Action Influence !!!!

Never in my wild dreams did I think that I’ll be watching action movies with so much interest, as I have for romantic comedies.

Yes, its true, before my wedding, I’ve seen only one Action movie, on the insistence of my colleagues, which was Terminator 2 – The Judgement Day !!!!  And, I was introduced to this series, by my friends taking turns to explain the The Terminator story to me – Remember, the Airport scene in Jaane Tu ya Jaane Na, where all the friends will tell the story to that girl – Exactly, similar to that, I caught up on the First part in just 10 minutes, before entering the theatre to watch the second part.

To tell you the truth, I just couldn’t take to some scenes – how Arnold takes out the bullets out of his body – OMG !!!! – It disturbed me a lot.

But my marriage played a major role, in influencing me to watch the action movies, too.  Yes, the credit solely goes to S.

S is a great action fan – I’ve never met any men, who don’t like the dishoom dishoom movies.

And he is also the fan of the Action superstars Bruce Lee, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Jackie Chan and so many of the Tamil / Hindi Action Heroes.

And slowly and steadily, I started watching Bruce Lee’s Enter the Dragon, Fist of Fury, Game of Death,  Stallone’s Cliff Hanger, The Rambo series, Arnold’s Terminator 1 and 2, Jackie Chan’s Rush Hour 1, 2, Medallion and many more.

The most important aspect is that I’ve watched all these movies not once or twice, but certainly a dozen times. And it is certain, that I’ll be watching with S, whenever it comes on TV.

I enjoyed watching the Speed series.  For some time, Keenu Reeves was my fav.  Then Van Demme’s movies became a craze, later.

In Hindi, it was Akshay Kumar for me – I loved watching his Mohra, Main khiladi tu anari.  Mohra got released more or less the same time, I got married.  Actually, S used to hate Akshay Kumar because I liked his style so much.  Even now, Akshay is the best Action / Comedy Star in Hindi movies.  Of course, no need to mention about his show hosting skills – his show Khatron ke Khiladi is my favourite, once again.

I started loving the rush of adrenaline, that these action movies give me.

And I blame it entirely on the influence of my husband, S.  Here’s some influence, which I liked and enjoyed and still going strong.

25 Replies to “Action Influence !!!!”

  1. First??? haha…the things we do for love! I used to not like Rajni before and now I do…thanks to hubby!Same goes abt news channels and National geo on TV! And I also started liking action movies after marriage just like u!!!


    1. Yes, you are first here and I am first in ur blog !!! Give me 5 !!! 🙂

      News channels – yeah, even me too starting watching with S, and now I am addicted.

      If there is one influence, which I’ve done on S, its the Travel & Living Channel !!!


  2. I don’t like action movies and I can’t stand Akshaye Kumar 😉 My husband loves action movies too… But what I watch with my husband is cricket – both my parents are cricket fans so we grew up with winter mornings, hot milk, gazak, groundnuts and the non stop cricket on TV 🙂


  3. I agree with Indy on the things we do for love 😀
    You are very right, there are hardly any men around who don’t love the action movies.
    No-matter how much I try to push myself, somehow I have never come to terms with liking action movies. I love comedy and romance. I can even see thrillers but action movies make me try to run from the show.

    Keep writing Uma :)You are doing a wonderful job with NBloPoMo.



    1. Yes, CB, love over rides everything in life…we don’t want to lose all the lovely moments we have with our love….so action movies or cricket, the time spent together matters a lot.

      And thank u for the wishes. I need them all, now. 🙂


  4. Men and Action Movies are synonyms, I guess. My husband, given a choice, will watch only action movies and my son is following his footsteps 🙂

    Only thing I loathe about action movies is the bloodshed that is typically associated with action movies…

    Otherwise, yes, I agree with you that action movies do have a charm of their own… it really makes you sit and watch actively 🙂 I too have loved watching the Action movies you have mentioned – terminator series, Speed, rush hour… and more so the recent Kung Fu Panda – if I may call it an action movie :p


  5. I am a big fan of no non-sense action 🙂 🙂 my favourite action star was Rajinikanth… and also I love Arjun…

    you can watch Undersiege if you like action movies… they are too good 🙂 🙂


  6. I don’t like action movies uma and live romatic movies like QSQT etc….Hubby is a cricket fan so cricket is the only thing which we watch together,no other channel when he is at home 😦


  7. I am not a fan of action movies:( I am all in for romantic comedies 😉 I love family drama, mystery(no blood or fights though) and CIA/red tape/bond kind of movies like Bourne Identity, Departed and Oceans series. I always fast forward fights, and my husband hates it when I do that!


  8. When we meet (anytime), you can change your statement in this post – “I’ve never met any men, who don’t like the dishoom dishoom movies” 😀 😀 😀 😀

    I watch only comedy, destruction, animated, super hero and murder mystery movies. I dont watch action movies and I stay away from horror movies ! 😀 😀

    I never liked Akshay until Hera Pheri, but these days, Im beginning to hate him again for all the tomfoolery roles he has been doing. Its become so monotonous !


    1. Oh !!!! Here comes the man, who hates the dishoom dishoom movies….Does ur fiancee like action movies ????? 😉

      Horror movies – yeah, remember ur blog on that ghostly lamp – ROFL 😆

      I think the actors do so many movies in a year, that it looks monotonous. They shld pick and choose varied subjects to keep the interest in them.


  9. I too lean towards romantic comedies tho I do watch if it really interesting….Jackie Chan movies r entertainers bcoz of the comedy & action 😀

    But seriously wht all we tolerate in the name of love….for me its mainly WWF :-S


    1. WWF for love – WOW, Nancy, you have great patience….I just cant stand that stupid fights…. 🙂

      Jackie Chan is quite a fav at home – even my girls enjoy watching his movies – true, very entertaining. 🙂


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