  3. Oh wow! You have had fun baths at your grand parents place! experiences to remember with love, and also a reminder abt how easy life is today! I think I have had those well drawn baths too on vacation back home when young…but not too sure!Nice post UMS!


  4. Oh yes i’ve had a bath from the water I have drawn from the well….even today when I go I love to draw water from the well tho all the relatives will be trying to tell me they’ve got motor now & there is no need to draw the water from the well;-P
    The kind of hot water we had for our bath is just like how it was at ur maternal house…tho they used to put some medical leaves & wood into it once in a while :-).

    Water from the geyser may have been a luxury in those times but now I think it a necessity…its taken for granted in 80% of the households now[in the cities anyway].

    p.s: I cdnt see the last 2 pics


    1. I know – Even I would love to draw water from a well, if I get the chance.

      Yeah, when we have allergies, my grandfather used to add neem and turmeric leaves to the water, which will ward off the itching sensation.

      Pl try again, pics are being displayed – I don’t see any probs. 🙂


  5. I simply used to hate bathing… !!!! but off late.. I dont desist it soo much.. !!!!

    bathing in a river is best… !!!!!

    I m not a hot water person at all… but yes.. in winters… the geyser luxury helps !!!!


  6. My dad and mom still uses the first method you mentioned over here in Palakkad. We have geysers in all the four bathrooms, but still they wanna go with this method until they get really old to use this. I hate hot water and however cold it is, I take bath only in chill water; even if its kodai or swiss !! 😀 😀

    Ohhh, well water bathing is an awesome experience altogether ! I just lovvee it ! During our vacations, I remember crying to take bath in well water. After a certain age, I started drawing water too. Sheesh !!! all gone ! 😦

    Btw, someone else has spoken about bath and bathrooms !!! 😀


  7. Oh yes!! 🙂
    We had a well at my granny’s place in our village! So, when we were kids, a bath from the well! 😀

    And you know, we still have this boiler at our home in Mysore where the water is boiled by adding wood, paper and things like that! 😀


  8. That was such a walk down the nostaglia lane 🙂

    ‘have you had a bath with the water from a hand-drawn well ????? ‘ – Oh yes! At my grandparents’ place – a long long time ago 🙂 Can’t even imagine it now 🙂

    My parents have a well now as well – but we don’t use the water to bathe 🙂 Right now we have solar heaters at my parents place -which is a great boon esp when there is no electricity.


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