Poondu Milagu Kuzhambu

This is my first post on recipes. Wish me luck. And please try and give me updates – that’ll help me to post more recipes…..

Poondu Milagu Kuzhambu

Ingredients :

Garlic cloves – 1 cup

Tamarind – About the size of a medium-sized lemon

Red chillies – 7 or 8

Black Pepper corns – 1 tbsp

Jeera – 1 tsp

Toor Dal – 2 tbsp

Asafoetida (Hing) – 1 tsp


Take 1 tbsp gingelly oil in a pan and fry the following ingredients in the same order :

Garlic cloves – 5, Red chillies, Black pepper, Jeera, Toor Dal and finally add the Tamarind and fry well.

Put them all in a mixie jar after it cools and add the hing to it.

Grind them to a fine paste, adding water when required.

Heat 2 tbsp gingelly oil in a pan.

Add mustard seeds.

Add the rest of the garlic cloves and fry them lightly.

Add a pinch of  turmeric powder.

Now, add in the finely ground paste and add salt to taste.

Let it simmer for 10 mins.

Add little jaggery before switching off the gas.


This poondu kuzhambu is awesome with hot rice and pappads.  This is what I had yday for dinner and My God, it was yummylicious….

Poondu – Garlic

Milagu  – Pepper

Kuzhambu – Its a kind of thick sambhar made with freshly made masala.


23 Replies to “Poondu Milagu Kuzhambu”

    1. Yes, Swaram, just avoid using the garlic in this whole process. Still it will be tasty…. 🙂

      Another tip – you can add lots of curry leaves while frying for the masalas. That’ll give it a wonderful taste and a greenish brown colour.

      Enjoy !!!


      1. i had the same ques as swaram… u answered it but will it really taste good without garlic?
        Yes, of course, Monu. It’ll be fantastic without garlic too. Just try it out.
        and what if I add drumstick to it?

        he he u know i have loads of drumsticks at home
        Here are two quick recipes using drumsticks, which I like.
        First one : Cut and boil the drumsticks with little salt and haldi. Armed with lots of patience, scoop the pulp of the drumstick, one by one. Then do tadka of mustard, red chillies, hing and curry leaves. Add the drumstick pulp and mix well. Its damn tasty.
        Second one : Boil 3 to 4 drumsticks cut into 2 inch pieces, with little salt and haldi. Fry 2 red chillies, 1 tsp of urid dal, 1 tsp of pepper, 1 tsp of jeera and hing in as little oil as possible. Grind these masalas with 2 tbsp of grated coconut. Add this masala to the cooked drumsticks and add a cup of cooked moong dhal. Add salt to taste. Tadka with mustard, broken urid dhal and curry leaves. Its fantastic with hot rice. Its called murungakkai milagu poricha kuzhambu. Enjoy. 🙂


  1. I too make this but no sambar and jaggery.My hubby eats this with dosa and i can’t eat anything which has more of tamarind.This curry is m-laws recipe and she says garlic in this curry reduces cholestrol.


  2. Before I saw whose comment the one above mine was I thought this could only be Vimmuuu!! And I was right 😆

    And what a mouth watering line up opf ingredients – asafeotida, garlic and red chilly make anything heavenly for me !! And add then to hot rice in any combination :)) Great!!


  3. Glad you are putting up recipes. I love trying out new recipes even for things I already make. This one is out because we are not heavy garlic eaters; cannot stand the smell. I look forward to the next one in your series 😉


  4. Sounds yummy especially now that it is going on we need hot spicy food to warm the tummies 😀

    WOW u r doing the NaBloPoMo…..u r brave I tell U


    I’ll do my bit by cheering u on from the sidelines “Go Uma Go!!!!”


    1. Come on…try it Nancy and do let me know the results… 🙂

      Yeah, NaBloPoMo for me….thanks for cheering me up, will need all the wishes I can….keep sending some fodder for posts tooo….. 🙂


  5. How extreemely easy to make! And it sounds so yummy!
    Sigh.. I’m reading this as I get ready to go and have lunch…. 😀

    Will try it out.
    Can I substitute garlic with anything else? The husband is not such a big fan of Garlic…


    1. Of course, its simple and tasty…and you can have it in the fridge for a week too… 🙂

      Just do away with the garlic, if u dont want them. You can use lots of curry leaves while frying the masala, which gives it a wonderful taste.

      Best medicine when u have cough, cold, fever…that sorts…


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