Local tidbits.

More than the destination, it’s the journey that excites me.


I’ve seen this quote so many times on my favourite Travel & Living Channel and often wondered about it.  But, it was an interesting journey of 30 minutes spent on the local train, that reminded me of this quote and made me understand the true meaning of it.

Last week, one day, I travelled by the local train for some personal work.  The moment I got into the train, I saw the train was empty and so, I was given the choice of choosing a seat of my priority.  And so I chose the window seat, which is my favourite.

At the next station, I saw lots of young girls get into the train. They are the early to work kinds. They’ve started working early in their life – all of them were in their post teens. Seeing them I was just transported to the years, when I had started working.  This is the age to be in college and study to make your passion a reality. But here are the girls working in some garment factory / hardware unit, trying to make a living.

Next station, saw the girls who were studying in technical / fashion institutes.  Those are the people who were working hard to realise the goal in life. They are working / studying towards their passion and I hope that they’ll realise their dream one day. I felt extremely happy to watch this lively group of youngsters for a few minutes, in which I travelled back in time to those days of unending joy with friends.

There is this Government run school at the next station and so, I was suddenly surrounded by the chirpy little ones at the next station. Their non-stop chatter and giggling, snacking in the moving train reminded me that these girls were oblivious to the crowd around them. Just loved watching them all.

If there was something that I just couldn’t forget about this local journey, then it is this.  I saw these two young girls, probably in their early twenties, get on to the train at the next station.  First, I couldn’t hear their voices. I thought because of the non-stop chatter around me, I was not able to hear their voices. But, then I saw them sitting across my seat and then I realised with a bang – they were having a conversation in SIGN LANGUAGE. I felt bad – but only for a moment.  When I saw them having a wonderful conversation in the sign language they know, I was quite happy for them.  They have forgotten their handicap and are talking to each other like normal people. When I saw both of them laugh over some joke, I also laughed with them.

Through the whole journey, I saw a happy and lively crowd of people, getting on with their life, ambitions, goals, some studying, some working.  But, one thing was quite pre-dominant that day – I saw them all happy and the happiness influenced and inspire me.  I felt happy and the day was good.

Hope you all have a good day, too !!!! 🙂


14 Replies to “Local tidbits.”

  1. lovely 🙂 and very nicely written…

    local trains can sometimes churn out dozens of stories every single day! there’s so much life around u… if only u wud pay attention to it!


  2. Local trains have a life of their own!!! We only have to sit & observe!! SO much happens there! There wud be a bunch of people fighting, another bunch busy singing, a couple falling in love and what not!!!!

    Lovely post!


  3. Such a lovely positive post!

    I love traveling by public transportation, because it lets me observe things around me.

    And this is true all over the world – all kinds of interesting things happening around us.


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