Strict Mothers.

Sh : Ma, Can I go to Bhoomika’s house, please ????

Me : Why, dear ?????

Sh : Poornima is coming too and we three are planning to do  joint study, for tomorrow’s Social Science test.

Me :If you three join together, only chit chatting happens !!!!   Why don’t you play with them for some time ???? Then, you can come home and study by yourself.

Sh : (Mumbles to herself) OMG, THIS MOM IS LIKE THIS ALWAYS. SHE NEVER ALLOWS ME TO GO FOR JOINT STUDY.  SHE’S REALLY VERY STRICT. (Aloud)Ok, I’ll call Bhoomika and tell her.

Talks with Bhoomika for some time – its never a single call charge.

Comes with a sheepish smile on her face.

Me : Whats that smile for, darling ?????  What did Bhoomika tell you ????

Sh : It seems that Poornima called and told her that she’s not coming, because her Mom is not allowing her to do joint study.  And Bhoomika’s Mom too said the same thing.

Sh : Ma, how did all the three mothers knew that we’re planning a joint study ???? How did you all say NO on the same day ??????? 

Me : Darling, but I didnt know about your joing study plan before !!!!!

Sh : I thought that you are the only mother who is so strict about this and that.  But now, I’ve understand one thing.

All mothers are strict about this and that.


20 Replies to “Strict Mothers.”

  1. My mom used to giggle the moment I mention the word ‘study’, leave alone combined study !!! 😀 😀 😀

    but I have seen this trend of combined studies only in girls ! I mean, a guy goes for combined study if and only if there is a girl joining ! 😀 😀 😀 😀

    Yeah, moms are strict ! My mom is strict even now; Im getting married you see 😉


      1. LOL @ Swarams!!! I should be under strict supervision, huh? Scary eyes !!!

        @ Uma : Who is that girl?? I have never been for combined studies ! I used to hate the word study itself ! 😀


  2. Joint studies are a piece of these kids imagination…! I always say studies avathu katrikavathu! Lol! they will be discussing school,making “joint” complaints at teachers and classmates and that’s all!


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