Super Star

I don’t know how I forgot about this, yesterday. Its something which I never forget every year. Every year, on that particular day, I just think about him.


It was Super Star Rajnikanth’s birthday, yesterday.  And I just forgot about it, till yesterday evening.  And that too, all the TV channels shouting Rajnikanth in various ways, made me wonder the reason. And then, I hit myself, for forgetting about it.

I am not going to do anything great, to Rajnikanth, for his birthday.  I am not even going to send him a message through any means.  But the thought of remembering my favourite Star of Tamil Cinema, on his birthday, gives me immense satisfaction. In which, I failed bitterly, this year.

Yesterday, when I met my sister, she too was very thrilled to tell me that today is Rajnikanth’s birthday !!!! One more to add to the crowd.


When I was much younger, I’ve enjoyed so many of his movies, as First Day First Show.  The superiority of knowing the story and the climax of a Rajnikanth Movie much ahead of others, gave me a great rush.

So many people argue with me – What is there in this Rajnikanth ???? He can’t dance well – He can’t act well – How can you be in favour of some Actor like that ????

But my reply to them is simple – He has got Charisma – He has got Style – His movies are greatly entertaining, with no boring moments in between !!!!

I like the style in which he does some basic mannerisms like – pushing his hair from his forehead backwards – lighting the cigarette after flipping it in a particular style – the way he renders his dialogue, sometimes too fast for people to understand.

I think I can go on and on. But, here’s a birthday wish to my favourite superstar – who can still hold masses with his charisma, even at this age !!!!!


And to end this blog, here’s a Birthday wish to one of my favourite Blogger Friends, who was born on the same day like the Super Star of Tamil Cinema.

Happy Bday, dear HitchWriter.  Here’s warm wishes for a super year ahead.


18 Replies to “Super Star”

  1. Are wha dhiren and rajnikanth share same birthday.I like rajnikanth and i was shocked to know that he was not from tamilnadu.”Late ga vachina latest ga vastanu”–rajnikanth’s fav dailogue.


  2. Haha…Happy Birthday to your Rajni sir!!I guess he is the undisputed badsha of Chennai filmdom…like he says “Singam single aa than varum!! I saw someone wish my cousin on FB yday a happy Rajni Kanth day…and I was scratching my head abt it…now I know why! I love the way he short forms Varata to…vatta??


  3. Awww…sho shweet I saw Andha Kanoon I think, he acted with Amitabh Bachchan remmeber and oh yes he was there in HUM too.

    While I’m not a fan I do believe he must be having some values in him that people all over India, South esp are crazy abt him. Infact I’ve hrd even the Japanese and neighbouring countries are fanatical abt him…so he must be having something in him to generate this kind of hysteria 🙂


    1. OMG !!! How much I used to laugh when Rajnikanth says his hindi dialogues – ROFL 😆 😆

      And watched Hum so many times – just loved the movie !! And did u see the remake in tamil – Badshah ????

      I read somewhere that the Japanese are crazy abt him becos they can laugh so much watching his movies – at his funny expressions, his dancing styles, his manner of talking fast, his stunts and all !!!! 😆


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