Crushed with Tag

OK !!! I was digging up archives to do interesting tags, to fill up my NaBloPoMo – its really getting difficult, as I am nearing the end of the month.  And Vimmuu has taken time to go thru the tags he had done, so that he can tag me officially.  See here to read the list.

According to the tag, I am supposed think of myself as a guy and list those five beauty queens, for whom I have a crush.  But there are other women, whom I respect and admire.

So, I decided to do two lists.

List 1 – The women for whom I could die a thousand deaths.

1. Madhuri Dixit as in Dhak Dhak

2. Zeenat Aman as in Churaliya Hai tumne jo dil ko

3. Julia Roberts as in Pretty Woman / Notting Hill / Runaway Bride

4. That wonderful Madhubala of yesteryears !!!!


5. Dimple Kapadia as in Bobby / Sagar



List 2 – The women whom I admire, respect and look upto.

1. M S Subbulakshmi

2. P T Usha

3. Enid Blyton

4. Indira Gandhi

5. Mother Teresa


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14 Responses to Crushed with Tag

  1. masood says:

    You have to tell why you admire these women!!


  2. masood says:

    Btw, have to claim my position….



  3. rashmi says:

    This is 3rd blog from morning where i m seeing u first masood…have u left ur job 😆 😆


  4. rashmi says:

    this seems to be interesting tag…i havent seen this before..may be this got popular when i was on brk..
    can u plz officially tag me for this 🙂


  5. Vimmuuu says:

    Of all the tags, you did this ??? 😀 😀 😀 😀

    Only Madhuri from the first list ! 😉 and Im supposed to say ‘all’ from the second list, na ? 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


  6. Pixie says:

    nice 🙂

    my list had penelope cruz in it! 😉


  7. Swaram says:

    Wow! 2 sets .. nice idea 🙂
    The second for me wud hv Rani Lakshmi Bai and Helen Keller 🙂


  8. Lakshmi says:

    Great list. Might have taken some thinking to pick 🙂

    Happy New Year!


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